Gta 5 michael and trevor relationship

15 Things You Didn't Know About GTA V's Main Characters

gta 5 michael and trevor relationship

There's a slow burn as this game gets to the point of why three characters as disparate as Michael, Trevor and Franklin would or should come. Read Relationships With Other Characters from the story Trevor philips GTA 5 by TrevorGTA (>Trevor Philips Michael De Santa - Trevor and Michael grew a. /r/GrandTheftAutoVI, GTA VI Official Subreddit. /r/GTAOnline, GTA Thirdly, Lester and Michael worked together when the children were young. It is not a This is based on Trevor's relationship with her. Noticably he is .. [–]CotyCorvette PSN: COTYCANDO 5 points6 points7 points 4 years ago (0 children).

For the first time since Grand Theft Auto II, multiple playable characters were available throughout the story. This time, however, they could interact with each other in a dynamic way while acting as the key players in the world around them.

gta 5 michael and trevor relationship

What resulted was perhaps the most personal story to ever grace a GTA. There was a genuine respect to the writing and that came alive in the three main characters. Many games make the mistake of featuring multiple playable characters without justifying a reason in doing so. Sometimes this results in characters who are different purely on a cosmetic level or the best parts of gameplay divided between the cast.

Grand Theft Auto V gets around that by allowing players to switch characters any time they feel while also giving the trio their own quirks and motivations that only conflict with one another.

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Granted, his arc has the least consequence to the overall story, but he plays a big role in framing the beginning and the ending of the game.

A huge chunk of the opening is spent playing as and getting to know him, after all.

gta 5 michael and trevor relationship

Rockstar had apparently decided on multiple characters rather early on in development, but only in terms of Michael and Trevor. It makes a great deal of sense as the heart of the story ultimately revolves around the intricacies of their friendship, but having only two main characters would have made portraying their relationship objectively more difficult especially since Michael was already acting as the traditional GTA protagonist.

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Thus Franklin was born to serve as a mediator and act as a buffer between player perceptions of Michael and Trevor. After killing Trevor, Michael and Franklin still remain friends; however, Michael will no longer hang out with Franklin, claiming that he "needs time" after Trevor's death. Jimmy De Santa will no longer hang out with either Michael or Franklin due to their involvement in Trevor's death.

Lamar can continue to hang out with Franklin, albeit only after sundown. When Agent Haines calls Franklin, Franklin reveals that Weston wanted Michael killed and Trevor let go, and Haines tells Franklin that he should've killed both, and that he'll appease Weston. Afterwards, Haines severs his ties with the surviving protagonists, telling Franklin to never contact him again.


Kill Michael Main article: On the way, Franklin calls Trevor for his assistance; however, Trevor refuses to help him kill Michael. When Franklin and Michael meet, Franklin makes his intentions known. Franklin then gives chase to Michael, where they end up at a factory and up one of its chimneys. During the confrontation, Michael tells Franklin that he was like the son he always wanted, while Franklin argues that he could have been betrayed and killed at any time.

gta 5 michael and trevor relationship

Franklin knocks Michael off the chimney, where he falls to his death. After Franklin kills Michael, Trevor severs all ties with Franklin. Jimmy will no longer hang out with either Franklin or Trevor due to Michael's death. Trevor will also no longer hang out with Lamar; however, Lamar will still hang out with Franklin, albeit only after sundown.

Agent Norton emails Trevor, revealing that he posed as Brad for the last 9 years. Afterwards, Weston severs his ties with the surviving protagonists, telling Franklin that he's outlived his usefulness. Lester contacts Haines and Weston, telling them that the bullion from the Union Depository heist is being smelted at the foundry in Cypress Flats. Smith Recreation Center and Park.