Inter iit sports meet 2012 dates and times

Ketki Kulkarni Won Bronze Medal in 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet | IEOR @ IIT Bombay

, 23, Kharagpur, Kharagpur, , 48, Roorkee, Bombay The last time IIT Bombay hosted an Inter IIT Sports Meet was in , as a part of the The Aquatics Meet Opening Ceremony was graced by the presence of Sajan Prakash , the. By Arjun Velmurugan - With the Inter-IIT Sports Meet coming up, the sports scene is buzzing with excitement and “feel”. All bona fide full-time students of all IITs, who will be getting a degree/diploma The dates are as follows: December · November · October · September · August. Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. , 23, Kharagpur, Kharagpur, , 48, Roorkee, Bombay The Opening Ceremony of that was graced by the presence of Cricket legend The last time IIT Bombay hosted an Inter IIT Sports Meet was in , as a part of the.

We feel a campus poised on sheer scientific thrills requires a balancing dose of art so that aesthetics and beauty around us are not forgotten. Why join this club? As the child matures into an adult, the practice and passion gradually fades away in the midst of gruelling academic stress and parental demands.

The immense competition and thirst for success pushes back the once creative and fearless soul of that child. Art gives you a chance to find yourself according to your imagination and solitude. Art helps you understand yourself better by making you realise that you can also create something beautiful.

Art indulges your senses into building a connection with your creative mind and Mother Nature. Art makes you feel good!

Ketki Kulkarni Won Bronze Medal in 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet

With this spirit, the Fine arts club welcomes all the kalakaars in a creative journey. Regular monthly classes and demonstrations from reputed artists, discussions on artworks, a fine-art festival with loads of other fun events ensures you for a really exciting time in the campus. So, fear not all the kalakaars, as you dust off your worries and let the creative being shine bright. Anyone and everyone are welcome in the club.

Keep your spirits burning! The fine arts club organizes art events in the campus like workshops to learn Sketchingphotoshop, illustrator, events during manthan and alcheringa. At the end of the year, an exhibition of the works done by the members is organized.

The spectrum of fine art comprises most of the visible art forms ,crafts and even digital art excluding photography. It is a club that comprises of individuals who have a passion for all things related to creative writing or debates.

The members range from seasoned debaters to novices, magicians with words to interested writers.

Inter-IIT — The Scholars' Avenue

Everyone is welcome in this club. The core activities carried out by the club come under two umbrellas: Literary activities and Debating activities. Tweet on Twitter The IITs have long been an epitome of excellence, be it in terms of the research and academic opportunities or the cultural and social atmosphere.

Above this, every IIT in itself is an institution offering innumerable opportunities for the students to grow and learn through the various schools of excellence and extremely diverse and developed labs and research facilities. Since the program barely has any details, it is important that the student community is made aware of this opportunity, so they may put forth their suggestions as to how the program can be structured. Here, we have tried to bring together all the information related to this, along with a detailed analysis of the survey conducted.

This programme, as the name suggests, will allow a few selected students to study at the IIT of their choice for a semester similar to the foreign exchange programme. Even though the particular details are yet to be decided upon, the procedure of getting the credits passed would be more or less the same. Why is it needed?

Inter IIT Sports Meet

There has clearly never been a means for students to pursue programmes in sister IITs in the past which leads to students missing out on the opportunities that the other IITs have to offer.

The only method through which they can experience a new college for a whole semester is the foreign exchange programme which in itself has a few problems.

Here are a few that we gathered from the students and administration collectively: There is a huge difference in the academic setup of universities in India and abroad which makes it difficult for the students to find equivalent courses. The process to get these credits passed is cumbersome and some people tend to decide not to go for a foreign exchange if it turns out to be difficult in terms of ability to complete the courses in the future. Language and Cultural Differences: There can be multiple instances where the students choose not to pursue a semester abroad because of the huge cultural differences that they would be experiencing.


Thus, to pursue the courses there, the student should either know that language or pick up courses offered in English which might be a problem for students who are not well versed with it.

A semester abroad could cost you somewhere between lakhs depending on the amount of scholarship you can get, which in itself is particularly limited. Thus, students who do not have a strong economic standing tend to miss out on this opportunity. Usually, companies come to the campus at the same time when the semester in foreign universities is about to start.

This leaves the forex students with only the first few days to secure an intern. This creates a very obvious lack of options and chances as compared to the students who stay on campus for their fifth semester. Since third year internships are extremely important and have a chance of being converted into a PPO, some students might decide to stay on campus instead of going out to a different college. Scope for pursuing minor degree: Since all forex courses require prior consent of the respective department, it is usually hard to find equivalent courses in the host university.

The process to get these credits passed is also quite inconvenient. This is followed by the Main Meet in December.

The staff meet is held after the Main meet for the PTI, grounds staff and faculty to compete. The dates are as follows: October 1 — October 4, Main meet: December December 21, Staff meet: December December 27, So, as you see, Aquatics meet is going to be held in the semester. Please come support the home team if you are around. You could also plan your December vacation accordingly to witness the Main meet. What do I wear when I turn up to support Madras? IIT-M definitely needs a lot of home support to overcome some tough competition.