Kristine and krogstad relationship quizzes

Dramatic Structure of A Doll's House

kristine and krogstad relationship quizzes

Similarly, in some editions, Mrs. Linde's first name is spelled “Christine” rather than “Kristine.” She comes to see her position in her marriage with increasing clarity and finds the Krogstad - A lawyer who went to school with Torvald and holds a subordinate position at Torvald's bank. Take the Character List Quick Quiz. Krogstad suddenly turns respectable because he needs to pass on a good name for Christine returns to town in order to renew her relationship with Krogstad. Krogstad. Krogstad is the antagonist in A Doll's House, but he is not necessarily a villain. Though his willingness to allow Nora's torment to continue is cruel.

This is backed up by the fact that Krogstad judges Mrs. Linde so harshly for having married someone else. Linde says that help might be near, but Krogstad argues that Mrs. Linde has got in the way of help. Linde to withdraw from the position at the bank.

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He tells her to do it anyway, but she replies that life has taught her to be cautious. This is one of the first times that we see a more human side to Krogstad, The fact that he has led a corrupt and dishonest life because he was heartbroken makes him more likeable as well as more complex.

kristine and krogstad relationship quizzes

Indeed, one message within the play is that, even when people behave badly, there is often a good reason for behind it. Linde points out that both she and Krogstad are struggling alone in bad situations. She suggests to Krogstad that she came to town because of him. She explains that she has worked all her life and that this has been a source of joy, but without anyone to work for but herself she feels empty.

At first, Krogstad resists, saying Mrs. Linde clearly finds a genuine sense of joy and purpose in being of service to others, and feels that her life is completely without meaning if she cannot do so. Thus Krogstad is correct in some ways when he accuses her of being self-sacrificing; however, what he fails to understand is that this is what Mrs.

Krogstad, still uncertain, asks if Mrs. Linde knows about his past, and what people think of him. Linde replies that Krogstad had just suggested that he would be a different person with her.

Krogstad takes her hands and thanks her, promising that soon he will have everybody looking up to him.

A Doll House relationship comparison: Nora and Torvald v. Christine and Krogstad Essay

Linde and Krogstad conjure for themselves an unlikely version of the fairytale happy ending. Linde ensures that they both have a chance at happiness. Linde interrupts Krogstad, saying that she can hear the tarantella. She explains this means the dance is about to end and that he must go. Linde tells him she does know. He is surprised that she still wants to go through with being with him, but Mrs.

Linde explains that she knows what despair does to people. Linde points out that he can, that the letter is still in the box. Krogstad becomes briefly suspicious that Mrs. Linde does not regret her first marriage as it allowed her to support her family, she has emerged from that experience with the belief that she has the right to her own happiness. Active Themes Krogstad resolves to ask for his letter back unread, but Mrs. Linde asks him not to. Linde asked him to come. Linde hears the tarantella ending and tells Krogstad to go.

He says he will wait for Mrs. Linde downstairs, and exits saying he has never felt so happy in his life. Linde radically disrupts the course of events in the play. While it would have been easier for her to ask Krogstad to get his letter back, thereby ensuring that life between the Helmers went on as normal, Mrs.

Linde tidies the room and talks to herself about how things can change and how happy she is that she has people to work for and to live for.

kristine and krogstad relationship quizzes

She gets her coat and hat ready and waits excitedly for the Helmers to return. Nora stands in the doorway, saying she wants to stay longer at the ball.

A Doll's House Summary

In a somewhat ironic twist, Mrs. Linde greets them, and both Nora and Torvald are shocked to see her there so late. Linde says she was too late to catch them before they went upstairs but says she wanted to see them before leaving. Torvald recalls the evening, saying Nora danced the tarantella well and was wildly applauded, although the dance was perhaps too realistic. In this passage it is clear that Torvald is thinking of Nora far more as a possession that he can flaunt in order to impress other people than a real person with her own thoughts and feelings.

To him, Nora was at the party merely to perform for the enjoyment of him and others, not to have a good time herself. Active Themes Torvald notices that it is dark and goes in to light candles. While he is out of earshot, Nora asks Mrs. Linde what has happened. Linde replies that she has spoken to Krogstad and that Nora has nothing to fear from him, but that Nora must tell Torvald everything.

Linde says that then the letter will tell Torvald for her. Nora thanks her and says she now knows what must happen. Linde did not get Krogstad to retrieve the letter shows that she has cut herself off even from her close friends in her obsession with the secret of the debt. All the hope and innocence seems to have drained out of her, and she has become a much more serious, grave person. Linde has finished admiring Nora. Linde says she has and that she must go. Torvald reminds her to take her knitting, and suggests that she should embroider instead, as embroidery is prettier than knitting.

Linde bids them goodnight and tells Nora to stop being so stubborn. Active Themes Nora asks Torvald if he is tired, but he says he is extremely lively. Nora tells him that everything he does is right, but says it without much conviction. Torvald points out that now she is talking common sense again, and asks her if she noticed how happy Dr.

This exchange suggests that Nora is beginning to see the emptiness of her role as a woman who always obeys her husband unquestioningly. Active Themes Torvald says how happy he is to be alone with Nora. He delivers a speech explaining that when they are out at a party together he does not talk to Nora much, instead pretending that they are secretly in love and engaged. He then says that when they leave he pretends that they have just got married and that he is taking Nora to their new home for the first time.

The story takes place during Christmas time, so they are often decorating the house or planning parties. Kristine Linde arrives at their house, an old friend that Nora hasn't seen in ten years.

kristine and krogstad relationship quizzes

Linde is all alone, having lost her husband and her mother, for whom she had been caring. Nora gets the idea that her husband can offer Kristine a job. Then Nora reveals a secret to Kristine that she has never told anyone. About eight years earlier, her husband became very ill, and the doctor suggested they move to Italy, so Nora needed to borrow some money to be able to afford it.

Women could not take out loans on their own, so she forged her father's signature on the documents because her father was near death. Ever since then, she had been slowly scaping together money to pay back the loan. After Kristine leaves, Krogstad, the man Nora borrowed the money from, coincidentally arrives at the door.

He says that he understands that her husband is about to become his new boss at the bank. Krogstad then confesses that he knows Nora forged her father's signature on the loan, which constitutes fraud. She worries that he will reveal the information to her husband. When her husband finds out that Nora has been talking to Krogstad, he chastises her for talking to a man of such ill repute. In act two Nora is once again talking to Mrs.

Rank who is an old family friend. Torvald tells Nora that he has decided to fire Krogstad in order to hire Mrs.

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Nora knows that this news will upset Krogstad, so she tries to convince her husband not to do it. Nora speaks to Krogstad again and offers to give him all the money that she owes him; however, he doesn't want the money, he wants respect. He wants her husband to not only give him his job back but give him a better job. Krogstad tells Nora that he is leaving a letter in her mailbox for Torvald explaining what Nora has done. When Krogstad leaves, Nora asks Kristine if she can talk to Krogstad about retrieving his letter then Nora tries to keep her husband from finding it by asking him to help her practice dancing the tarantella for the upcoming party.

In act three Mrs. Linde has found Krogstad, and while she's talking to him about retrieving his letter, it comes out that Kristine and Krogstad once had a relationship.