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What real-life married couple starred as newlyweds who decided to spend their honeymoon on an extended road trip in the Howard Duff and Ida Lupino. Film stars (and real-life spouses) Ida Lupino and Howard Duff played a married couple in a to'58 comedy. Name the show and the occupations of the two. This act, combined with Ida's affair with Howard Duff, signaled the end of the marriage. Ida divorced Young on October 20, , and married.

They also served as producers. Novak and Batman the latter in an episode entitled "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra", alongside wife Ida Lupino. Duff appeared in all 73 episodes of the series during its three season run, alongside his co-stars Dennis Cole and Ben Alexander. He also directed one episode; "The Deadly Abductors". Publicity photo of Howard Duff, working in front of the camera and behind the scenes, for the television program Felony Squad Later career[ edit ] Duff continued to make guest appearances in TV series during the s including The Streets of San Francisco and The Rockford Files amongst others, and also featured in the TV movies A Little Game and Snatched Duff was part of an ensemble cast in the comedy film A Weddingand had a prominent role as the attorney to Dustin Hoffman 's character in the Academy Award -winning Kramer vs.

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In he played Charles Slade in the mini series The Dream Merchants [12] Duff portrayed villain Jules Edwards in Part 1 of the mini-series East of Edenand was part of the main cast in the TV series Flamingo Roadappearing in all 38 episodes of the show.

He returned for one more episode in Although Duff made few film appearances during the s, he did have a prominent role in the thriller No Way Outalongside Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. Personal life[ edit ] Duff had a tempestuous relationship with actress Ava Gardner in the late s.

So at the age of 13 she enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and her cousin helped her to get work as a screen extra. Her first big break in films came in when she was cast in Her First Affaire.

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It was her mother, Connie, who had originally tested for the part — Ida was just along for the ride. Paramount announced plans to cast her in the title role of Alice in Wonderland. After these two films, Ida began to display her spirited temperament through some outspoken comments in the press. She told one reporter: I only want to associate with brilliant people. When Ida refused this tiny role, she was put on suspension. It was the first of many.

Ironically, it was during some of those suspensions that Ida would go on movie sets, hang around with the directors, and learn the behind-the-camera tricks that she would later use in her second career. One film in — Artists and Models — was a hit at the box-office, but Ida thought that her part was beneath her. Paramount not only granted her request, they also banned her from the lot. In landing the part, she demonstrated her strong will and determination by stealing a copy of the screenplay, memorizing a scene, and storming into in the office of producer-director William Wellman to demand that he let her read for the part.

She got the role — despite the fact that the film was being produced byParamount — the studio that had banned her from its lot just two years earlier. They Drive by Night, which is one of my favorite Ida Lupino movies. In it, she plays Lana Carlsen, a rich, married woman who is obsessed with a truck driver played by George Raft, and will stop at nothing to get him.

Through them, she could express fury, disappointment, hope, sorrow, contempt, longing, resignation, and triumph — all without saying a single word. Ida with Humphrey Bogart in High Sierra. Ida and Bogart were perfect for their parts, but their relationship toward each other was a little rocky at first. Neither of us recognized the trait in the other. Each of us thought the other was being nasty, and we were both offended.

A glamorous publicity shot for "The Man I Love. She also showed her versatility by collaborating on a screenplay called Miss Penington, and she composed dozens of songs, many of which were recorded and broadcast on the radio. Ida turned down Warner Bros. The movie was physically demanding on the actress, though — she was left heavily bruised after one scene, and suffered a pulled neck tendon and a painful back injury in another.

She even lost her voice after screaming in one scene at Richard Widmark. They were married inless than two months after Ida became an American citizen. It would become a milestone in her career. The picture was a huge success. Ida returned to acting in Woman in Hiding.

The film was supposed to star Ronald Reagan, but he suffered a fractured thigh and was replaced by a newcomer by the name of Howard Duff. Filmakers got financial backing out of the deal, but they had to surrender complete control to Hughes. It would turn out to be a big mistake. Ida divorced Young on October 20,and married Duff the next day. Their daughter, Bridget, was born the following year.