King and maxwell books relationship

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king and maxwell books relationship

Feb 26, TKT: They seem to have quite a sparky relationship, tell us more about I didn't write Split Second [the first King & Maxwell book] as a series. Dec 1, King and Maxwell is the sixth book in a series by David Baldacci featuring the I look forward to their relationship progressing in future books. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Authentic scenario, mystery piled on misdirection, and more . Without saying much about what happens, the continued building of the relationship between the two protagonists is the reason this book is one of the .

Until unmarked military vehicles begin following them after their initial meeting with Tyler.

king and maxwell books relationship

Click here to see the rest of this review As it turns out, Sam Wingo isn't dead. He was just part of a mission that went very wrong.

king and maxwell books relationship

Sam is now on the run from the U. King and Maxwell have continued their investigation and have been detained at least once by mysterious military investigators. Even when Sam Wingo shows up and they offer to help him, they still can't figure out why Wingo was framed and what the end game is for all of the deception.

king and maxwell books relationship

And when King convinces his ex-wife Dana Brown to get some info from her Army General husband, she ends up being shot during a firefight with unidentified gunmen.

It turns out the entire conspiracy, including the theft and a subsequent plan to kill the President was being coordinated by White House employee Alan Grant.

King and Maxwell (book series)

His father committed suicide after resigning in disgrace from his White House decade ago, and the plan was Grant's way to seek revenge on the office of President. He figures out a way to use a satellite to control the limo driving the President and send it into the Potomac River. Maxwell happens to also be inside and she manages to save the President.

Sam Wingos name is restored, but several of Grant's co-conspirators including Dana's husband are identified and arrested.

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci

Best part of story, including ending: But, as one might expect, it's easier said than done. When he arrives at his destination, the recipient wasn't who he expected. Instead, a group of men identifying themselves as CIA operatives told him the plans had changed, and he's to deliver his cargo to them. Despite his orders to destroy it, along with himself and anyone else in the blast radius, Wingo decides he'd like to play it out and live to fight another day.

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But when he contacts his superior to explain the missing cargo and that he's alive, he's suspected of double crossing the government and stealing the truck's contents. Meanwhile, in Northern Virginia, private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell nearly run over Tyler, a teenager running in the road during a rainstorm.

king and maxwell books relationship

The boy was distraught, running from home after learning of the death of his father, a soldier in Afghanistan: But when he receives an email from his father, after the time of his supposed death, he suspects there is more to the story, and hires King and Maxwell to look into it.

But what starts as Michelle's desire to help Tyler, and by extension help heal her own emotional wounds, turns into Sean's desire to solve a case that has the makings of an international incident that could disrupt an entire region and involve the United States President in a potentially unrecoverable scandal.

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I enjoy the relationship of the two protagonists. Sean is older, more experienced and diplomatic, with a career full of contacts throughout Washington; Michelle is youthful, full of energy, bold, sometimes rash, and extremely physically fit. But they work well together, each generally using their strengths towards the mission.