Janeway and seven of nine relationship tips

Was Chakotay/Seven really that bad? | The Trek BBS

janeway and seven of nine relationship tips

7 denying that Janeway and Seven would ever have a romantic relationship. between her character, Seven of Nine, and Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway. regarding the responsible depiction of alternative ways of life on Star Trek. It seemed to me that Chakotay and janeway had a much better chemistry be inefficient to resume with the relationship (which she apparently decided . that once they did get home and went their separate ways (career-wise) then and got Seven of Nine's character involved in the shenanigans that time. Why Jeri Ryan felt Seven of Nine's romance on Voyager failed. Contributed My problem with that relationship was that it came out of the blue.

And it does show Jeri to be tolerant, open to diversity, not anti-gay, and all those good things that we reasonably intelligent, cosmopolitan individuals strive to be in this day and age. On the other hand, there are at least a few of us in the gay community who get a little bothered at the subtle innuendos in these well-intentioned responses.

Like it or not, when you say these kinds of things, you reproduce the notion that homosexuality simply is "an issue that bothers. And -- if it's true that "it's in to be out" like, maybe in L. But let's face it: For me, at least, my lesbianism is not "an issue"; it's a way of life. So the challenge in moving beyond the usual drone platitudes is to find a novel way of addressing questions regarding the responsible depiction of alternative ways of life on Star Trek.

janeway and seven of nine relationship tips

I'd love it if Seven had a lesbian relationship! You know, as long as it's done tastefully.

Was Chakotay/Seven really that bad?

First, since she's emotionally immature, having her first significant relationship be a lesbian one could play into the stereotype that lesbianism isn't a mature adult orientation but rather more like a schoolgirl experimentation until the real thing [read: And since it's unlikely that Seven's lesbian relationship would be a long-term one, the temporariness of it would further add to the sense that it was just an immature experimentation.

Second, since Seven is partly Borg, there's always the likelihood that lesbianism will seem yet again like this alien thing. Ultimately, the real challenge for Star Trek in portraying a positive gay character would be to make it seem like just this incredibly normal thing: I could definitely see her coming up with a thoughtful response like this. Seven and the Captain! They're gonna get together!

And there is a scene with the Captain where this romance idea comes up. I think it get's to be a joke after a while. It's not anything the writers ever intended to do with the characters.

Well, it's kind of hard to comment on the scene she mentions because UPN affiliates cut it from the first-run airing! Only some syndicated stations in Canada aired the entire episode! Is it that I have more faith in Jeri's acting abilities and Kate's than Jeri herself has?

But anything we do will be handled delicately so we can avoid the usual stereotypes and mishandling of gay characters on TV.

Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

And if we do go that route, I'm hopeful Kate and I would be able to portray such a relationship with enough honesty and sincerity to make it believable. The comment that people get out of Voyager what they bring to it, is simply because no topic is ever dealt with in depth.

It is fragmented and tries to please everyone but pleases no-one. I would have liked this Trek series to have taken on and dealt with some of the really difficult issues.

Why Not with Captain Janeway?: A Rejoinder to Jeri Ryan

Just because most people are heterosexual and live within nuclear family units, does not mean that the themes they generate should be portrayed on popular television programmes to the exclusion of all others.

People don't imagine this chemistry, bring their own desires to bear or "see what they want to see". The chemistry between Mulgrew and Ryan exists: I was delighted to see some posters genuinely recognizing this possibility, and moving beyond the rigidity of the labels of 'heterosexual' and 'lesbian'.

But this is far too controversial a subject for Voyager and UPN, not to mention Mulgrew's apparent antipathy to such a story line.

Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway? | The Trek BBS

Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing "Imperfection", it has kept me watching Voyager as I had almost given it up. One final thought, which brings me back to the relationship between Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan, and the chemistry they have unwittingly produced ever since they began working together.

It was not always an easy decision for Paramount, as the studio faced some backlash over a female starship captain. Voyager took a few creative missteps in its first seasons, and one of the biggest issues was the Kazon. The Kazon were written to model Los Angeles street gangs, with infighting between the alien gangs.

janeway and seven of nine relationship tips

Voyager invested heavily in the story of the Kazon through the second season after introducing them in the first, and the decision was not well-received. Many viewers considered them weak imitations of the Klingons and the ratings reflected the disinterest. Jeri Taylor ultimately decided to write out the Kazon at the end of the second season, and most of the cast and crew agreed that the Kazon had overstayed their usefulness on the series.

Kazon-centric plotlines were quickly tied up. The original ending for the second season finale killed off Seska's baby instead of Seska herself, leaving an opening for Seska to return, but this was later reversed. A late-developing writing decision also turned Seska's baby with Chakotay into her baby with Culluh, severing any tie the crew had with the baby. The Kazon were then left behind completely. However, Jeri Ryan had her own concerns about how the character would be developed on the show.

She turned down the role of Seven of Nine four times. Unfortunately, that was not the only thing attracting attention about her character, with a lot of the coverage about her introduction being devoted to her form-fitting catsuit and obvious physical attributes. Nonetheless, Seven did end up being far more than a Barbie on the crew, playing an essential role on the ship for the rest of the series.