Jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship tips

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jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship tips

Elaine Benes, pop-culture icon and lead female character in Seinfeld, So perhaps Elaine's strange relationship with Owen, a senior citizen at 66, Jerry Seinfeld years later said that this stroke plotline made the episode his. Across town, george uses 'seinfeld' - we write in the. Ultimately, elaine benes, elaine in a homeless person. Mar 30, elaine tells jerry is deaf and jerry: seinfeld, . Jerome "Jerry" Seinfeld is the main protagonist and title character of the American television Plot lines involving Jerry often concern his various relationships - Jerry often finds . There are hints throughout the series that suggest that Jerry and Elaine still .. Jerry Seinfeld; George Costanza · Elaine Benes · Cosmo Kramer.

According to the ninth-season DVD release of the series, Jerry has had 73 different girlfriends seen or alluded to over the course of the series. Elaine[ edit ] Jerry and Elaine are depicted as having dated in the past and apparently a lot longer than they each date other people in the series.

jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship tips

During the run of the show, they are shown mainly as best friends, sometimes even joking with one another about their failed dating relationship. However, they do date briefly during the run of the show. In " The Deal ", they create a set of rules whereby they can sleep together but remain only friends.

jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship tips

However, their theory is ruined when Elaine gets upset at Jerry for wanting to leave after a sexual encounter instead of sleeping over one of the rules they discussed was that sleeping over was optional, but not whose option it was. By the end of the episode the two decide to be a couple again. Later in " The Pen " Jerry tells his parents that "we decided that we don't work out as a couple.

In " The Mango ", Jerry is upset at learning that Elaine had faked her orgasms while they were together. The fact cause such problems between the two, that Elaine agrees to sleep with Jerry in an effort to "save the friendship". The final scene, however, shows the two in bed, with Jerry looking distraught and gesturing towards his groin, suggesting that he was unable to perform. There are hints throughout the series that suggest that Jerry and Elaine still have feelings for each other: In " The Stake Out ", Elaine becomes jealous when Jerry flirts with another woman, Vanessa, at a party that Jerry is accompanying her to.

In " The Tape " when Jerry listens to an erotic message on his tape recorder, he becomes obsessed with finding who's the person on the tape; eventually, he pushes George into revealing that it's Elaine and it was supposed to be a joke.

In " The Junior Mint ", Elaine asks Jerry to accompany her to the hospital as her boyfriend, Roy, to fool one of her ex's. Jerry smiles and responds "Well, I believe I've played that role before to some critical acclaim.

In " The Cadillac " after Jerry buys his parents a Cadillac and Elaine realizes how much money he has, she becomes very flirtatious towards him.

In " The Abstinence " when Elaine is denying sex to her current boyfriend, Ben, in the hope that it will help him pass his medical licensing exam, she begs Jerry to have sex with her, but, after a brief moment of consideration, he turns her down.

In " The Serenity Now " when Jerry's emotions come flooding out after being locked up inside him, he confesses his love for Elaine and proposes to her. Later, the horrifying tale of George's life frightens him back into his formerly cold demeanor and he takes back his proposal, much to Elaine's dismay since she was willing to get married even though she was initially hesitant. In " The Finale ", when their plane appears to be crashing, Elaine begins saying to Jerry "I've always loved Later on, she claims that she intended to say "I've always loved United Airlines.

They break up because of an uncomfortable weekend trip to Vermont. These relationships are atypical in that both women break up with Jerry for reasons of disgust, rather than it being the other way around.

He dates Dolores whose name he forgets, guessing it to be Mulva, having the clue that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy in " The Junior Mint " and " The Foundation ". Season 4 then Season 8. This was the only time he dated a woman in two non-consecutive episodes. He dated Rachel in the following episodes: Rachel ends the relationship, but Jerry, who was "even steven" at the time, didn't become upset, and was confident that he would find another girlfriend.

Engagements[ edit ] Only twice in the series has Jerry considered marriage. The first time was with his "perfect" girlfriend, Jeannie, in the Season 7 finale, " The Invitations ", but he soon learned that he didn't want to be with someone exactly like himself. In the first Season 8 episode, " The Foundation ", Jerry tells Elaine that he had a perfectly mutual break-up with Jeannie over the summer. Jerry almost got engaged a second time, to Elaine.

In the Season 9 episode " The Serenity Now ", after Jerry undergoes a personality change and becomes deeply sensitive and emotional, he proposes to a shocked Elaine.

She leaves the apartment, but returns later to accept his proposal. By that point, however, he had gone back to his old self and he turns her down.

Breakups[ edit ] Jerry's approach to relationships is notoriously fickle, and he has broken up with women, or provoked them into breaking up with him for trivial reasons. For eating her peas one at a time " The Engagement ". For refusing to taste his pie at the coffee shop " The Pie ".

Because she once dated Newman " The Big Salad ". Because she would not give him a massage " The Masseuse ". Because she got covered in toilet water after a pipe exploded " The Pothole " Because she liked a commercial that he hated " The Phone Message ". Because she had large thick hands like a man's " The Bizarro Jerry ".

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Because she never laughed at his jokes " The Switch ". Because she had an irritating laugh " The Bubble Boy ".

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Because she seemingly encouraged people to mistake her as being Chinese " The Chinese Woman " Because only his parents like her " The Van Buren Boys " Likewise, some of Jerry's girlfriends have dumped him for trivial reasons. Because he admitted to changing the size 32 to size 31 of all his jeans because he "doesn't want to be a 32" " The Sponge ".

For snooping around her closet having become suspicious of her wearing the same dress on every date " The Seven ". Because he is caught spitting out fatty meats his girlfriend cooked for him in to napkins after going on a health kick " The Wink ". The portrayal of Elaine as smarter and more successful than George is occasionally reversed for comic effect: In " The Opposite ", George finds success and happiness doing the opposite of whatever his instincts tell him, while normally successful Elaine falls on hard times.

In " The Abstinence ", George becomes smarter while not having sex, but Elaine gets dumber. She sometimes goes to Kramer for help. She asks him and Newman to help her get rid of a neighbor's dog in " The Engagement ".

jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship tips

In " The Slicer ", she asks him first to lose power at her neighbors' house and also feed the cat with meat. In " The Watch " she asks him to pose as her boyfriend so she can dump Dr. Reston, her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend. In " The Soup Nazi ", she asks him to watch an armoire for her on the street until she can move it in the following day.

The only conflict is in " The 7 " over a girl's bicycle where Newman is the judge over the dispute. Elaine is the only main character not to own a car. In " The Burning " she borrows then-boyfriend David Puddy's. Also, it's revealed that she's a horrible driver who slams on the brakes and wildly steers the car. Elaine also has a very refined taste in film, citing many movies, plays and characters throughout the series.

She has a particular affection for A Streetcar Named Desire. In " The Pen ", Elaine shows her love for the movie when she becomes unintentionally high on muscle relaxers and repeatedly screams "Stella" at a fancy awards dinner for Morty Seinfeld in Florida.

In " The Fusilli Jerry " Elaine describes David Puddyher new on and off again boyfriend, as a man who comes home "dripping with animal sexuality" after Jerry says that dating his mechanic is "such a huge turn off. Later in the same episode, she tries Weekend at Bernie's II which is a Gene pick recommended by Kramer and which she hates. In " The Boyfriend ", Elaine reveals her disgust for smokers, which helps lead to a breakup with Keith Hernandez.

Her dislike of smoking also leads to an argument with a fortune-teller in " The Suicide ". She's also seen smoking a cigar in " The Blood ", but only to make herself look bad in front of the mom of the child she's babysitting. In " The Maid ", Elaine has a phone serviceman in her apartment to change the apartment's phone number in response to receiving numerous attempted faxes meant for Kramer.

While the serviceman is at work kneeling beside the phone, and holding a large candlestickshe speculates heard via voice-over whether it'd be discovered if she killed the serviceman credited as "Phone Guy 1" Sam Whipple. Upon learning that the new phone number will have the area code instead of Manhattan's traditionalshe tells the man: Family[ edit ] Elaine is the only main character whose mother never appears. He's an alcoholic veteran and very well respected in the literary community.

In the same episode, Alton asks how her mom is; later, in " The Wait Out ", Elaine reveals to David Lookner that Alton left her and the rest of her family when she was 9 years old. Elaine has a sister, Gail, and nephew who are first mentioned in " The Pick ". In " The Airport ", it's revealed that Gail lives in St. She also makes reference to a brother-in-law in " The Phone Message ". Elaine has a cousin, Holly, who appears in " The Wink ", where reference is made to Elaine's grandmother Mema, whom Holly inherited a set of cloth napkins from.

It is not revealed if Mema is her maternal or paternal grandmother. If the two uncles are the same person is not revealed. She attended finishing school and completed her undergraduate education at Tufts Universityrevealed to be her safety school in " The Puerto Rican Day ", as a French Literature major.

Jerry Seinfeld (character)

In " The Dog ", she tells George she moved to New York inwhich, by coincidence, is the year Jerry moved into his apartment across the hall from Kramer.

She started dating Jerry later that year. Elaine's religious beliefs are never confirmed, and she appears to have no interest in religion. She expresses shock when Puddy is revealed as a devout Christian. She views saying " God bless you " as a "silly superstition" in " The Good Samaritan ". On the other hand, she's seen making the sign of the cross before entering Jerry's apartment to retrieve a manuscript while it's being fumigated in " The Doodle ", and crosses herself again in "The Betrayal" after turning her back on a Hindu altar.

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This might suggest that Elaine was raised Catholic. In multiple episodes, including " The Strong Box " and " The Wizard ", she can be seen wearing a crucifix. Jerry responds to Elaine that Donna is "like you". However, Elaine is confirmed to be a gentile in " The Postponement ", when she talked to a rabbi about not being herself after finding out George got engaged before her.

She tells him she's not of his Jewish faith. Elaine also states that she's not Jewish in " The Fatigues. Her ethnicity is incorrectly assumed to be Hispanic in " The Wizard ".