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A community of stories about ichigo and rukia plus some other characters who you think ahould be In this adventure, she faces friends, romance and tragedies. To return Ichigo to his "Substitute Shinigami" status, Rukia is assigned to Rated : Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Ichigo K., Rukia K. Founder: Kattebutt - Stories: 28 - Followers: 18 - Staff: 11 - id: IchiRuki, OneShot: Rukia wonders how it ever came to this for her and Ichigo.

But her hate and her passion just might be her undoing. First Bleach Fic, IchiRuki. Enter if you dare! Rating to be safe, themes vary. Finders Keepers Bleach - Rated: Tangled Heartstrings by littleAliengrl reviews It's been six years since Rukia had left Ichigo standing at the altar. Living her life out as a normal human along with her twins, things seem to be going well The only problem is, the pregnancy is banned by the Soul Society.

Now, in order to save Rukia and his child, Ichigo is forced to hide them, running away from everything he's ever known and loved. Now, on Earth with his daughter, he despertaly wants to find a way back. But can he do it before Rukia falls in love with another man? Wherever Ichigo goes, Rukia has to go. So, uh, where will they both go? But as one is ready to embrace it, the other is not. Rated T for Ichigo's bad mouth.

What would happen if one of his 'what ifs' came true? They wanted her dead, he wanted her alive.

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There's only one thing to do. But now the stakes are higher, and the world they've come to love is about to crash down around them IxR - Sequel to What Happened Last Night - Complete! Will her anger take hold and will she find someone new? Will Ichigo return her feelings? Fighting that Feeling by Jini reviews According to popular belief, there is something going on between regular hothead Kurosaki Ichigo and new transfer student Kuchiki Rukia.

Well, they're only half right.

Trouble is, they don't want to admit it She felt the same way as well. Various snap shots of what their life would be like if they were together in the living world with multiple points of view.

Kurosaki Rukia Bleach - Rated: As a Shinigami she knew her duty but she'd never had someone who had her back. As much as Byakuya hated to admit it, Kurosaki was that person. I will endeavor to make the clan and you proud. Ichigo packed the last of the boxes and sat down on his bed. Tomorrow he and his father would be travelling to the area around Tokyo University so that he could find an apartment that he could afford on his meager salary.

He hadn't wanted to live in a dorm on the off chance something weird happened and a Hollow decided to come after him even though he didn't have any reiatsu anymore.

An even odder occurrence would be a visit from a Shinigami and he didn't want to have to explain to a roommate why there was a stranger in their room who wanted to bunk down. Glancing at his closet, he pushed himself to his feet and went to the other side of the room to open the door. The futon and blanket Rukia had used all that time ago was still there, waiting for her to return.

Not that she would.

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He hadn't heard a word from her since the moment she disappeared from his sight. Sighing, he went back to sit on the bed, noticing for the first time that he had the window open. The cool breeze from the early spring evening brushed over his skin and gave him goosebumps. Looking around him, he couldn't see where she was and finally resorted to looking out the window.

Standing on the branch of the tree near his window he found her smirking back at him. She was wearing a gigai dressed much as the one that she'd had when they were in high school. Watch what you're doing. She towered over him, probably the only way she could when he wasn't standing. Predatory violet eyes narrowed on him as he stood.

Once he'd gain his feet, she aimed for his stomach but got someplace significantly lower with her elbow. Gasping for breath, Ichigo collapsed to his knees, wheezing.