Kaneki and touka relationship marketing

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kaneki and touka relationship marketing

Read Babysitting from the story Kaneki x Touka [Touken] One Shots by DreamerFae (Touken Hell) with reads. kaneki, touken, "Stay here, mommy's going to the market." + How will the relationship between Touka and Kaneki grow?. Touka asked the most awkward question to Kaneki, if he was still a Well, asking that question definitely on a different level of relationship that. image touka and kaneki s conversation png tokyo ghoul wiki rh Touka Kirishima And Kaneki Ken Relationship, Ken Kaneki And Touka Son.

She noted that at the time, he looked at her with the same gaze he looked at Rize with in the past. Nonetheless, Touka believed it was best for Sasaki to not remember who he was, but she agreed that if his memories returned, he was welcome in: He originally planned to die at the hands of Arima, however he was brought to tears once again when she told him she would see him later, a cruel act in his mind.

After the Cochlea raid, Kaneki initially reverted back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her. After a month, they finally conversed in a friendly manner in: After Goat was formed, he repeatedly excluded her from combat and operations of the organization, much to her disappointment and confusion.

kaneki and touka relationship marketing

Following the Clown Siege, during another private talk, she asked about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort. Together, they discovered their fears of losing the other were mutual.

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And in the conversation she mentioned the look he gave her as Sasaki, a look that embarrassed Kaneki but one that Touka admitted made her happy, indicating her romantic feelings for him. Afterward, he acknowledged her by asking her to go with him to a Goat meeting.

kaneki and touka relationship marketing

Successfully escaping an ambush, Kaneki and Touka took shelter in an abandoned building and consummated their relationship after a kiss, officially becoming lovers. As a memento of her, he received her parent's ring, one that served as a source of strength for her during difficult times.


Following its destruction she joins the newly formed organization Goatthus relocating to the 24th ward along with its other members. Contents [ show ] Appearance Touka is a slender teenage girl noted for being very attractive. She has black purple in the anime hair cut into a bob and long bangs that reach her chin, covering the right side of her face.

She appears to be a cute, normal girl that one would not suspect to be a ghoul. Her facial features and hairstyle bear a strong resemblance to her mother and her brother. She wears her waitress or high school uniform for work and school respectively, whereas her casual clothes are tomboyish streetwear. Her waitress uniform consists of a white shirt rolled up to her elbows, a black vest, a red tie, and a black skirt down to her lower thighs.

On top of that skirt, she also wears a brown skirt that reaches her upper thighs.

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She also wears tight red leggings. As "Rabbit", she wears a long coat jacket, rabbit maskand a blonde, or sometimes a pink, wig to conceal her identity. After the Aogiri arc, her hair reaches shoulder length, but her signature bangs remain the same.

As a child she wore dresses, and bunny hair-clip on the left side of her bangs, and her hairstyle was much the same.

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However, her bangs at first were brushed to the side revealing her whole face. After the timeskip, Touka grew into a beautiful woman.

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Many characters including Kaneki have been left speechless by her attractive appearance.