How to make a introvert and an extrovert relationship work

How to make Introvert Extrovert relationships work - Psych2Go

how to make a introvert and an extrovert relationship work

Why do so many of us fall in love with people who are our opposites? What can we do to make the relationships work out?. For those in a similar situation, here are some tips for introvert dating extrovert or how to make introvert extrovert relationship work. Jerry approached me looking for ways to find balance in this exciting but challenging relationship. He was highly motivated to make it work, and.

It is key in every relationship. Is that even a word?

Finding Balance in an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship - The Good Men Project

Open up those lines of communication, my friend, and talk it out in a way that works for both of you. Find that sweet spot in your relationship where you can be open, honest, vulnerable, and real with each other. Get your thoughts in order.

The key is to just talk. Tell them if their music is too loud maybe they could put head phones on? Tell them you need some quiet time on your own in order to go out with them later.

Finding Balance in an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship

And understand that they might have some stuff they need from you too yay, relationship 5. So many reasons, and only the two of you can make this call. My idea of fun is going for coffee, reading in the park, or binge watching Netflix. It took us a while read: On Fridays we go rock climbing. After that we get take out and watch movies on the couch. Introverts are not anti-social but they do get exhausted when they spend a long time with new people. Common ways introverts recharge include sleeping, meditating, and reading—basically anything that takes their mind off things and help them get their center back.

  • How to make Introvert Extrovert relationships work

And while they may tolerate, and in some cases, even bask in attention, it has to be in a setting that they can control. For this reason, they may feel uncomfortable or even dislike it when their partner whether out of longing, admiration or sheer love is constantly around them or engaging them with trivial matters. The problem about giving introverts too much attention is that, because of their conscientious nature, they often feel like they have to reciprocate that attention and the pressure to do so slowly builds up until they actually push their partners away just to have a break.

Keep in mind that introverts are naturally solitary and independent: They are often very sensitive and easy to offend, but that same sensitivity is what makes them so good at understanding their extroverted partners. They may be easily overwhelmed—causing them to withdraw unto themselves—but their ability to be receptive to even the lightest stimulation also allows them to focus on their partners and be attuned to their feelings.

The most common signs of extroversion are a cheerful personality, an ability to get along with people easily, being comfortable in leadership roles, enjoys being the center of attention, and having a strong desire for social interaction and new experiences. Image courtesy of Avior Pictures Yup, this is the exact same advice we gave above. Extroversion, same with introversion, is not just a personality trait that can be changed at will.

Extroverts are also hard-wired to behave the way they do; i. Without being too technical, the parts of their brain that control sensory perception are more heightened, thus they require more external stimulation.

how to make a introvert and an extrovert relationship work

Extroverts are prone to engage in multiple dialogues at the same time, jump from one activity to another, and not take some things seriously. Extroverts like nothing more than to meet new people and have a good time with them—if you have fallen in love with one, you know this very well—and the way they do that is often through positive body language, which unfortunately does look a lot like flirting.

Extroverts smile and laugh a lot, they open conversations with strangers, and they can be very accommodating. Just let them make new friends and trust in the love and commitment you have for each other.

how to make a introvert and an extrovert relationship work

The difference between being friendly and real intimacy can sometimes be subtle—but it makes a world of difference.

Image courtesy of Annabel Law Productions 3. Take an interest in their friends and hobbies. Extroverts process things that are important to them by talking out loud. You may think these are boring, trivial information, but all these are actually important to them. Likewise, try to support them in their passions. Any additional external stimuli can feel overwhelming.

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Thus he, like all introverts, needs alone time to recharge. Extroverts are stimulated by external activities—people, places, experiences. They are fueled by the excitement and variety. Andrea is in her element when hosting 30 of her closest friends in her eclectic, colorful apartment, with a dozen high-energy conversations going on at once and maybe a game of charades in the corner.

Professionally, she is a creative dynamo in a work environment that operates collaboratively. According to Myers Briggs and the many happy intro-extro couples I know, they can, in fact, make the perfect couples. Both of you will experience exponential personal growth. You will both move outside the familiar circle of your comfort zone. By being with Andrea, Jerry stretched himself by socializing more. By doing so, he met a few really interesting people with whom he is still friends.

Both Jerry and Andrea came to understand themselves so much more than ever before. In communicating their quirks, needs, desires to one another, they firmed up their self-awareness…never a bad thing.

You will open up to new possibilities and experiences, both internally and externally. The internal world of feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams, and the actual physical world—where you live, work, grew up… and with whom. The empathy you feel for your partner will inspire great things in you. Okay, I crossed off the word perfect because why put so much pressure on ourselves?