Hector and andromache relationship memes

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hector and andromache relationship memes

Get an answer for 'From the conversation between Hector and Andromache, choose details which show great love between the two. What qualities in each are. "Poor Andromache! Why does your heart sorrow so much for me?" (). These lines continue the depiction of Hektor as a family man. Which do you think . highlights the ambiguities of the relationships in Andromache, examined . military prowess of 'the son of Achilles' (who killed Hector) .. He quotes.

Traditional gender roles are breached as well, as Andromache gives Hector military advice 6. Although her behavior may seem nontraditional, hard times disrupts the separate spheres of men and women, requiring a shared civic response to the defense of the city as a whole.

Andromache's role as a mother, a fundamental element of her position in marriage, is emphasized within this same conversation.

Troy - Hector and Andromache

Their infant son, Astyanax, is also present at the ramparts as a maid tends to him. Hector takes his son from the maid, yet returns him to his wife, a small action that provides great insight into the importance Homer placed on her care-taking duties as mother 6.

hector and andromache relationship memes

A bonding moment between mother and father occurs in this scene when Hector's helmet scares Astyanax, providing a moment of light relief in the story. After Hector's death in Iliad 22, Andromache's foremost concern is Astyanax's fate as a mistreated orphan In his Andromache, Euripides dramatizes when she and her child were nearly assassinated by Hermionethe wife of Neoptolemus and daughter of Helen and Menelaus.

Andromache is the subject of a opera by German composer Herbert Windt and also a lyric scena for soprano and orchestra by Samuel Barber.


She also appears as a character in David Gemmell 's Troy series. Fall of a Cityshe was portrayed by Chloe Pirrie. Archived from the original on 10 December Description of Greece, 1. Formulaic Artistry in Iliad Troy is doomed to fall, and so Hector cannot succeed either as a husband and father nor as defender of the city. Hector is aware of this, and knows that he fights to protect those he loves in vain.

hector and andromache relationship memes

He accepts his death heroically, mourning only for the fate of his wife as a slave to the Greeks. His father and mother laughed to see him, but Hector took the helmet from his head and laid it all gleaming upon the ground. Then he took his darling child, kissed him, and dandled him in his arms, praying over him the while to Jove and to all the gods. Hector prays for Astyanax to fulfil his own role as protector of the city, but the audience knows that this prayer will never be fulfilled.

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When the Greeks sack Troy Astynax is thrown from the walls of the city. However, while wearing his helmet he is alienated from his family, and his son is frightened by this unfamiliar warrior. This changes once the helmet is removed and Hector is recognised as a father. It is perhaps surprising to see Hector so familiar with his son in a society in which childcare is generally left to women.

Homer’s Iliad Book 6: Hector’s farewell

He handles his son confidently and playfully, and Andromache laughs through her tears with her husband. It is a moment of great tenderness in the bloody epic.

hector and andromache relationship memes

Tender moments like this are precious, and are made even more so by their precariousness. This provides a great contrast to the portrayal of the immortal gods in Homer who are capricious in their loyalties and insincere in their tenderness.