India and russia relationship 2015 movies

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india and russia relationship 2015 movies

Indo-Russian relations refer to the bilateral relations between India and Russia. During the According to a BBC World Service Poll, 45% of Russians view India positively, with only 9% expressing a negative view. .. "Russia and India are the only countries where satellite channels broadcast Indian movies 24/7.". This resulted in India and Russia sharing a Special Relationship. According to a BBC World Service Poll, 45% of Russians view India .. Popular Indian films in the USSR included Awara, Bobby, Barood, Mamta and Disco Dancer. India-Russia relations have been the one constant in a world that has Yoga, Indian films, songs and dances remain an abiding bond.

India too has steadfastly backed Russia.

india and russia relationship 2015 movies

We didn't decry Russia's Afghan invasion ofwe didn't join the chorus when it annexed Crimea last year, and we tacitly support its current involvement in Syria. Yet in the recent past there has been an inexplicable drift in relations between the two countries. Partly because India has a growing strategic relationship with the US after the path-breaking civilian nuclear deal.

So when Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets President Putin in Moscow for the annual summit on December 24, one of his missions is to reassure the Russian strongman that despite his Western peregrinations, India remains his steadfast friend. That he has put on the fast-track the Druzhba-Dosti friendship vision that he signed with Putin in Delhi last year to strengthen and expand bilateral relations by the next decade.

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Both India and Russia have now realised that in their quest for global power status, it is imperative that they restore the climate of intimate friendship. Russia needs India as a market for its goods to bypass Western sanctions imposed after its power push in Ukraine. India is a natural partner. Despite its renewed friendship with China, Russia will soon find itself in competition with it as Beijing regards itself as the new G2 along with the US.

India can help provide the multi-polarity that Russia fiercely seeks. India needs Russia because it can meet its abundant energy requirements at a cost-effective price.

india and russia relationship 2015 movies

Despite expanding its defence purchases from the US, Israel and Europe, India still needs to collaborate with Russia to master future technology including for space.

It improves India's bargaining power when it negotiates arms sales with the West. Russia can be a major market for Indian industry such as pharmaceuticals, manufactured goods, dairy products, bovine meat and frozen seafood.

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Geopolitically, Russia continues to be a balancing force against any designs China and Pakistan may have in our region. Raghavan, India's ambassador to Russia, points out: Our national and international ambitions are mutually supportive-there are no contradictions between India and Russia. Scholars like Sergei Oldenburg and Fyodor Shcherbatskoy continued that tradition during the following decades, translating and studying many Indian epics and classical texts.

In later years, Rabindranath Tagore's poetry was translated into Russian and Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, and Leo Tolstoy corresponded with each other.

The immortal works of Nikolai Roerich and his love for India remain a part of our rich cultural legacy. Russian writers like Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Chekov influenced Indian thought and drama. Yoga, Indian films, songs and dances remain an abiding bond between our people.

india and russia relationship 2015 movies

The Soviet Union helped India build its industrial base. The factories at Bokaro and Bhilai, the hydroelectric dam at Bhakra-Nangal, and the images of Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma on board the Soyuz T as the first Indian cosmonaut, are etched in the minds of every Indian. In the last seventy years, India has developed a large and diversified industrial and technological base.

It’s time India got real about its ties with Russia

We are among the fastest growing large economies of the world. The potential for India's accelerated growth has never been greater, nor the optimism higher. Russia has re-emerged from the events of as a global power with international reach and influence. Its economy has been modernized and a new generation is driving the country forward.

Inwe elevated our partnership to the level of a Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership. These documents are more than just words. They contain an ambitious blueprint for our cooperation. Our cooperation in the military technical field is a pillar of great strength in India-Russia relations. Russian equipment and technology is the mainstay of our defence forces. The symbols of our contemporary partnership today include Indian investments in Sakhalin 1, and now the Vankor and Taas-Yuryakh oil fields, the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam and the Brahmos Joint Venture Project.

In the economic field we are moving in the direction of increasing mutual investments in manufacturing, development of the International North-South Transport Corridor and creation of a Green Corridor.

India has been an important contributor to the pharmaceutical industry of Russia. But we cannot and should not be satisfied with our achievements and must strive to open new vistas.

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We should fully exploit our mutual complementarities based on our large markets, resource endowments and industrial and technological base. We are focusing on increasing our bilateral trade which is considerably below our potential.

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We are opening new areas of cooperation in the energy sector, telecommunications and science and technology. We have set up funds to facilitate investment in high technologies.

We look upon the Arctic as another area of cooperation with Russia. We wish to expand cooperation between the regions of Russia and the States of India, and especially with the Russian Far East. We are working on expanding our trade ties with the Eurasian Economic Union. We are exploring new areas of cooperation like railways, innovation, IT, diamond trade, and infrastructure.

There are efforts towards greater joint production and technology transfer from Russia to India. We are working together to enhance physical connectivity as also intensify contacts between our scientists, universities and intellectuals, particularly the younger generation. The significance of our relations goes beyond the bilateral sphere. This is natural and has always been so. Our partnership has contributed to global peace and security.

india and russia relationship 2015 movies

We have supported each other's key interests. We are important stakeholders in upholding the stability of the international political, security, economic and financial order. India looks forward to becoming a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that became possible with wholehearted Russian support.