Kazuma and bishamon relationship with god

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kazuma and bishamon relationship with god

But it's also good that Bishamon at least acknowledges Kazuma's feelings? Humans have a very different form of relationships than Gods, one. Read hot and popular stories about #bishamon on Wattpad. any of t kazuma. xreader. noragami. +2 more. How To Forget A God [Yatori Noragami ff] by DefrostedKitten. #9 "I want you to sever your ties with me, don't you understand ?!. Now, Hiyori is the one showing Kazuma how to protect Bishamon. over how this HafuriShinki-God relationship is not only unhealthy, but also.

His motivation to do better as a shinki thanks to her let's him strengthen his loyalty and skills, even far as hiding his feelings to keep him from stinging her. It is implied that he maybe have romantic feelings for her despite Gods and shinki being forbidden from having any relationship other than friendship. Kazuma helping Bishamon win a prize at Cappy Land OVA Yato Kazuma calls Yato his benefactor spoiler alert from when he seeks yato help back when yato was a God of calamity when Bishamon's shinki blights her from being attacked by one of their traitors and getting killed.

Yato kills off the entire ma clan leaving Bishamon to hunt Yato for years and leaving a grudge.


Kazuma hasn't told Bishamon this for the sake of his healthy relationship with her until second season when Bishamon and Yato are fighting to the death. Yukine Kazuma also teaches Yukine some of his skills as they are both shinkis'. Yukine respects Kazuma as a teacher despite Kazuma teasing him during training while Kazuma sees him as a worthy ally and friend.

Unfortunately their relationship soon starts to turn from when Kazuma uses the resound ability, forcing Yukine to confess where the sorcerer is, secretly for Bishamon's safety. Bishamon then finds out and suggests he apologize to Yukine to avoid any conflict. Hiyori He cares for her and does not consider her as an enemy. On episode 6 of season 2, he cared for her safety and was desperate to get her home seeing how her life was in danger from being out of her body too long.

Nora He doesn't like her so much that he doesn't even want to hear her name because she's a little: Like all Shinki, Kazuma has the ability to create a Boundary, though he struggled with it at first.

God's Theories, Chapter 69 Thoughts

Kazuma is exceptionally skilled at tracking people, gods, and their Shinki. This caused some tension between Hiyori and Yukine since Yukine was against the idea of endangering Yato.

kazuma and bishamon relationship with god

And you will have to excuse me for this, but… looking at their faces… what if this is the last time they see Kazuma? And now for a particular panel that many have mentioned: This actually relates to a question I have had for a while: I was actually thinking of the way prayers work in Supernatural: So how do wishes work in Noragami?

light the way, yukine!

Other than that, hooray! Hiyori should now be safe! Why did Kazuma sting Bishamon? Probably the biggest question to come out of this chapter. Every little thing he does is for Bishamon and Bishamon always comes first. If Bishamon dies, she will be reborn, but if Kazuma dies, he will be gone forever. In fact, the lines that concerned me was this: And these are the words and thoughts that have finally broken Kazuma.

Right now, Kazuma is facing two options: This is probably just fuel for an angsty Kazubisha fic, but, who knows? When speculating on this I always hit the same wall: And, once again, this is why Yukine will learn a lot from this situation about what it means to be a good exemplar.

kazuma and bishamon relationship with god