Kanji and naoto relationship poems

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kanji and naoto relationship poems

If you remove the Social Link system, the characters in Persona 4 feel as . We don't see Kanji and Naoto discuss their common insecurities. A romance encounter between Naoto Shirogane and Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4, EXPLICIT AND SPOILERS!. Post-game, Naoto intends the new year to be a clean sweep; Kanji disagrees. Persona Series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 4 The poem is mine, all rights reserved.

A girl really did that? You happen to know someone like that, but It's made funnier by the voice of the announcer of all these questions, which can only be described as a male version of GLaDOS. Teddie runs his own group date halfway through the Labyrinth and tells everyone to draw a question out of the hat.

If you're playing as Yu, you get "What kind of cosplay are you into? You can answer " clothes are unimportant ", and Mitsuru will agree because it's what's on the inside that counts.

In the P3 route, the P3 guys hold a group date event of their own. Junpei's only able to convince Akihiko to join be reminding him of his "loss" in Operation Babe Hunt and igniting his competitive spirit.

Eventually they get everyone to play the "category game", the topic being "things you put in curry". Shinjiro says he has it in the bag And whoever messes up first has to read one of Marie's poems aloud. Akihiko shocks everyone by saying something that isn't protein which is immidiately pointed outand depending on your choice either Chie, Yukiko or Naoto has to read the poem.

At one point, if you choose "Tell me your measurement" Mitsuru threatens to execute the person who wrote it. Rei confusing as always her wedding as an all-out feast, and freaks out that she can't use the chopsticks when her hand is stuck. She doesn't even know it's her wedding to the protagonist until she gets to the doors. Then Zen barges in When your destined partner is selected, they and the protagonist are dropped down a hole mid-conversation. Usually they just scream, but Aigis gives an extremely deadpan "Ah".

Elizabeth on the other hand gives the incredibly comical "Going doooown. Heck, the fact that you can even get one of the Velvet Room residents as your destined partner is hilarious just for their reactions. Especially the way that Elizabeth enthusiastically hams her way through the entire thing when she's paired with the Persona 3 protaganist. Putting the Persona 4 protagonist with Margaret is also great, as she refers to it as "a scandal" and makes some terrible puns about it.

Even better is that when the wedding is actually about to commence, then your party members come rushing in after either Fuuka or Rise express shock that you really are proceeding with the wedding Probably For the Lulz. Then you meet the actual boss of the dungeon, a ridiculously hammyfour-armed priest who either speaks in a heavy southern accent English dub or Gratuitous English Japanese dub. It's almost surreal how ridiculous it is.

Do you think I'm a girl?! I'll expose myself if I have to! Junpei's solution if he is chosen. Go along with the wedding and then have an immediate divorce so he can remarry with Chidori. There's also a decent amount of fun to be had if the player's chosen partner happens to be from the opposite team, allowing for a lot more casual shenanigans.

The Merciful Clergyman is a deadly opponent to be sure, but the sheer amount of ham in his lines makes him a little bit difficult to take seriously at times, all with an incredibly overdone 'backwater evangelist' southern accent.

Persona 4 Golden - Naoto Social Link MAX *Lovers Path* (Voiced)

And then during the battle one of his hit sound effects is a deadpan "Ow. Ken complains to Mitsuru of the two of them abusing their authority, only for the Kirijo heiress to tell him the same thing, because she's too afraid of the haunted atmosphere to take the lead. Throughout the dungeon, expect to see Chie, Yukari and Rei cringing or screaming in fear, Naoto and Mitsuru blatantly deny that they are not afraid of ghosts and Yukiko having the time of her life.

Junpei trying to scare Yukari, with Aigis pitching in. That has to be your imagina— Aigis: Much of the banter between Yosuke and Kanji, for that matter. Also all the girls being scared when walking in the dungeon. When you get scared, just imagine all the Shadows in their underwear!

I did it before I went to give those gang members a beatdown! That's for stage fright, and Shadows don't wear clothes! And why're you fighting gangs!? While Kanji is talking about Ken, Yukiko chips in, gives him some words of advice and tells him to confess his feelings Clearly, she misunderstood the topic. The P4 Hero can make things funnier by telling him to go for it. Kanji's reaction is priceless but he calms down quickly.

At one point, Yukiko tried to console Chie by reciting a school ghost story, because it'd be less scary than a hospital ghost story, which they happen to be walking around in. This also put Rei into a mini Heroic BSoDreciting "I hear nothing over and over", and somehow started a robotic speech pattern competition with Aigis During one of the Strolls following the first visit to the dungeon, Chie asks Akihiko to be her master after she is able to understand his choice of words.

Also serve as a Call-Forward to their relationship in Persona 4: Yukiko trolls SEES by informing them that there are flying cars in the future, and when SEES express disbelief, Naoto of all people backs her up, but refuses to divulge further information due to time paradoxes.

After SEES save the protagonist have wandered off, Naoto reveals that while they're certainly not out of the prototype stage, flying cars have been invented, so technically she didn't lie about that. The icing on the cake?

It was the Kirijo Group who invented the cars, meaning that Mitsuru herself might have been involved! You come across a broken switchboard that would be really useful if you could repair it.

You have two options: Ask Fuuka or Ask Kanji. Asking Kanji just results in him saying he's probably not the best person to ask and proceeding to Fuuka's version, meaning you're really only given the option for the sheer hilarity of it.

The gang decides to cheer Rei up by giving her cookies made by Shinjiro and Yukiko. Shinjiro making good Koromaru-shaped cookies is hilarious in itself, but Yukiko's cookies unsurprisingly come out Rei eats one anyway, and insists that Zen another. They both pass out, and Zen even passes out on his feet.

Bare in mind that Rei is a ghost and Zen is a Physical God. The P4 group officially declares Mystery Food X as a delayed-action hallucinogenic, with Mitsuru wanting to use it in combat.

Yukiko insists that they're "bear-shaped cocoa cookies", prompting a knee-slapping response from the literal bear of the group. I was being held down while sand was poured into my mouth The one that only plays for the FOE events in this dungeon. In the stroll following this scene, the P4 Hero offers Yukari some of Yukiko's cookies.

She realizes this before she took a bite. Yosuke then talks about how terrible Chie and Rise are terrible in cooking too. Shinjiro was shocked to find out that there are three girls who cooked as bad as Fuuka. Upon finding out another girl who is capable of cooking Mystery Food X, the male members of Investigation Team begin to lose hope of trying a woman's cooking until they find out that Yukari is capable of cooking. Too bad for she is not cooking for them.

During the P4 side, Yosuke has a Potty Emergency during the 3rd floor of the 3rd labyrinth, but thankfully for him a restroom is nearby.

While everyone else is waiting outside, an FOE approaches them, causing Chie to panic and everyone rushing into the men's room to hide in the various stalls. And which stall you choose will determine what funny event you'll see besides Yukiko's, which just has her trying to comfort Rei and Chie: Yosuke will have him confused at what's going here, with Mitsuru insisting she's not scared and that you should be comforting Ken.

Aigis's has Yukari and Naoto holding onto you arms, making you blush madly. Choosing the P3 Hero and Koromaru's will have you stuck with Teddie taking up most of the space I'm in fluffy heaven!

I can feel Kanji's breath You should leave them alone. Choosing Junpei's is probably the best one, since there were no more stalls and the only one that's left is the supply closest. This leaves you two in very awkward positions with Akihiko and Shinjiro. If you're playing the P4 side, there's a part where the P3 Hero comments that he might have to use his right eye which is usually covered by his hair.

It then turns out that Yosuke thought that his hidden eye had magical powers, which is why he covered it up. Hilariously enough, your two options for responding to Yosuke and the P3 Hero on this topic involve agreeing with Yosuke And if you're playing as the P3 Hero, then before you start the fight with Margaret, you'll get the option to say "Time for the power of my right eye! So that's why you've kept it hidden all this time! She reasons that if it's scary because it's dark and empty, then logically she should pretend it's filled with people.

Unfortunately, Zen doesn't do a very good job of wording it. Rei, there are people in the darkness. You can't see them, but they are there, gazing at you. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsightalbeit in a very dark waylater on, when you have to guide Rei through a dark room full of doll F. During a Stroll, Akihiko suggests that Yukari watch horror movies to overcome her fear of ghosts. The latter retorts by telling him that since he is weak to ice attacks, he should keep receiving ice attacks until he builds up resistance to them and threatens to call Mitsuru.

Akihiko is so afraid that he is at loss for words. Inaba Pride Exhibit Akihiko and Shinjiro get into another competition, this time a heat endurance match near a fire with their clothes on. Eventually the two become so dizzy, they begin spouting nonsense. There's an ocean on fire! Waves from a sea of protein crashing against a white beach of protein The party confronting one of the muscled FOEs. He wipes the floor with them in one move by flexing.

In what supposed to be a brotherly moment between Kanji and Ken, the latter reveals that he sees Kanji more of a father instead of a brother. Cue the two Magician Arcana party members making fun of him.

You're obviously been tampering with your official papers. Every male in the team freaks out and start to run away, and if you run with them you can see how they end up using Kanji as a sacrifice.

Persona 4 Golden Social Link Script for PlayStation Vita by LiquefyDCZ - GameFAQs

Meanwhile, the girls are crafting what Naoto calls a "brutally lethal" weapon for Zen which knocks out the F. If you run down the right path with the girls, you can find out the chemical weapon used to kill it: Even better, you can have the protagonist suggest it be more brutal by mixing all of them together. The result is Mystery Food X: Final Edition, a horrifying abomination that actually manifests as a dark glowing ball of hate. Needless to say Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Fuuka are nonplussed.

Naoto has brief second thoughts about it because she thinks it's too cruel for even a F. Even Rei wants nothing to do with it. Better still, it never respawns. The final part that makes it funny: There's even Fuuka angrily stating they don't get to use that trick again to a very confused Shinjiro. A Stroll following Mystery Food X: The four girls instead give her the cold shoulder and walk away even Fuuka. Mitsuru is shocked and confused at what just happened and is at loss for words, mostly because she's not usually on the receiving end of a cold shoulder.

All the Social Links did was add secondary depth to these guys from Yukari being distrustful of people to Ken being insecure about growing up to Akihiko being scared of letting go of the loss of his sister. And I will say it again. October 4th was the moment I realized how much I gave a shit.

October 4th made me realize how much I loved the characters, and how much they will suffer through before they can earn their happy ending Persona 3 broke me. So of course it set a high bar that other games might not ever reach. But even Persona 2 Innocent Sin made me care about the characters, and the Social Link system doesn't even exist!

Instead of making each character conflict arise in a variety of memorable ways, everyone's problems are put on display on TV in an identical fashion, and the aftermath of their issues are resolved one-on-one with Yu. There are no interpersonal relationships seen with the others that grow beyond the humorous bits. We don't see how Yukiko and Chie help each other grow by talking out their problems. We don't see Kanji and Yosuke trying to get past the "Are you sure you're not gay?

We don't see how Rise and Naoto would interact if they were alone in a room together. We don't see Kanji and Naoto discuss their common insecurities. We don't see ideological arguments arise and reach a conclusion of admiration or understanding. Rather than having everyone work out their problems together in conjunction with the overarching story, we get slapstick, cliche slice-of-life humor within the group and actual character growth in isolation with Yu.

When everyone's together, it just feels like a bunch of high school kinds in a club with only one minor thing in common. It works better than most fiction involving high school drama, but this isn't a dynamic cast with complicated relationships.

It's at least two steps backwards from Persona 3, and one from Persona 2. The worst part is that several of these characters have so much potential to be more than what they are. There could have been so many interesting relationships that evolve over time. Forming a stronger sense of understanding beyond having the ability to summon a Persona would greatly progress interactions beyond a one-note joke that doesn't change from scene to scene. This is why I cannot emotionally attach myself to most of Yu's teammates.

If anything, I see a stronger relationship web within the Dojima household, and that's only because Yu, his uncle, and Nanako are constantly interacting with each other and becoming a family together. The character development occurs both in Social Links and the main plot, and they tie together so beautifully, I sometimes forget which scene was part of the plot or part of the Social Link.

kanji and naoto relationship poems

Dojima and Nanako fix their strained relationship as well as love Yu like a son and big brother respectively. If the game handled the other characters like this, I might not be badmouthing it so much. The Investigation Team Welp, I can't just whine forever. I should just get straight to the point of this post.

Unlike the ten-person team before, Persona 4 has a group of eight. The roster may be smaller, but from a gameplay perspective, the abilities and affinities are more scattered about, meaning nearly every character has mixed bag of skills. This may mean no one is an obvious expert in one field, but it creates a far more flexible set overall, like in case you accidentally bring two great healers or physical attacks gurus. At most, some characters are just slightly better options than others if you look at what skills they share with others.

So without further adieu, let's start with the Magician. Yosuke Hanamura is pretty similar to Junpei Iori in personality and archetype only. It's best if he sticks predominatly with spells that eat up SP, such as the magic attacks and status effects I described. When it comes to melee attacks, he's alright. I only used him in the beginning of the game, but he's still reliable most of the time.

He's more or less a jack-of-all-stats, so he doesn't shine all that much at anything. However, no one else on the investigation team has garu spells, and his agility and luck are pretty decent. His weakness to electricity is not a great crutch to his ability to survive, and he's a good partner to have around.

A pair of kunai knives are his weapon of choice, and in combat he wears his headphones over his ears, making him look pretty chill and relaxed when in the heat of battle.

kanji and naoto relationship poems

As reliable as he can be, I wouldn't recommend him for too many boss fights since a few of his spells won't be utilized. I can't stand him.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth / Funny - TV Tropes

Ignoring the tension he has with Kanji which that along with his "I swear I'm not gay! He may be a city boy trapped in the boonies, a feeling I can relate with, but he's too awkward and forced in his attempts to be cool, it physically hurts.

Watching a Will Ferrel movie has more charm, heart, and humor than this loser. Persona 3's Junpei had similar problems, but he was toned down due to not being the self-appointed second-hand man of the group. Plus, his storyarc with Chidori helped him mature into a friendlier, more reliable friend. Both characters are attention-seekers, but Junpei comes off as personable and goofy while Yosuke is arrogant and whiny.

Some people defend him by arguing he's like this because he's bored with life and wants to make things less monotonous and boring. I can buy that; I can relate. I prefer having the convenience and diversity of the city over the emptiness and homogeny of the small town. At the same time, Yosuke comes off as abrasive and never apologizes for it, which is far worse than just being blunt.

Add on his status as a butt monkey with everything bad happening to him, I just can't bring myself to think of him as anything but a sitcom character who thinks he's hot shit because he's the game's narrator. He is the purest definition of The Scrappy. His presence was so prevalent, I got sick of him by the two hour mark.

Why'd you have to call me that?! You don't have to be so rude about it! I sympathized with his feelings for Saki Konishi; I preferred his diminished presence in the anime; I enjoyed his interactions with Labrys in Persona 4 Arena; and I liked the alternate interpretation of him in his own manga.

However, in Persona 4 the video game, I am so sorry, but he's just an unlikable bitch. That last word is the last thing I thought to use to describe someone voiced by Yuri "Background Punching Bag" Lowenthal. Let's try someone else. Chie Satonaka is a tomboy through and through, relying on her powerful legs to kick Shadows into oblivion.

Considering her obsession of martial arts, it makes sense that her abilities focus heavily on physical attacks. However, both her HP and SP are pretty limited, which means you should bounce back and forth between the two kinds of attacks to make the most use out of Chie and her Persona 1.

Because of this, she can easily get tossed aside once Kanji and Teddie arrive. They each obtain better physical and ice skills respectively at a much quicker rate than Chie, and their stats emphasize having more specialization in their fields.

Basically, for a good chunk of the game, she can be shelved easily if you don't want to invest in her further.

Your favourite S-Link(s)?

Being of the Chariot Arcana, Chie feels loyal and protective of her best friend Yukiko, often to the point of feeling jealous. She comes off so much like a tomboy that she's upset that people don't see her as a girl, especially when Yukiko's beloved by many because of her beauty and status as future-manager of her family's inn.

It's a good set-up that doesn't come to light often enough due to how the story is presented.

kanji and naoto relationship poems

In spite of that, Chie was still fairly enjoyable. She's spunky, hot-tempered, and she beats up Yosuke exactly when I want her to. The relationship was simple and sweet with her wanting them to be a battle couple. Though I didn't bring her along much after Naoto joins in, I held onto her in the party a lot longer than Yukiko and Yosuke.

She was my favorite of the first three teammates you recruit, both due to the challenge of carefully planning her attacks and her personality. She was funny, blunt, and seemed rather quick to understanding the case despite her not being the sharpest tool in the shed academically. Seriously, she was one of the few characters to ever bring up decent theories about who the killer was and how he managed to get away with it. I like the maturity in Rooney's voice, but I think Fitzgerald held a more consistent performance.

She's somewhat screechy and unlistenable near the beginning of the game, but she quickly gets better after the first several hours out of dozens you'll spend playing.

Not my favorite character or Social Link, but I found Chie a better source of comic relief than Yosuke.

And she cannot cook to save her life. Neither can her best friend. Yukiko Amagi, voiced by Amanda Winn Lee, likes to dodge, burn, and depress things Her melee weapon is a fan, which she flings at enemies like a frisbee. She is the best healer in the game and the only one to learn Salvation, which heals all HP and status ailments. You better not mess with this chick and Konohana Sakuya.

kanji and naoto relationship poems

In spite of this, I rarely used her after recruiting Rise and once Teddie becomes a front-line combatant. While I can look at Yosuke and want to punch him, I look at Yukiko and shrug. I can't explain why, but I just don't have any feelings toward her. She's very intelligent and polite for a high schooler, but she's very air headed. Boys constantly ask her out, she declines, then wonders why they were trying to talk to her in the first place. Book smart but socially dumb, I suppose.

No big deal, it happens to the best of us. Anyway, her family runs the historic Amagi Inn, and she's conflicted about inheriting it when she comes of age. For a while she feels trapped, but she comes to accept her future because she realizes how much she really cares for her family.

I can see Yukiko as a graceful and refined young woman of the Priestess Arcana with an impressive capability in combat, but I didn't fall in love with her.

It has nothing to do with her quirky laughter, which I happened to find endearing at points, but I feel there's little else to her. I can't say there was a moment or scene when I really liked her. At least with Chie, I can remember the times she stood up to bullies or spoke up, but Yukiko is very subdued and passive because of her formalities, not because of her sex. I respect your honesty. A few people on GameFAQs once mentioned that there were rumors of her being a suspect of the murders back during the game's development.

Supposedly Yukiko seemed "off" and a decent bit of the plot highlights the coincidence that some of the victims were tied to the Amagi Inn. It's an interesting theory, if only because Yukiko sometimes had a fairly My gut told me she might have had a darker sense of humor or way of thinking that the game never highlighted on, but it was never explained or touched upon.

Though her having Mudo in her arsenal might be it, I dunno. To lighten the mood, it's time for some squeeing. Allow me to indulge in my comparisons again. Take-Mikazuchi is an Emperor Persona and Kanji is the delinquent with a rough exterior hiding his adorable mushy heart.

And he's a badass. If that does not scream the best combination in Fangirl's delusional world, then what else could? Once he joined the gang, Kanji never left my party. Like Shinjiro, sometimes he can become a glass cannon if you overtax him with using physical abilities that eat at HP. At least he can still wreck some havoc with budgeoning shields or folding chairs, haha! Magic is alright, even if he can't cast zio as much as Yukiko can cast agi.

Kanji can raise your team's attack stats when he levels up considerably, and his Social Link progression can unlock Regeneration and Masukunda lower enemy evasion rate to help him out. Pretty useful as attack or support, depending on what skills you want him to keep.

Character-wise, Kanji has the most interesting and memorable premise in the group with the best execution. Many gamers talked about it to death, and even Extra Creditz applauded Atlus for creating a character like Kanji with the care they had. It might not be perfect, but this was a great attempt at tackling a male character with some issues regarding the nature of masculinity and sexuality.

  • Confronting Shadows

I don't want to say too much about this topic because I'm no expert and the game mostly illustrates Kanji's insecurity of being accepted by others because of his love of sewing. The whole argument about his sexuality mainly comes up because of how his Shadow is presented and because Yosuke is a stubborn, fire-staring drama queen. But if I have to stand on that soapbox, I don't care. Sure, the English version of Persona 4 made his sexuality more open-ended and subtle 2but I think he's more drawn to certain kinds of people.

People who are independent, assertive, confident in who they are and what they do. He's clearly attracted to Naoto, before and after the reveal of her sex, and they seem like kindred spirits as they both struggle with gender roles and how society views them.

I like that this part of Kanji's character is left open, because the story focuses more on what really matters: Yeah, it'll be awkward trying to communicate this to a ginormous portion of the world that still thinks that heterosexuality is all that exists and that single-target sexuality or homosexuality is a myth and bisexuality kinkybut being happy with yourself and embracing your talents are important.

He likes cute things, he bickers with Teddie amusingly, he greatly looks up to Yu, and he's just a cool, straightforward guy to have around. He might be slower than Chie, but he knows how to snap everyone out of a funk. Kanji focuses on the big picture and, in his hot-tempered way, keeps everyone focused and motivated. If anything, I would've liked the option to make him Yu's second in command instead of Yosuke.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Overall, Kanji is my favorite character. He's got a big heart for his mother, who he took down a whole biker gang for because they kept her up at night. Say anything bad about his loved ones, especially Naoto or Yu, and he'll immediately and loudly defend them. He's got such a big heart, I can't say too many bad things about him.

Now time for me to apologize to Aigis once more. I don't like Rise Kujikawa. From the moment she first appears, I didn't like her. Not even the power and charisma of Laura Bailey, who voiced many characters I like in anime and video games, could salvage any likability to present to me.

She feels so much like a one-note character as Yu's waifu-in-waiting AND a pop singer that I just couldn't stomach her. Basically, Rise is Io from the Devil Survivor 2 anime without that one ruined moment of potential awesome. So, I'm sorry, Aigis.