Kara and lee relationship advice

kara and lee relationship advice

It was recently brought to Mark Consuelos's attention that he snores—"this is a new development," he tells jingle-bells.info Should the same. These seven questions can detonate your relationship. a Woman—Uncover the Most Useful Relationship and Sex Advice in the World. 1. Dating couples need a game plan: a set of ideas, attitudes and actions For advice on this, I checked in with Dr. Jessica McCleese of the Krist.

It's especially true if you feel something for him too, then he is most likely in love with you if you've known him for a while. Just because he's not chasing you in the way YOU may want, well, that's your own issue, not his. Here's a novel idea: Talk directly to him.

Giving him "hints" is a waste of yours and his time as he will not understand. Directness works with guys. Hey you want us to understand you? Well it cuts both ways. Easter Lily October 19th, I had to give you green for this Especially the note at the end Honestly, I'm glad I'm married D Actually because I'm married I can tell you that your "novel idea" is the idea to end all ideas D People often suggest that Lee has "male blindness" but I think Kara is the dense one in this relationship.

D Hey, I was once married as well. They say experience comes from winning. Experience is gained when you lose OBTW, what does it mean when you said, I had to give you green for this? Actually because I'm married I can tell you that your "novel idea" is the idea to end all ideas D You'd be surprised how many women, married or otherwise forget that and how often.

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People often suggest that Lee has "male blindness" but I think Kara is the dense one in this relationship. Leobon in the episode "Flesh and Bone" pegged her to a tee. Can't speak from the other perspective but winning in general doesn't always mean winning in specifics And winning the war often comes from losing battles here and there It's not about winning or losing IMO New to GW, eh?

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It's our reward system, if you like Check your control panel You get greens when people like what you say. You'd be surprised how many women, married or otherwise forget that and how often.

Lee has his share but Kara takes the cake. Human beings are dense and BSG sometimes nails that down brilliantly Liebestraume October 19th, Thinks of Kara as pilot first, friend second, maybe potential lover a distant third.

Any issues with Zak's death are manifestation of unresolved issues with his father. Didn't Apollo say he loved her in "Home, Part 1" and all she did was make things difficult for him?. Is it possible that she actually made things easier for him because she instinctively knew he wouldn't know how to handle it, either, so she made light of things? Lives in the moment too often without thinking of the consequences.

Has good instincts, at least some of the times. Doesn't know when to let go of anger or bad feelings.

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Very direct when she feels anger or bad feelings -- seems she took your advice to all women by heart there: Wants to be chased but doesn't know that Apollo has been chasing her in the only way he knows yes he needs to lighten up but she needs to realize a few things. Wants to be loved but doesn't know she already is loved. Note to all men: If a gal is very nice and friendly to you while the both of you have all your clothes on and are not in any place where sex could happen anytime soon, please do not presume she is interested in you romantically.

That you may feel something for her does not make her automatically reciprocate your feelings. Just because she is treating you in a manner YOU would chase any gal, well, that's your own issue, not hers. Yes, it cuts both ways.

kara and lee relationship advice

Since I like them both so much and since I'm bored out of my mind: Rove would be proud of that spin! D Are you or do you work in PR or as a media consultant? More spin on Lee: Stuffy and set in his ways. Would rather look in and be mad then take matters into his own hands and make them his.

Blames everything on everyone as he can't handle that do do happens. Clueless on how to handle things for his own happiness. More spin on Kara: Like when she's awake. Gets scared when real emotions come her way because she thinks she doesn't deserve them. Has a serious case of victim syndrome that she hides. But never knows when to follow them or which is her instincts and which is her own defeatist personality coming out. D No, not really. Get mad and get over it.

Yeah, you can remember the lessons and speak about them, but drop the specifics. No guy remembers what you did that mad him mad this morning. He'll be clueless what he did to you "four weeks ago last Wednesday at 4: Unable to see past her own nose. She and Lee really derserve each other. Notice to all women: If a guy wants to "take the relationship to a different level", break off all contact with him.

If you tell him, "Oh, I want to be friends", finish him off with a bullet. You've already ripped out his heart. But if you have been trying and she keeps on going after other guys, you're just a crutch. Most likely she'll be going after all the wrong guys because she'll have you to "fall back on" for emotional support.

If you like her, alot, and she seems to be bound and determine to date guys that are "fun and exciting" butr ultimately make her cry, drop her like last week's garbage. She'll never be able to see that she's dating lusers and abusers as long as you're there to pick up the pieces. Lynn October 20th, Like Batman, I think a team of forensic psychiatrists could make a lifelong study analyzing the crew of Galactica and the fleet. But as to Lee and the "wonderful and insightful choices": I hope I'm not even close to being as screwed up as Lee so I don't have the same frame of reference he has.

If I were to make a guess, Lee wasn't always this way. I think that you can forget about Zak's death. Lee hasn't been right since his mom and dad got divorced. I'm sure he "soldeired on" well but he began to lose faith. It is only recently that he realized just how much his dad really cared for him.

kara and lee relationship advice

Lee is screwed up too, but I think it is his past that has caught up with him. I think the reason why he was so angry at Starbuck for sleeping with Baltar is he did the same thing. Nothing like seeing in others what you hated in yourself. Also, as Starbuck had a fling with Baltar, seemed to have had real feelings for the Pyramid player in "Resistance" and her other actions, perhaps Lee is just going to find someone who wants to be with him and will admit it to him.

I don't think it is too late for Starbuck, yet, but if he finds someone who wants to be with him and tells him so, he will stay with them.

His "honor" and his "sense of duty" will keep him with that woman. Even if Starbuck comes to heer senses and lets Lee know how she really feels, it will be way too late. But then again, what do I know. For all anyone knows the writers are going to start a love triangle between Lee, the Cheif and Helo.

Liebestraume October 20th, D but, alas, nope. Even more spin on Lee: Unafraid to use his intellect. Concerned with chain of command and the well-being of a friend. Blames himself the hardest so he can learn from the past. Places the safety and the happiness of others before his own. And more spin on Kara: Knows her friend well enough to understand he can't handle that at this time.

Knows when to follow her instincts. Like when she is flying. Yep, he'll be clueless; so she'll just punch his lights out and then get over it -- can't get more direct than that. D Unable to see past her own nose.

Stands up for her friends. Ah, but "I just want to be friends" is not a capital offense. Sometimes it's even sincere. If you like her, alot, and she seems to be bound and determine to date guys that are "fun and exciting" butr ultimately make her cry, drop her like last week's garbage She'll never be able to see that she's dating lusers and abusers as long as you're there to pick up the pieces. So the fact that you haven't done so probably means you a think "she is worth it," or b lack a better alternative, or c just can't do it.

In any case, that is still your own issue, not hers. D Aaaaaaaand, back on topic From what I could gather from the spoilers, Lee's got some commitment issues. SlytherinGal October 20th, I've always thought it was Liszt Wasn't there a film by that name too? Easter Lily October 21st, He certainly holds firmly to his beliefs but is that necessarily being "stuffy"? Better that than someone who is wishy washy.

I don't always agree with everything he does but it takes a lot of guts to make the choices that he's made. S Aren't we being rather inconsistent here? First he's stuffy and now he's wimpy S I feel we're confusing his personal convictions with his courtship skills. It doesn't mean that just because a man has military or political savvy, he automatically is clued in on the opposite sex.

My impression is that he doesn't even know what how he really feels about Kara They're friends, co-pilots, they make a great combative team but they have all this emotional baggage to bore through before I think romance will be on the cards. Has Lee been "trying"? How has he been "trying" though? What kind of message is he conveying?

kara and lee relationship advice

Is he trying to offer consolation and friendship? Or is he trying to get her to sleep with him? I know all the fanfics seem to suggest that he's madly in love with her but is too caught up with his responsibilities and insecurities to care. My impression, on the other hand, is that he is only gradually discovering his feelings for her.

All his expressions of concern and affection are spontaneous rather than deliberate. As far as she's concerned he could just be trying to be the brother figure. I don't know that he's been picking up the pieces or that she's been dating losers or abusers. Baltar maybe a loser but he's just a one night stand and Anders, while evidently a fling, seems decent enough unless of course he's a cylon.

kara and lee relationship advice

Was Zak and loser and abuser But as for the other men in her life, our information is piecemeal. I have grave doubts that any man can get away with abusing Kara Thrace. We see how they interact We are outsiders looking in.

kara and lee relationship advice

But if we were to look at them from their individual personalities, they are acting according to their own internal logic. I agree Kara is dense for not seeing the obvious goodness that is Lee Adama: I'm not saying that those childhood demons are necessarily a hinderance to her having a relationship with Lee or any man but what they maybe doing is keeping her from seeing that her life can be different from what she's always been accustomed to.

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I am a network guy. I design, install and maintain networks. Head strong and indecisive. Emotionally immature and afraid of his gut feelings. When it suits his current mood swing. Paralyzed himself by dwelling on the past and wallowing in it. Martyrs himself needlessly to be liked.

Back in the present, Alex brings Kara into a training room to teach her how to fight, but Supergirl is a little too high on her superpowers to take instruction. Alex teaches Kara a lesson by essentially kicking the crap out of her. She suggests that Supergirl should start small. Kara tells Winn to meet her in the alley in five minutes. Winn arrives in the alley to find James, resulting in an uncomfortable and adorable confrontation. They decide to listen to Cat and start small. But more than that, Alex has come to apologize to Kara for taking her down in training earlier at the DEO.

Kara insists that she is not a little girl anymore, and expresses that all she wants is for Alex to have faith in her. But the older sister gets a call from the DEO, and leaves without saying anything. The next few scenes happen quickly: Alex and the DEO attempt to bait the Hellgrammite, but their plan backfires when he unleashes a fury of darts.

Meanwhile, James and Kara share another intimate moment in which she decides to go through with the interview. But Kara wants to be part of a team. Meanwhile Alex fends off the Hellgrammite. Astra appears to have the upper hand when Kara has a flashback to her training sessions with Alex earlier in the episode.

Although she recovers, Henshaw arrives on the scene just in time to stab Astra with a knife. She gets scared and flies away through the ceiling. As Alex is nursing back to health, the sisters share a lovely moment together.

Alex gives Kara and all of us closure by finishing the conversation they left off before: