Kisame and itachi relationship with god

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kisame and itachi relationship with god

Ok look back first off, at the scene when kisame and itachi first met may it be for just the good of their team or some personal relationship. Kisame and Itachi get into a relationship ending fight. After being physically hurt by Kisame, Itachi goes to Pein for help. . God, Itachi! What's. Read Chapter 9 FINAL: The First and Last Hit from the story (Itachi X Kisame) " When I Go" by The Uchiha clan won't settle for a homosexual relationship. With his eyes closed he stroked the cock until his semen shot god knows where. +.

His first reaction is to apologize for getting sick, which Kisame only laughs at. One of Kisame's big, blue hands touches his forehead, and Itachi has to refrain from craning his neck into the contact. He squeezes his eyes shut and bites back a whimper.

Kisame's frown deepens, and his fingers reached around to feel for swollen glands in Itachi's throat. When Itachi opens his eyes and sees the expression on his partners face, he has a feeling that he's probably really sick. Try to get back to sleep, ne?

kisame and itachi relationship with god

His first impulse is to panic. He shifts around in the mass of sweat-soaked cloth and trying to ignore the horrible pounding in his head as he looks around through his aching eyes, searching for his partner.

kisame and itachi relationship with god

He manages to sit up after a moment of sheer, heart-wrenching effort, the cloaks sliding away from his shoulders and piling around his hips. Kisame comes through the undergrowth and Itachi almost lets out a sigh of relief.

Itachi Uchiha

Kisame walks around the mess of their campsite — obviously thrown together in haste — and crouches down in front of him, pulling the cloaks up around his shoulders. Kisame touches his forehead again, and his head is cold and this time Itachi does lean into the contact.

It'll at least make you more comfortable until I can find an irou-nin. It tastes like peppermint and burns like alcohol. His chest spasms and shivers wrack his body and he starts to cough again. Loud, wheezy heaves laced with whimpers and the taste of blood.

Kisame rubs his back, holds his hair out of his face. The episode subsides and Itachi collapses against his partner, nearly delirious from the fever. Kisame wraps a tentative arm around his shoulder and shares his body heat with him. Itachi feels his lips moving, a soft mumble that single-handedly betrays his defenses and reveals his loneliness. All at once, the wall is down and everything falls apart. Kisame's voice is gentler than usual, somehow less gruff and crude. Itachi has absolutely no idea what he's saying, but it's the contact and the warmth that matters to him.

He's not entirely clear on the context of the previous night, but when he wakes up, he's still wrapped up in Kisame's warmth and their Akatsuki cloaks. His fever has broken and he's at least partway back to health, or something along those lines. You had me really worried.

After a brief pause, he replies, allowing a sincere, thankful small grace his features, "I will. Kisame's sitting under the protection of the cave they managed to find moments before it began to pour. Surely Sasuke hasn't passed without Itachi knowing, right? Surely, Itachi would know if his brother was truly dead, right? He sits down besides Kisame, his hair and clothes dripping and his eyes stinging relentlessly.

Kisame doesn't look at him, and Itachi thinks back to the time he was delirious with a fever and muttering to his partner. Despite being such a popular and successful group, Akatsuki was largely a mystery to those outside the organisation, with many incorrectly coming to believe they operated out of Kirigakure.

Kisame Hoshigaki

Akatsuki experienced some turmoil amongst its members over the years: Kakuzu regularly killed his partners in fits of rage and stole their hearts for his Earth Grudge Fear ; [4] only being teamed with the immortal Hidan prevented him from continuing to do this.

Orochimaru attempted to steal Itachi Uchiha 's body after the latter joined the organisation, and when that failed he was forced to defect. Despite this, Akatsuki was able to begin working towards capturing the tailed beasts. Nagato's actual objective behind acquiring the tailed beasts was to harness the tailed beasts' chakra to create a powerful kinjutsuusing it to wipe out one side in a conflict and, from the display, frighten the other side and the world at large to stop the fighting.

If and when the fears abated and conflicts renewed, the kinjutsu would be deployed again, creating small periods of peace in an endless chain of hatred. Despite this, Deidara claims that the previous owners of the first two tailed beasts captured by Akatsuki indicated in the anime to have been the Five-Tails and the Seven-Tails were glad to be rid of them. The various members of Nagato's Akatsuki. He never felt as though he had a place or knew who he truly was as he was often ordered to undertake gruesome missions such as killing his own comrades because Fuguki ordered him to protect information above even the lives of his comrades.

This experience caused him to develop a guilt that lasted until just before his death, causing him to believe he was a worthless and terrible person. This would cause him to warn anyone he works with to be wary of him as he may be forced to kill them one day. Later on, he discovered Fuguki, a man who he respected and trusted, was actually selling intel to their village's enemies.

As such, he came to the conclusion that his entire life has been a lie. Because of this, he was somewhat nihilistic, believing himself and Itachi to be destined to die meaninglessly due to their crime of comrade-killing.

It was only with Itachi's advice to the otherwise that Kisame saw, at the end of his life, that he did not die as meaningless as he originally thought he would because he did not waiver from his ideology of protecting information at all costs, even at the cost of his own life.

Kisame had a playful and morbid sense of humour and would often make light of serious situations while sporting a sadistic grin. This trait would even show during his fights as he would often mock his opponents as seen in the cases of Killer B and Guy. Upon hearing of the death of Hidan and Kakuzu, he referred to them as the "Zombie Brothers" in reference to their longevity.

He was also a very appreciative person. When Obito had disguised himself as a useless, incompetent, and clumsy person and having no idea of who he really was at the time, he still enjoyed his upbeat nature as he thought he livened up the mood of Akatsuki's meetings. He also reprimanded Tobi for taking so long to come clean that he was in fact alive after most of the members believed he died from Deidara's C0 suicide attack.

Kisame preparing to commit suicide in order to protect Akatsuki's secrets.

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Other than believing everything he knew was a lie and desiring to see Tobi's "world of truth", Kisame lived strictly to protect valuable information as reflected in killing the Cypher Division to keep their intel from Konoha and executing Fuguki for selling their village's secrets; on a related note, he refused to bond with his team-mates when they were on a mission together. This ideal became his philosophyultimately motivating his assisted suicide when left with no other choice.

kisame and itachi relationship with god

His actions made Yamato have difficulty believing he died so nobly, despite having witnessed his death with his own eyes. Appearance Kisame in his Akatsuki attire. Kisame was a very tall, muscular shinobi, and was the tallest member in Akatsuki.

kisame and itachi relationship with god

He had a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale, green skin in the manga, [13] depicted as blue-grey in the anime.