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Jumba and Pleakley live together in a shared room, but sleep on bunk . the consistent characterization of Jumba and Pleakley's relationship. Related quizzes can be found here: Lilo & Stitch. . doctor but I know that there's no better cure for a sour face than a couple of boards and some choice waves. . How many eyes do Jumba and Pleakley have combined in "Lilo & Stitch"?. And finally, we have the most obviously gay couple in Disney history: Jumba and Pleakley. In a way, Disney used the fact that these two were.

In only one episode are they shown to have shared a bed Season 1, Episode 8when on vacation in a shared room with Lilo and Stitch. Pleakley does things like bringing Jumba his favorite meal when he is having a bad day Season 1, Episode 19but in this same episode Jumba threatens Pleakley if he tells Lilo or Stitch that he has created a new evil experiment. Jumba takes pride in being an evil genius and, particularly at the start of the series, this can cause tension in his friendship with Pleakley.

Jumba and Pleakley- In the first film they are forced together, and share a mutual dislike, bound together by circumstance. Their overarching character development though the franchise is about their friendship, and building of an ohana together. In Season 1, Episode 14 we are introduced to Pleakley's family. Lilo is woken up by Pleakley's phone going off in the middle of the night. Jumba explains that it is Pleakley's mother calling to try and pressure her son to find a wife.

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Like a lady to marry? There will be no wife. But it is exchanges like this which are very interesting. Pleakley's emphasis on not wanting to marry a lady, and specifying the gender neutral "relationship" does give nods to a queer reading of this episode.

This episode makes it clear that Pleakley's family wants him to always present male, and marry a woman. He doesn't want to. Pleakley lies to his mother about already being engaged, and so his whole family shows up.

He and Nani have a short lived fake engagement for his families sake, but when Nani finds out that their marriage will be legal, and that their vows would be eternal and galactically binding she bows out. Jumba takes her place, dressed as a woman. The marriage ceremony is interrupted just before they are pronounced man and wife.

Instead of being glad that he was saved from a legally binding marriage, Jumba yells, "You are interrupting climax of earth ceremony.

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All of the cousins have been found, and in reward the Galactic Council gives Jumba back the key to his evil lab, and Pleakley is granted a position at a galactic community collage as a professor in Earth research. Lilo realizes that it would be selfish to ask her friends to continue to live with her family, and so she encourages them to pursue their dreams.

So, Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch all leave earth. Back at his evil lab, Jumba creates an exploding saliva solution, and excitedly calls out to Pleakley to show him, only to remember that Pleakley isn't there. A sad a montage of all the characters being lonely follows. Later it cuts to Pleakley in his new office. He has two things on this desk, a framed photo of Jumba, and an earth rock that Lilo gifted him.

Pleakley calls Jumba, bursting out with how much he misses him, and how he wants to see him. Jumba is pleased that Pleakley called, but doesn't want to continue the conversation because the evil Hamsterviel is in his lab.

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We then get this exchange: Never wanting seeing you again. What I mean when I said: I miss you so much, can I visit? I don't miss you at all, and I never ever wanna see you ever again, either. Jumba is equally upset that Hamsterviel forced him to hurt Pleakley. After apparently crying it out, the next thing Pleakley does is to fly to Jumba's lab.

Unfortunately he shows up mid epic battle between Stitch and the baddies which results in all the good guys being captured. Pleakley explains to Jumba that he just wanted to make up. To which Jumba affectionately replies, "Next time send flowers.

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As I mentioned in part 1there is no way to guarantee what the intent was by the creators behind all the elements of the franchise. Still, it seems unlikely that the consistent characterization of Jumba and Pleakley's relationship could have been written so carefully with no one involved realizing the possibility of a gay reading particularly since so many jokes seem to rely on this second reading of the characters.

Part way through the series it was tied back as a sequel to the American show, with the character of Lilo showing up. The show has been dubbed in English, but only the first five episodes aired in the United States. Smee is also highly invested in convincing everyone around him of how awesome Captain Hook is. Prince Eric is a young, handsome man in the prime of his life, but no one can convince him to get married.

Prince Eric was waiting to find true love. Eventually, he has to be cursed before he falls in love with a woman. But I call shenanigans on that. First of all, Shang Li sings a whole song about making a man out of his soldiers, which if you really think about it, is a pretty gay song.

Shang Li starts to favor Mulan, who he thinks is a man named Ping, over the other soldiers long before he knows that Ping is actually Mulan.

Or a pair of lesbians living with their lifelong bachelorette friend. I like to believe these three are all in a poly lesbian relationship. These three ladies abandon their entire lives and their magic in order to adopt and raise a young child.

Cogsworth and Lumiere are together for most of the movie, despite the fact that there are multiple other people in the house. Cogsworth could be getting it with Mrs. Now, Lumiere is portrayed as a womanizer.