Lady capulet and juliet relationship essay free

lady capulet and juliet relationship essay free

Free Essay: The relationship shown in Act 3 Scene 5 between Juliet and Lady Capulet is portrayed as poor. Lady Capulet is shown as a very distant mother. In this essay, I am going to discuss the relationship between Juliet her mother ( Lady Capulet) Juliet and her father (Lord Capulet) and Juliet and the Nurse. Free capulet papers, essays, and research papers. The father-child relationship between Lord Capulet and Juliet is a very strong one; during the beginning of.

From the soliloquy at the beginning of the scene you can see that Juliet has a definite fixation with Romeo. Juliet is imagining Romeo as a heavenly figure. When Juliet is talking to the nurse there is a definite sign that the Nurse and Juliet are from different classes and that Juliet is more educated than the Nurse, we can tell this because Juliet speaks in verse whilst the Nurse speaks in prose. There is a lack of dramatic devices in this scene although there are many present in the latter part of the play especially dramatic irony.

As we enter act 3 scene 5 Juliet is awoken by her mother this is a shock as her mother would not normally call on her at this time of the morning. This makes Juliet feel very strange as Juliet is unsure of what time her mother even gets up on a normal day.

From this we can see that Juliet and L. Capulet have a distant relationship.

lady capulet and juliet relationship essay free

Because of the way that Juliet addresses her mother later on in the scene we can that she does not see her mother as a figure of authority or some-one that she should respect like she does with the Nurse.

Juliet speaks to her mother very formally and makes no extra effort to be polite.

From act 3 scene 5 line 6 we can see that L. What, wilt thou wash him from his grave with tears? This scene especially addresses parental conflict as Juliet argues with her mother about how she should grieve.

The way that L. Capulet speaks to Juliet shows that she is cold hearted and unsympathetic. All through the scene L.

Romeo & Juliet – Parental Relationships Essay

Capulet expresses her hatred of Romeo and because she does not understand Juliet she believes that Juliet agrees with her hatred, we can see that this is untrue because of the aside from Juliet line23 act3 scene 5.

Capulet does not understand Juliet is that Juliet explains that if she could get to Romeo first and poison him she would temper the poison so that he would not die. Capulet does not understand Juliet she thinks that if Juliet could get to Romeo first she would temper the poison to make it stronger so that he would die more quickly. The theme of parental conflict is also present near to the end of the scene as L. Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry the county Paris a week on Thursday, as Juliet is more strong willed than her mother she is angry that she has been told about the wedding and not asked.

Romeo & Juliet – Parental Relationships Essay Example for Free

The scene then goes on to see that her mother really does not understand her and that she has a problem understanding Juliet decision, we can tell this because L. Capulet tells Juliet that her father can deal with it.

There is a lot of dramatic irony in this scene and the use of asides gives a very good feel of drama and tension between L. With Paris witnessing this fight he tries to prevent it but fails resulting in mercutio dieing by tybalts sword.

After witnessing his cousin die, Juliet takes his sword and kills tybalt.

When the prince of Verona finds out about these turn of events he finds Paris and instead of sentencing him to death he banishes Romeo from Verona. When Juliet finds out about all this killing and finding out her cousin is dead she is horrified and cries for days not only about tybalts death but mainly of Romeos banishing from Verona.

This shows that lord Capulet wants his daughter to be happy. But again she goes against her parents choices and makes her own. Any other girl of her time would agree with everything said but Juliet makes a stand against her parents.

lady capulet and juliet relationship essay free

Juliet after all this controversy goes to the friar for advice because he is her last hope to find a way out of the marriage. He makes a plan to make her appear dead. This shows Juliet is prepared to do anything to get back with Romeo. At this stage during the play Juliet trusts no-one except the friar because everyone who she once trusted has gone against her and think she should marry Paris but the friar is still there for her. But when the night comes to take the potion she wonders if this is all a plan to kill her so that the friar cant get executed for marrying two children without parents consent.

But despite all these doubts in her head she goes ahead and takes the potion, the next morning her parents find her dead and put her in the Capulet grave. The Capulet family when seeing their daughter dead they are shocked to see Romeo and Paris also laid dead after their deaths Capulet and Montague call a truce and put a gold statue up of Juliet in Verona.

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At the start of the play Juliet seems to be a normal girl of her time.