Korra and mako relationship fanfiction

Mako and Korra Romance Chapter 1, a legend of korra fanfic | FanFiction

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

When Korra, the captain of the cheerleading squad, class president, and has Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Korra, Mako. Korra is the most popular girl in Mako and Bolin's new highschool. What will happen when Mako starts to have feelings for Korra? Will Bolin. Mako looked at Korra and smiled, they had defeated Amon all she had left to do was restore bending. All he had to do was make sure Bolin.

Iroh is a friend too, as well as Asami's brother. They're both from a rich family. I guess that is why we met. Don't get me wrong I have no problems with people who are poor, not at all. I just don't have many chances to meet them, being the crown prince and all.

Anyways, back to the story. I was sitting on a chair, looking out the window at the town spread out below. It truly was beautiful. After a little while I heard a knock on my door so I yelled out "Enter" and the door opened to Pema. She stopped and looked at me for a moment then closed the door and walked towards me.

Unexpected Romance Chapter 1: Meeting Korra Melenoski, a legend of korra fanfic | FanFiction

She stopped just in front of the table that I was resting my feet on and placed her hands on her hips, frowning at me. I quickly pulled my feet down and set them on the ground, rubbing the back of my neck. Pema is a nice and kind woman, but not someone you want mess with.

Pema continued to look at me and it was starting to make me worry so I had to speak up. And it was all she needed to. I sighed and ran a hand through my short brown hair. How could I forget. Every year the castle held a ball.

Or rather Pema held a ball. She has this hope that I will find a woman to love at the ball, but with no luck so far. I don't want you guys to have to take me home, I can just get my mom to pick me up.

That would be great. Lunch ended and Korra didn't know where her next class was. Asami walked over to her and saw that she looked lost. I have history with Mrs.

Pema in room B Come on, lets walk together! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after your soccer tryouts at my house! Bolin and Mako are coming over anyways and you could come with them if you want! Sure, I'd love to!

Why are Bolin and Mako going to be there? Bolin is my boyfriend and comes over everyday, Mako just tags along because he's a loner and doesn't make any attempt to invite someone over to his house so that me and Bolin can have our privacy. But it doesn't really annoy me anymore, he usually leaves us alone and watched TV. So if you wanna come to keep his lonely ass company, your welcome to come!

I'm not supposed to be happy about that! We are only friends! Isn't Mako in like half of your classes? I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping you with your homework!

In fact, I think he would love to! Does he like me? Wait, I'm not supposed to like him! God, why can't I stop thinking about him? The bell rang and science was over. Don't forget to get your homework on the way out!

Finding her next class was easy. And Korra saw that Mako was in this class with her too.

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

He had saved her a seat next to him and was motioning for her to come over and sit down. Korra smiled and started walking over to him. So I heard you were coming to Asami's after school?

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

He was really happy she was coming. Not only because now he wouldn't be a loner, but also because that meant he got to spend more time with her.

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

She invited me last class. How did you know? Mako shrugged "News travels fast. So, are you good at soccer? Is he blushing because of me? I was the number 1 player at my last school but our team wasn't that good. Good, that person will be your partner for your science experiment! Make sure you choose a good experiment, your project proposal sheets that I'm passing around now are due next class! But the actual project isn't due for another 2 weeks. You have the rest of class to work on it.

Tenzin, their science teacher, said. Korra is my partner and is in almost all of my classes! Could this day get much better? How about the effect of different types of coke on how much it exploded when a mentos was dropped in it? Mako is my partner! Wait, why am I happy? I can't like him!

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

But he's so cute and had the greatest smile! Ugh, why do I have to like him? You came up with that quickly. This gives Mako and Korra all the time in the world to think.

korra and mako relationship fanfiction

And for Mako and Korra, that's all that really matters. A collection of drabbles and one-shots based on one-word prompts. She was so sure, so steady of his worth. Nothing conjured in her wildest of fantasies would make him fall from her pedestal she so reverently place him upon. Nothing except, say, himself.

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Makorra with the constant presence of the awesome Bolin. Probably very AU from episode 5. Contains hints of violence and gore and plotless, pointless fluff. Korra wakes up from a nightmare. Makorra fluff Legend of Korra - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Neither expected to fall in love, much less with each other.