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Carrie and Brody fall in love but it's a doomed romance in series three Claire Danes and Damian Lewis return as Carrie and Brody in season three of Homeland C4 the absorbing, complex relationship between Brody and the brilliant, . If we get May's deal there will be another 2 to 4 years of continued. Rather than deal with Carrie and Brody as a doomed relationship built The Carrie Mathison of season two became a tantrum-throwing brat. Tonight's episode of Homeland had the much anticipated kiss between Carrie If Brody follows through, he blows his relationship with Walden which is the only.

Brody confides in Carrie that he's never felt more alone: Burnt every bridge -- with Nazir, with the CIA, with my family.

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I'm more alone now than I was at the bottom of that hole in Iraq. He's been cracking under the pressure of playing the hero, playing the future vice president, playing the upstanding husband and father when he knows deep down that he is none of those things. But Carrie knows his secrets and still loves him. As that realization is sinking in, she shares her vision of their future, where they join forces to stop Nazir and that act of heroism erases the stain of everything that's come before.

Next thing you know, they are humping away like jackrabbits as Quinn, Saul and the rest of the CIA's pervert squad listen in. Quinn wants to haul Brody in, but Saul urges him to give Carrie more time: Carrie goes rogue, Quinn and Estes freak out, Saul buys her time and she winds up being proven right.

The exact same thing happens again when Brody winds up driving with Roya out to some god-forsaken spot in the middle of nowhere. After promising Quinn to "stay the fuck back," Carrie insists on doing a ride-by, which reveals that Brody and Roya have been joined by the mystery terrorist who shot up the tailor's shop in Gettysburg.

This time, Carrie wants to move in, but Quinn insists on waiting.

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They've got the targets surrounded -- the smart move is to wait and see what they do next. But no sooner has Saul noticed that the clearing would be a great place to land a helicopter than a chopper lands, scooping up Brody, Roya and their anonymous friend.

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Meanwhile, Dana has been busy bonding with Uncle Mike, who is apparently the type of home chef who wears a kitchen towel over his scrupulously toned shoulder. Dana musters the courage to ask him about his relationship with Jess -- was it hard for him to step back when Brody emerged from his spider hole after all those years?

Now she's more determined than ever to disturb the peace of that poor girl whose mother she killed. Mike gives her a lift in his muscle car, which idles outside as Dana knocks on the door. Somehow, the girl immediately knows what this means: I should have known.

Homeland Recap, Season 2, Episode 8: Brody And Carrie Make Sex Noises In 'I'll Fly Away'

Dana receives this news as if it were the worst outcome imaginable when in fact, it is the luckiest, most convenient thing that could happen to her. She gets to claim the moral high ground and remain on the streets. Let's hope this is the very last we hear of Operation: Get Yourself Unnecessarily Arrested.

Just before the end of the episode, we see Brody being escorted through what is presumably some kind of villain's hideout as a black car pulls up.

On the way up to the fundraiser Jessica comes clean about Uncle Mike's accusations against Brody during his last visit.

In another car, Dana gets Finn to agree to tell their parents about the hit-and-run. When they come clean Brody and Jessica want the kids to confess while the Walden's plan to "take care of it" so it won't interfere with the campaign. The blond terrorist whom Sal caught and drove back from Mexico to Washington, D. Sal goes to pay her a visit to see if she can identify Mystery Man who shot and killed Peter's team in Gettysburg. In exchange for giving up his identity, Aileen gets a cell with a view.

She ends up playing Saul and gives him the name of a famous musician who is not involved with Nazir. Aileen commits suicide and Saul is upset with himself for getting emotional.

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After Carrie convinces Mike to back off Brody, she takes a trip out to the fundraiser venue. An upset Brody goes to meet her in "the clearing" where they finally kiss for the first time this season.

Are you just handling me, keeping me close? Carrie and Brody "bury the hatchet" "I don't know," Carrie responds, "and I don't want you to feel used.