Kyohei and sunako relationship test

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kyohei and sunako relationship test

Kyohei Takano is the one of the male protagonists in the series along with Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. She has tested him by putting him in rather extreme situations with and without Main article: Kyohei and Sunako's Relationship. This is a list of fictional characters, main characters as well as some supporting characters from The Wallflower, a Japanese manga that was also adapted into an anime series and a live-action drama. The manga's plot focuses on Sunako Nakahara, a girl who was called ugly Her relationship with Kyohei is somewhat unclear, as despite saying that she. This is a list of the episodes of the anime series The Wallflower, created by Tomoko Hayakawa Eventually, Kyohei saves Sunako, but he ends up with a fever. with Sunako, only to have the entire marketplace misunderstand their relationship. Unfortunately, Sunako still failed the exam due to putting the right answers in.

Unfortunately, Kyohei is forced to pay for the damages caused by the explosion inflicted earlier. Although tricked into going to the shoota camera-shy Sunako proves a difficult subject. The five of them later go an exhibition of where a picture was discreetly taken of them, as it turns out that the photographer used that picture as the greatest attraction in the exhibition.

They unsuccessfully attempt to clean, by which they figure out, with the help of Noi, that Sunako misses Halloweenher favorite holiday. They later throw a Halloween party to cheer her up. Thinking that Kyohei is his rival, the leader of the gang challenges him to a fight declaring who deserves Sunako as their lover. When Kyohei becomes badly injured, Sunako steps in and defeats the leader of the gang, putting everyone in shock.

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Kyohei wishes to eat nabe at a kotatsuas he has never experienced the winter tradition. Kyohei goes shopping with Sunako, only to have the entire marketplace misunderstand their relationship.

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To add thing up Kyohei's fangirls appears and play around their grocery. Kyohei later lends a shopkeeper a helping hand, in return for some vegetables. Meanwhile, Sunako goes out to construct a kotatsu.

kyohei and sunako relationship test

In the end, they end up having an enormous kotatsu feast. Sunako tries to do everything she can do so that Takenaga and Noi can be alone, which leads to the fact that Kyohei and Sunako have a very intense ping-pong match.

As the match ends, it is shown that Kyohei and Sunako share a kiss by accident. It turns out that the wife of the manager is responsible, plotting to kill Sunako by burning her alive in the storage room, by which Kyohei is able to rescue her out of. When they confront the wife of the manager, who insults Sunako's appearance, Kyohei states they have kissed. Kyohei dresses up as a nerd and studies hard to teach Sunako not to run away from her issues, however this causes an uproar among the female students.

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While doing so Sunako remembers the incident that she kissed a radiant being Kyouhei which causes her to react badly. Later Kyouhei makes her understand that a passion-less kiss is nothing. Unfortunately, Sunako still failed the exam due to putting the right answers in the wrong math problems.

At the time, Takenaga, Yuki, and Ranmaru first met each other at the mansion a few years ago. It is revealed by Mine that the three of them came from rejected families.

After causing a mess in the dining room, the three get into an argumentative fight. Mine later finds Kyohei and invites him in the mansion along with the others.

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They later receive phone calls and letters from female students searching for Kyohei. The three chip in to help drive out the females students, but to no avail. However, as Kyohei steps in, as well as with Mine's help, they resolve the issue with all the female students.

Sunako eats one of these strange mushrooms and is magically transformed into a lady. She, however, is shown to have regretted it, but was still unable to tell that to Kyohei the last time they met, after months without seeing him. They accidently kiss in Episode 9 of the anime while playing a game of ping-pong.

Kyohei and Sunako are very competitive which results to many of Kyohei's injuries. After the accidental kiss, Sunako is even more uncomfortable around Kyohei.

Kyohei explains that it was an accident and doesn't mean a thing. They get back into their normal relationship again. When Sunako is transformed into an instant lady in Episode 13 of the anime as a result of the Goth-Loli sisters mushroomsKyohei liked her at first, although the idea of free rent was appealing, he later realizes that Sunako is better off the way she originally was.

That proves either Kyohei's love of food, Sunako as a lady can cook well or that Kyohei understands Sunako and values her for who she is. Kyohei and Sunako also accept and appreciate one another's abilities and seem to deeply care for each other, even if they aren't fully aware of it. What did I do to be punished like this?

kyohei and sunako relationship test

Why are you here anyway? Why don't you get your ass out of my room? Sunako did not even have time to close her eyes as Kyohei kissed her just like the night before. Sunako was actually returning the kiss until something clicked inside her brain then she promptly fainted.

Kyohei pulled away and had a hard time breathing. He was again faced with a fainted Sunako and the conscience in his brain nagged him about what he was supposed to say.

kyohei and sunako relationship test

He hugged Sunako tightly to his chest, breathed in deeply then proceeded to spill his guts for Sunako to hear. I know it's cheating since you're not conscious but at least you remember me by now. I wouldn't even dream of telling you this when you're conscious, who knows how many seconds I would last before you tear me up to bits You're morbid and scary but even when you weren't I still couldn't shake you out of my head.

I hate you're stubbornness and selfishness but love the fact that you stand up for what you believe in and actually fight for what you want - it led to this two years of hell but it was sure worthwhile Yuki and Ranmaru would probably throw confetti around and light fireworks just to celebrate and rub it in my face that they've been right all along. I don't even want to know what Noi would do when she finds out Kyohei was too cooped up with his confession that he did not even feel Sunako move her head a little.

I've fallen for you, alright. It took a lot to admit it but I couldn't deny it any longer I guess I like you, a lot. I might even love you too.

She just might even love him too. Epilogue Sunako was busily glaring at the carrot in her hand. Then she was furiously mincing the said vegetable in angry slices while muttering to herself. You just had to be so childish and immature. I just wish this carrot was your pretty face; I'd cut it in half then mince it then saute it in boiling oil. Then I'd watch your pretty face burn in agony. Sunako stopped chopping and was trying to stop the incoming nosebleed. She was almost successful, only a small trickle of blood oozed out of her nose, but her face was very very red.

After wiping off the blood and doing breathing techniques for a few seconds, she continued chopping violently. Stop eating the shrimp! I'm not yet done cooking.