Hiei and kurama relationship questions

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hiei and kurama relationship questions

Especially Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei or Kuwabara? Have you ever imagined This is how he answers questions about your relationship with him. +. + Kuwabara +. Sensui: Do you have any mental health issues? Wow, you did not hold back on the deep questions. They're so I just believe they're too different to stay in a romantic relationship. Kurama Well, my all time favorite ship is Hiei and Kurama. Hiei's relationship with Mukuro is not romantic but it's not a normal friendship either. Kurama and Hiei are friends but they aren't close enough to discuss their.

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As if whatever I ask will get me a straight answer? As much as his younger friend pushes borders and tests limits, he also responds surprisingly well to structure.

Having rules doesn't mean that Yusuke will refuse to break them, but it does seem to give the detective a focus for his energy. The teen provides a sometimes unexpected puzzle that Kurama is all too willing to explore in this world that had previously been monotonous and predictable. If he were to be completely honest with himself, despite his affection for his human mother, he had found the years here to be rather lonely in his self-inflicted illusions.

You get ten questions that I must truthfully and without elaboration answer, as that seems to be the type of answers that you're asking for. Then I'll get my ten. A part of him considers the possible repercussions of such an agreement, as it wouldn't be the first time that Yusuke finds himself caught within words that he had never even known, let alone intended to say.

Another, more predominant part of him, says fuck it.

hiei and kurama relationship questions

I mean, an actual number. Or is conversation just an act of futility? The wind isn't even nipping at his fingers, he just doesn't want Kurama to see how his hands ball and flex as he gets tripped up on technicalities. He wonders if all demons think so I've seen grandmas pass you in the city.

Despite the pointed look, there's a shared smile between them as the sky deepens in color and the air cools around them. The silence has weight to it, pressing into Yusuke the knowledge that he can have any question about his youkai friend answered. So long as he can ask it in the right way. Yusuke doesn't want it getting around that he knows where the library is, let alone that he has an active membership card, but he had in fact done some research on kitsune myths and legends one evening when he wanted to be anywhere but home.

There were a lot of things that he had laughed at, outright.

hiei and kurama relationship questions

But still there were others that Yusuke's definition of possible was growing broader by the day. There had been something in particular that caught the teen's attention, though he couldn't imagine how to bring the question into a conversation.

But hell, now is the time that conversation isn't required. It's possibly a one in a lifetime chance of getting straight and narrow answers from the redhead. Still, he finds himself grasping for the words. Are you a succubus? He is indeed familiar with the hype of sexuality that comes along with the tales of kitsunes, and it was no wonder that such a term had been used here and there. That's going to have to count as two questions now, isn't it?

That wasn't a question. I am not an incubus. Yusuke waves him off before running the hand through his own hair. If you don't want to cut me some slack, then don't expect mercy from me.

It makes him shiver just so slightly, his brain pausing to ask, what the hell was that? It makes Yusuke question things that he hasn't the words for, and so, it is pushed aside with the thought that if it's important, he'll figure it out along the way. In the meantime, there are more questions to be asked. A mental recap has Yusuke assuring himself that he's got seven more questions. He had heard vague admirations of 'Youko' Kurama from Hiei, who needed very little incentive to gloat about the superiority of their race compared to mere humans.

It does cause Yusuke to wonder, though. Just what was demon Kurama like, before he learned to play nice here in the human world? Why isn't he shocked and abashed? Perhaps, he muses, it's because he knows too well just how lucky he is that his teammates are strong, loyal friends.

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I was reading a certain, unmentioned fanfiction just a few minutes ago and came up with a few questions that have been nagging me for quite some time now. Why would him suddenly turning demon change his sexual preferences? Why does everyone consider Kurama girly when the only girly aspect about him that he can change is his long hair? How did anyone come up with the consept that Yoko made out with every girl he set his eyes on?

Who ever said if he was a virgin or not in his human form? Why does everyone seem to think that just because Kurama transformed into his demon form without the Fruit of the Past Lives that he can change whenever he wants too?

Who ever said that Kurama's room was full of plants? Why don't people seem to realize that Yoko was far over one thousand years old?

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How was it ever thought that Kurama had a relationship with either Yomi or Kuronue? How does everyone think Kurama is a screamer during sex when he never raises his voice? Hiei felt his stomach churn as he heard the words being whispered in his ear, and as the imp moved to whisper in Kurama's ear, he watched as the fox paled ever so slightly and stood more stiffly than he had before, and Hiei thought he caught a glance in his direction as the imp whispered in the fox's ear, though he probably imagined it.

What kind of question had the child asked Kurama? Something about his human mother, if his suddenly cold expression was anything to go by.

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How had the girl even known that he had feelings for the fox? He was Forbidden, he had no business feeling anything for anyone. He stepped forward, entering the gate, moving easily as his thoughts churned, creating and discarding plans in which he told the fox, and scenarios of how the red head might react.

Reaching the further side of the gate, Hiei determined to put those thoughts from his mind, they would only distract him, and they were on a mission for Koenma and Enki — a rogue demon had been kidnapping children, human and demon alike. Enki didn't approve, and Koenma was infuriated. Kuwabara was really only with them as the human representative in this operation, still working for Koenma part time as a Spirit Detective. The other three were all there as a favour to their thick-skulled friend under the guise of orders from Enki, or maybe it was the other way around.

If it was a good fight, they almost didn't care which way around it was. It turned out to be a nothing job. The demon was weak, a mere B Class apparition. Certainly it would have been a challenge all those years ago when Hiei and Kurama had first met the Spirit Detective, but now it was an insult to their individual levels of skill to have sent them all.

The chance to catch up wasn't so bad though, and once the children had been taken to the authorities who would return them to their families, the four allies had returned together to the Ningenkai for lunch at a tea house just down the street from Kurama's apartment.

Once they had eaten, they split up. Yusuke and Kuwabara went to the arcade together, talking about some of the latest games and sometimes about Keiko and Yukina, whom Kuwabara had finally figured out was Hiei's sister.

Kurama invited Hiei to his apartment, and they headed in the opposite direction to the other two, in comfortable silence. Hiei finally broke that silence as he toed his boots off and Kurama closed the door to the apartment. Between the fights earlier, and on the journey back, you were distracted. It was that girl at the gate, wasn't it? Kurama sighed and reluctantly nodded before moving past Hiei to sit on the two-seater couch he had in his small living space.

It was a three-room apartment: Hiei approached the couch as well, but didn't sit down. His tone could almost be called gentle as he spoke.

Kurama just nodded again, his eyes focused on his hands, which were clenched over his knees at that moment. I am neither the empty-headed Detective, nor the moron," Hiei scolded. Taking a slightly calming breath, he sat down beside the only being in the three worlds who had ever truly earned his trust and respect, the one who had taught him what happiness, true happiness, was. Forgive me Hiei," Kurama said, attempting to smile over at the demon who had found him when he was much younger and had brought him out of hiding.

Now tell me, Fox. You know that I won't breathe a word of it to anybody. I know she will be deeply disappointed in me, at the very least, though I expect screaming, fainting, and then her ultimately shunning me would all be more likely to happen. Though perhaps start with the small lies first" Kurama nodded his head silently before falling into the loose embrace Hiei had around him.