Goren and eames relationship memes

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goren and eames relationship memes

Posts about Goren and Eames forever written by Mo Reida. on you started to feel a connection with the characters and become interested in. See more. Criminal Intent - Hung Up Hung Up, Rich People, Eames, Law, Chairs . Goren and Eames - "Kiss Me Here" Shiina Ringo, Kiss Me, Eames. muessigkeit: “ Get to know me meme -> [4/5] Relationships Bobby Goren / Alex Eames (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) I really like the dynamic of.

They tell him he is the murder victim and may have had a connection to his father, but Hassan says his father had so many connections and they were aware of so few.

They hear someone at the door, and Hassan opens it to see Jill making a quick exit. Goren confronts him, and smacks him in the neck, and as he pressures him and knocking him down, he gives him the impression he the killer going after everyone, Milgrim starts going off about the guns, telling him there is an industrial site he acquired and Lofton needed storage space. Goren takes out his phone — Milgrim seemingly thinking it was a gun — and Goren tells him to call there and say someone else is coming.

Goren arrives at the building and is given access to the area. He walks outside and sees the remains of a small explosion. He goes to a door and looks in. He goes back to the security guard post and asks to see the log, and hones in on R.

Later, Hassan is with Jill Jicky Schneetelling her about his father. She says she will embrace his culture and faith. When he says he will get them a drink, she says she thought Muslims had to abstain from alcohol. He says he was told by another man that Allah would change it to water after it crossed his lips.

She goes up to the bedroom and he moves to add poison to her glass. Goren arrives at R. Patel Electronics, and represents himself as a shipping broker.

goren and eames relationship memes

Patel calls someone on the phone. Elsewhere, Eames meets with Nichols and says she will work with him investigating Goren, and Nichols correctly guesses that Goren insisted. She tells him Goren has no alibi and he says it is good enough for him. They enter and Jill comes downstairs, Nichols commenting on making her apartment more secure. She has a photo studio in her apartment. She says she was with Hassan last night, but gets annoyed at their insinuations.

We then see a car speeding away with someone in the back who is restrained, their head covered with a black hood. Nichols says this gives them probable cause. She is also able to read Arabic and Urdu. They realize Hassan was trying to start a new country, the Republic of Puntland and it seems like Hassan is engaging in both a coup and vengeance.

Elsewhere, we see that the restrained and hooded man was Goren, and we find he was taken by the FBI, with Stahl commenting that he is clever, but inconvenient. He says if they can figure out what to charge him with, go ahead, and an agent reminds him he was once committed to an insane asylum.

Goren gives a wry smile, and says the insane thing follows him around. He thinks he can be useful to them, and when one agent questions if Goren knows what the greater good is, Goren gets testy that he does not think his patriotism should be questioned and he resents that.

Stahl says he has his own problems with the police and when things hit the fan, there is nothing they can do for him. He says that Ross believed what they were doing and he had a lot of respect for that man. At the office of the Chief of Detectives, along with Maas, the Chief Mike Pniewski suggests taking the captain's exam for a position for her as Major Case Squad captain.

But Maas tells her she has to deal with Goren as he has become a liability. Elsewhere, Jill is arriving at her apartment, and as she heads up the stairs, runs into someone and smiles at them, but is shot and killed, rolling down the steps.

Stevens assumes Van Dekker was involved because the ash was on his fingernails. Stevens also thinks that Kadra wanted first succession to the throne. Kadra yells at Hassan saying they are cursed by what he has done, but Hassan yells back and tells her to stop and say nothing. She says she took a life so he could rule, and says it is over, saying she shot Jill, for Hassan, because he was weak. Goren tells Nichols they have to talk. They all walk into the interrogation room Goren says Ross took on the dangerous assignment to validate his life, and they have to protect what he died for.

He tells them the FBI put tracking devices in a shipment of stinger missiles and they wanted them to get stolen so they could track them t the locations of terrorist camps and can only work if Hassan goes free. Goren also tells him that Hassan found the devices but the man he took them to was FBI undercover and Hassan needs to smuggle those weapons in to Puntland. Eames tells Nichols that sometimes doing things they hate is part of their job, and Goren says it is what Ross believed in.

Nichols heads into interrogation where Hassan waits and tells him that he is skating on this, adding that someone that Hassan trusted may eventually do to him what he did to his father. She says they know what he wants, and he knows she has to fire him, rather than go through hearings.

Goren and Eames - Hard to Love

Eames and Goren both were surprised as the captain barged back into his office followed by a nervous Logan and Barek. Waving the photo in front of the two startled detectives in the office, the captain lashed into them. Deakins rounded his desk and hit speed dial one. Carver available now; it's a little bit of an emergency. A to answer the phone glaring back and forth two the detectives in front of him "Ron, Yeah its Jimmy, I need your consult over here.

No it's not for a case for a possible issue with IAB. Just my biggest fear ever. Okay thank you; see you when you get here. Ron Carver smiled as he hung up the phone. And leaned back at his desk and reflected for a minute. Pulling himself out of his desk he went over to his file drawers, he searched through for the file marked Goren and Eames, and pulled it out with the file behind it.

goren and eames relationship memes

He laid them on the desk gave a smirk, and put on his gloves and jacket. He picked the file folders off the desk andplaced them in his opened briefcase. Securing it he grabbed the handle to lift it and he sauntered out the door.

Silence penetrated the room which gave the detectives each time to reflect. Goren was happy as it gave him time to think of all the options that he could have.

goren and eames relationship memes

Eames was emotionless, and therefore unworried, and that made him happy. Barek and Logan had concerned and apologetic faces, he gave them a small smile to show that he accepted their apologies, and the resumed examining the captain.

He was angry that was evident, but something else was there. He seemed… well he seemed proud… of this…almost father-like…well maybe there was hope… After a long 20 minutes a tap on the door was heard and Carver entered the room.

What do we have here? Carver tried to keep the smile from his face, but Goren caught the smile at his lips. Carver, We do" Goren answered calmly. Let me tell you about rules. We work long and hard, and most importantly well together. This job that we do is based on trust and the ability to read each other. Bobby and I we got lucky when we were paired, it only took us a little while to have the innate ability to do that.

All Things Law And Order: Law & Order CI “Loyalty Part 2” Recap & Review

And in recognising this gift of being able to read each other so well, we spent a lot of time getting it right. And it's not really our fault that we realized if we were this compatible in our work partnership, what exactly was left for us to give anyone else.

How could anyone take that away? Separate the two of us when we have brought the two of you, and everyone above you so much glory. We never asked for any of that glory, we never cared to have the spotlight on us, we never asked for anything, but I will tell you this, I'm walking away if we have to separate.

Bobby walked over to Alex and grabbed her hand in a show of support. He continued to be amazed at how much she was willing to fight for them.

No one in his life ever supported him this way.

goren and eames relationship memes

He bent forward like a hinge to meet her eye with his so he could silently show her how touched his was. She met his eyes and smiled; he righted himself and looked at the A. A waiting for him to have some sort of resolution. Looking down at Eames and grinning knowing he needed to offer her some kind of return on the loyalty she had just offered nodded and said without a hesitation.

Carver turned to Deakins and said.

Bobby Goren’s Therapy Sessions

Barek leaned over to sign where Carver was pointing, but stopped. I like Detective Eames had figured out, that this partnership was unique in everyway. And the most important fact was that it was extremely productive. When all the rumors had started years ago, I wondered to myself what would happen if there was ever truth to these rumors. So I took the time to investigate the issue. I have had thisthe signed affidavit from the police commissioner for two years now.

In it it statesthat no matter the terms of your personal partnership, you may continue in your professional one until your captain and yourselves decide otherwise. Goren raised an eyebrow and said. You two have been extremely good at keeping up this ruse. AndI could say that you both owe me, but then I realizedI have the highest success rates of winning cases as an A.

A, and in reality, my prominent future has been and will be largely attested to you. Besides we don't want life to easy. We may not always get along, but I feel that there has always been a lot of respect. He pulled a pen out of his pocket it and signed the document that Eames was now handing him back after applying her signature. After slapping the larger man on the back he pulled away and offered one to Eames.

Taking Carver's words into account he now looked seriously at them. And then smiled at each other for the unity of their thoughts. A lot, more thoroughly than you realize" Goren said with a smile forming to his lips as he gestured back and forth between himself and Eames. Logan sniggered, "Well he's right he isn't one to throw caution into the wind.

Carver seeing their exchange pulled out another stack of papers from his briefcase, and handed it to Deakins. Deakins looked down at the package and knotted his brow. He looked at Carver and shrugged his shoulders. Barek was quicker than anyone suspected and grabbed the packet. This has something to do with us. Logan took the packet off of her looked at it and smiled. Bobby looked over her shoulder to read with her. Eames pointed at the document. Logan, Barek, you hungry?

Mike blocked the door way after exiting and yelled out the news to the office. When Goren and Eames stepped out last they were met with cat calls, clapping, and a lot of hugging.