Irie and kotoko relationship advice

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irie and kotoko relationship advice

I know Irie is going to confront him and I'm going to stand by his side for Nothing will stop this aching in my heart though now that Kotoko is. A peek to what Kotoko and Naoki were thinking at those times presented by the quotes mentioned never improved on this advice: JUST LISTEN TO YOUR HEART That all along, our relationship is a one-sided love?. Naoki Irie (入江 直樹 Irie Naoki) is the main male protagonist of the series and the eventual Relationships be easy for him to do or accomplish, but later, because of Kotoko's encouragement and advice, he decides to become a doctor.

But then it made me think… it made me remember that one time he had a meeting somewhere and I'm going to take the Nightingale pledge. It touched my heart that he rushed over even if he missed out on the event. One time was also when he cancelled all his appointments just so we can have the night together on my birthday.

Thinking about all these, what do they say? What do they mean? It's when you're both opposite, but in that way, you both complete each other. Naoki and I are perfect for each other. We are meant to be and it's written in the stars! You just might get what you're longing for… In the end, because of my persistence to pursue my love for Naoki, everything fell into the right place.

It's as if I'm just dreaming. And that's the reality. At times you're sad about what's going on with your life. Just remember one permanent fact: I've been causing troubles for the people around me, and it leaves me wonders why they still want me in their lives. I'm happy I can still make them smile. And make Naoki love me. You can close your eyes from the things you don't want to see… but you can never close your heart from the things you don't want to feel.

I've denied Kotoko a lot of times ever since she had new friends that surrounded her. I feel irritated especially when I see her with that Keita guy.

I didn't know what these feelings are for, but I finally knew when I had a chat with Kinnosuke. Because I've let things go out of hand, I would truly lose my wife. I had a gut feeling that this new guy would take my wife away from me. And I don't want that to happen. I will never let go of Kotoko no matter what happens. A simple thought, but ironically true: If someone is pushing you away, that's when that person needs you the most!

I know I'm stupid at times, but I definitely know that I'm not insensitive. As his wife, I will support Naoki all the way. He pushes me for a reason so I should give him more space to think things through, right? Has Kotoko forgotten about him already? He thought, leaning the back of his head on the wooden door. That idiot, she could never love anyone but me.

I just know it. He sighed as he stared into the ceiling.

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The thought made a surge of fear run through his body. He knew that Kotoko would always be in love with him, but deep down inside, he knew there was always the possibility that the idiot would fall for someone else. And it scared him. It scared him a lot. The possibility of having life without Kotoko gave him a fear of loneliness and isolation. It was only a brief image, but every detail was enough to be memorized by him.

Before he could stop himself, anger had made him slam his fist into the wooden drawer left of him. The impact of the force making a loud noise throughout the room. The past week made him realize how much empty his life was without Kotoko and how much he wanted to beat the living crap out of Kamogari. Unfortunately, he had not been able to find the latter no matter how much he searched in the university.

Plus, he knew that harming the guy would only make his wife angry at him so violence obviously wasn't an option. He still wanted to make him pay though. Standing up, Naoki walked to their bed and picked up the pillow Kotoko laid her head on.

He smiled at it before hugging it into his chest firmly, inhaling her scent just like he does every night for the past week without her before he sleeps. Naoki was at his breaking point.

He needed his wife And he would be getting her back, even if he had to drag her here all the way. You can't love anyone but me. I mean, I'm not pushing you but if you really want my advice I'd at least consider it. I've been fighting for his affections for so long, and to just throw them away like that? Are you sure about that? I'm not saying to rush it and demand a separation. As I was running I realised that I was smiling the first proper smile of the whole school term was Kenji my route to happiness?

Wrong Turn Chapter 5: Wrong turn "You're late, again. This was the fourth time this week that I'd been late for Irie. I heard Irie laughing his head off at the sight even though I could tell he was slightly annoyed when I had first come in. This had been happening for 2 weeks now. I went on walks with Kenji and then ran home to meet Irie for my tutoring it worked perfectly for about a week until suddenly Kin Chan found out about my after school activities. The problem with Kin Chan was that he had to be the loudest person in the world and no one in the school knew about mine and Kenji's meetings apart from me, Kenji and Irie.

It happened the day after mine and Irie's non-tutoring session however Irie had returned to his usual cold self who avoided any conversation with me. I was sitting in the cafeteria with Satomi and JInko trying to test whether the school food was edible. He forcefully grabbed the seat next to me and pulled it extremely close to me. I know you are secretly meeting with boys of class A! How could you do this to me my dear Kotoko! I didn't answer Kin Chan. Suddenly I felt hundreds of eyes on me all at the same time as I noticed the whole cafeteria had stopped to watch us.

My heart skipped a beat there were dozens of pictures of Irie at my house all from different angles and positions. This was not good. He just tutors me! Everyone turned to see them taking the attention off me I caught Kenji's eye and he tilted his head slightly in confusion I just shook mine very slightly before looking down at the floor. How dare you blow the mind of our precious angel breathing your demon ways into her! It makes me sick!

Irie retreated one step looking confusingly at Kenji. Kin Chan swiped out another picture which sent a worried gasp escape out of Irie's mouth and Kenji's. I buried my self further into my jumper trying to disappear; Satomi and Jinko had walked closer to the current action leaving me alone on the table. I have loved that girl ever since my eyes had the pleasure of witnessing her beauty and I intend to make her my wife in future life. After 5 minutes everyone went back to their normal lives leaving me alone in the cafeteria.

I had no text from Kenji at the end of the day which mean't our walk wasn't happening tonight. I decided to walk slowly home thinking about the awkwardness of the cafeteria how could Kin Chan cause that much of a scene?

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I turned onto our street and walked causally down it passing by all the regular houses and spotting the roof of the Irie household and any minute my own roof would pop into view. The familiar blue tiles shone in the late afternoon sun as I neared my home however I heard what seemed like distant shouts and maybe even sirens.

When I walked closer I saw flashing lights outside of my house so I walked faster until I reached the scene. Outside my house were police cars and ambulances as well as a large crowd of people. I pushed my way through to the front when I saw it. In the middle of the road was a body lying on a stretcher covered in blood with Paramedics running around them. As I grew the closer the body turned into a familiar figure until I saw that this was no ordinary person but my dad.

Nightmare The past few days were a blur I can't remember waking up or going to sleep during the 3 days of my Dad's accident. As I arrived on the scene I was shoved into a helicopter and jetted off to a specialist neurology hospital as my Dad had what seemed like severe head injuries. I waited in there for the entire night before hearing any news from any doctors or nurses as they were darting around taking my Dad into and out of surgery.

In the end I fell asleep hoping that I would wake up and it had just been a horrible nightmare but unfortunately it wasn't. I had no reaction to anything as shock had taken over my entire body therefore everything the doctors said to be I didn't hear even when they spoke directly at me all I could do was sit and stare at the floor.

I quickly steadied myself before answering the young nurse. Tears filled up in my eyes as I watched him connected to all of those wires a large white bandage was wrapped around his head and I could just see heavy bruising from underneath his hospital gown.

However saying that all of the surgeries have been a success so far and all of the injuries should heal in the long term however further tests will needed to be run in due course to check for brain damage. I know this must be horrific to hear but your father is a very strong man and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to spend your time crying over him but instead praying for his healing.

The nurse just smiled sympathetically before walking out of the room. A few hours passed when I had spoken to dad, with him being unconscious, and before I knew it visiting hours had come to an end. The journey home seemed never ending and as I reached my front door the reality caught up with me of being alone in this huge house with my dad barely holding onto his life in a hospital far far away.

I collapsed in a heap on the outside porch I cried for what seemed like hours with no sign of ever stopping. During my crying my vision went black and before I knew it I was in a deep sleep. The next day I awoke to birds chirping outside the window I sat up and stretched my arms — I don't remember getting into bed last night.

As I opened my eyes I realised that I was not in my bedroom but a completely different room I jumped up and ran to the window. I gasped as outside I saw my house across the street standing beautifully in the morning sun.

If I wasn't even in my own house then where was I? Then it hit me; the house that was directly opposite my house was none other than the Irie Household. How did I get here? I ran downstairs in a frenzy stressing about the difference in house I burst into a room that appeared to be a kitchen sitting around a table was the whole Irie family.

My mouth fell open, my hair was standing on end, I had fluffy pink pyjamas on and I was sweating like a pig. Why did Irie have to see me like this? How are you sweetie? I'm so glad Irie found you and brought you back here. Irie had found me and taken me in? Good Morning I'm incredibly sorry for the sudden intrusion and the state of my attire I was just a little shocked to wake up in such unfamiliar settings.

irie and kotoko relationship advice

We were all heart broken by the news of Aihara's accident! I tried to find out which hospital he was staying in but they only gave that information away to next of kin.

The whole table gasped. No matter how much I tried to think otherwise the reality of my dad was forever in my mind. Irie stood up and walked over to me he sneakily leaned in to my ear and whispered: This was truly a nightmare. Triangles Living with Irie was awful. Constantly his mum tried to set us up doing things together as she believed that we were made for each other despite our objections.

I had met up with Kenji a few times after things with dad had calmed down he apologised for leaving the cafeteria he said jealousy caught up with him and he didn't want to make me upset. Spending time with Kenji made me forget about my injured dad and having to live with the cold bastard.

irie and kotoko relationship advice

Irie still insisted on having our tutoring sessions which pissed me off as spending time with him made me angry due to his harsh attitude to life. Everyday passed like this when I had only an hour with Kenji per day which kept me going. My friends also helped me too they understood my situation and Kin Chan had apologised for his past behaviour however he was still wildly obsessed with me.

I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, letting out a long breath.

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However this was a passionate kiss filled with all of his feelings for me I accepted them gratefully as his tongue slipped into my mouth and I greeted it with my own swirling around inside our mouths. The intensity grew more and more his hands were running all over my body brushing over my arse and my breasts I squirmed a bit when he touched them. We broke away to giggle at each other before continuing our steamy make out session this was the first time I had kissed a boy like this and it felt so good the heat seething through my body was incredible.

After a few more minutes we broke apart to regain our breath from then onwards we walked hand in hand to the train station. As we approached the platform where we would be going our separate ways Kenji grabbed both of my hands.

I replied by kissing him again and smiling before walking off to my train as I got on the train I turned to see him touching his lips smiling.

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Irie just shook his head before storming to his bedroom. What was wrong with him? The next few days were strange instead of insulting me like he always did Irie completely blanked me every time he saw me and had cancelled every one of our tutoring sessions.

I talked to Kenji about it but he said Irie seemed his usual self around school. Why was he acting this way towards me? Had he just had enough of me once and for all? I decided to go and visit dad in the hospital I hadn't been for a few days; I was dying to see him. How are you feeling today? I stayed with dad for a few hours before returning home on my way back I walked up the street when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into an alley.

I looked up to see Irie which really pissed me off how could he not speak to me for days and then just treat me like this he was horrible all my past feelings for him were once and truly gone. Kenji and I had been dating for a week now and he was still acting like this. How did he know that I had feelings for him, that were now gone. How can you say this?! All I could do was fall to the ground in shock could it be? Had Irie really just kissed me? I just couldn't resist any longer why did I agree to set them up I can't believe I actually feel some kind of hold on that idiotic girl.

irie and kotoko relationship advice

She's caused nothing but trouble so far and now she's even living in my house! Why do I feel so angry whenever I see her face or when I hear her mention Kenji's name. I needed to sort this out but after that incident there wouldn't be any normality for a while.

If she told Kenji this would ruin our friendship oh why did I do such a stupid act! I must act casual then she'll forget all about it. The day went smoothly she obviously hadn't told Kenji as he hadn't acted at all differently therefore I was weirdly thankful to her she probably managed to realise that it would just cause trouble if she told him.

Kotoko is very attractive as well. I have to stop thinking like this! That girl is like looking at piece of roadkill highly unappealing! Well she certainly had bad timing I didn't mean any of those things but I couldn't tell her that obviously; this really was a mess.

I really wanted to take those arms and cut them straight off but I had to keep my cool and not seem suspicious. I felt suddenly sick like I wanted to vomit all over Kenji's face for being so irritating. I have got to stop all these childish feelings I am Irie the genius of Japan I didn't waste time on petty emotions. I put all my concentration into the afternoon lessons making sure I avoided all eye contact with Kenji and then blaming my avoidance on wanting to get even further ahead in my studies.

When school ended I was surprised to hear Kenji say that he was going to meet someone usually his excuse for seeing Kotoko would be that he needed to attend extra curricular activities I thought something seemed mysterious so I have no idea why but my legs suddenly started following Kenji's.

I followed him all the way to the big oak tree I'm pretty sure Kotoko had mentioned that being their meeting place however it suddenly hit me. Kotoko was going to visit her dad tonight in the hospital therefore she couldn't be meeting up with Kenji. Then who was he going to see? I watched him carefully emerge outside and walk closer to the tree I followed him hurriedly and as I grew closer I noticed him start to speak to someone.

I edged closer to get a better view but then suddenly Kenji walked out with his arm around a girl who wasn't Kotoko laughing with her and then he leant down to kiss her.

My eyes refused to blink as they grew wider and wider.