Justice and seven of wands relationship

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justice and seven of wands relationship

The Seven of Wands represents a man who defends himself with a If you are in a relationship, the appearance of the Seven of Wands in Thus, when it pairs with Justice, it indicates that you will spend a lot of time fighting. 'Red Flag' relationship warning cards Using Tarot Cards. KW - Thinks with his wand (for a man, of course!) There wasn't any malice behind it, but the Seven of Cups and numerous Pages connected with Justice should. Tarot Readings: Justice and Seven of Wands .. .. Standing up for what's right is the way to handle this. Being realistic under stress, you get where you aim .

The problems of today pale in the future, enough that we can even come to laugh about even the worst things. The more developed as a person you are, the more attractive you are to others. Friends — The Seven of Wands in regards to friendship could suggest a great friendship, likely a best friend.

A slow and steady growth with new people is also possible, be open to new friendships and opportunities.

Justice and Seven of Wands | jingle-bells.info

Doing what you are already doing will benefit you in the future. If there is some conflict in money, perhaps even a legal issue, then you should feel reassured that justice will be served. Health — The Seven of Wands suggests you are taking care of your body, mentally or physically, and it is paying off Well done, if this is the case. It might be a good idea to get out of your comfort zone, and in an extreme way.

Find a fear you have and face it directly. The Seven of Wands in Reverse Sometimes we can keep fighting and fighting and get nowhere.

justice and seven of wands relationship

It is better to live, recover and fight again, than to lose everything simply due to pride. In reverse, the Seven of Wands represents your lack of will to continue with whatever situation in life is concerning you.

Seven of Wands

Sometimes it is best to stop fighting. The Seven of Wands in regards to numerology reminds you to think before you act. Someone might have wronged you recently and you are thinking about how to retaliate.

justice and seven of wands relationship

Give it some time, you need to be sure. You are reaping exactly that which you sewed.

justice and seven of wands relationship

The scales are balanced and the situation has turned out just as it should. If your honest with yourself you will accept this and address the situation or make amends.

The Seven of Wands as Feelings in a Love Reading

The Justice card is compassionate though. Her upright double-edged sword, only one of two in the Tarot the other being the Queen of Swords shows us that she understands the duality in life, that there are two side two sides to the story. Her double-edged sword also reminds us that there are consequences for everything we do in life.

justice and seven of wands relationship

No one can hide the truth. The finger is pointed at you and no one else. She demands to hear your side of the story, your version of the facts. Her one white shoe reminds us that she has pure motives and intentions.

Justice (XI) Upright

She is not here to make your life miserable or to let you off with the crime. Her job is to hear the story from both sides and then make a fair and just decision.

If you plead guilty now and vow to sort yourself out and make amends then all is not lost, but if you deny or attempt to pass the blame onto someone else then the full power of the laws karma will be come into effect.

justice and seven of wands relationship

If you have been working very hard towards a goal then the Justice card will indicate that your hard work is about to pay off. You are exactly where you are meant to be at the moment and everything is in Divine Order.