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This connection rises in this tale, Breaking Pride. Epilogue is now up. (Complete). Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - [Laharl, Flonne] "Whatever," Etna walked out the door, "I'll just help myself to Laharl's secret. There's more romance between Laharl and Flonne, and even that's . at least some sort of romantic relationship between Laharl and Flonne. Flonne then decides to stay with Etna in Veldime and later tries to get Laharl and on her way to see Lamington to find a way to help Laharl reincarnate faster.

Where is my lava moat, what happened to the inhospitable terrain, and how much HL did this cost! She gasped, "The lava, huff, what happened to the, huff, the lava? Each day, the tasks get more and more bizarre. Flonne turned to face her peers, "There. He had a satisfying day, he successfully relocated his stash of pudding into his stomachsquashed a feminists cult, vetoed every bill that didn't benefit him, and set fire to the protestors.

It felt nice just sit on the throne. After a couple minutes he saw a familiar sight. He looked at her, "What does it look like I'm doing, I'm sitting in my throne. I have importan-" Flonne snagged his arm, " Great! I knew you'd want to come.


Laharl sighed,what kind of overlord, king of the netherworld, went on picnics? Of the two women in his life, Etna is far more likely to be his lover than Flonne. While Flonne is a love freak, there seems to be less friction and sexual tension with Laharl than between Etna and Laharl.

There is always that undercurrent there when Etna and Laharl are near each other. That is not saying there isn't anything between Flonne and Laharl though, seeing as in one of the endings he gave his life for Flonne. But he probably doesn't have to choose and is the luckiest SOB in any netherworld Afternoon of Darkness, and how it will bridge the gap between demons and angels?

That pretty much seals the deal. Insanity is a product of human atrocities. His mother is human, but most people still refer to him as a demon, if only for convenience's sake. Oddly, his half-human status is never even mentioned in the games proper, though in the novels it's an important part of his Backstory.

Possesses some severe abandonment issues thanks to the death of his mother. It's never stated directly that he hates to be touched, but the few times someone has approached him closely, he has reacted negatively, especially if said person is well-endowed. Too young to fall in love, but he is absolutely devastated in the end because of Flonne's fate.

How bad it turns out depends on the ending you get. In the intro to the first game, Laharl wakes up from a two-year nap, with Etna violently waking him up.

Said nap was due to poison by Etna, but considering that he initially meant for it to be a ten-day nap, he's still playing the trope straight.

She had tried to wake him up by attacking him with various deadly weapons, even when it took over a year to wake him up, and it did not seem to hurt him the slightest.

Sicily has the same hair antennae as him. Hidden Heart of Gold: He does genuinely care about Flonne and Etna, and later Sicily, even if he won't admit it. His Story Repeats Itself: Sacrifice seems to be very a common theme with Laharl.

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When he was inflicted with a deadly disease, his mother sacrificed her life to cure him, causing him to reject love altogether. At the end of the game, he watches Flonne sacrifice her life so that he and the rest will not suffer Lamington's punishment, causing him to lash out at the Seraph.

Then, after defeating the Seraph, Laharl attempts to sacrifice his life to bring Flonne back, though whether or not he does so depends on the ending canonically, Flonne is revived thanks to Laharl sparing Lamington despite his anger. In Disgaea D2, Sicily attempts to offer her life to Xenolith for the safety of the other angels, but Laharl refuses to let her do it. Laharl even notes that she's acting just like their mother.

Sadly, if the player gets one of the bad endings, Sicily sacrifices her life to stabilize the Netherworld despite Laharl pleading to her not to. The first fight with him in Disgaea 2; he's levelmaking him the strongest enemy encountered during the main story. Hostile Show Take Over: Attempts this in Disgaea 2, but by that point the cast is strong enough to defeat him. Comes along with his Card-Carrying Villain status; he's quick to anger, has a massive ego, and can often get hammy in his remarks.

How Dare You Die on Me! Laharl's reaction to Flonne's death in the ending. I didn't give you permission! Is this what you call love? If it is, then I'll never believe in love! His dad was the demon Overlord and his mother was a human witch. Mostly invertedbut he has a unusual tendency to become embarrassed when praised: Quit complimenting me so much.

One might not think this would apply to Laharl, but according to his description in Zettai Hero Projecthe is loved by his subjects. Averted in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memorieswhere almost all of his closest vassals have left him, including the servant Prinnies, during his feud with Etna.

A Brighter Darkness apparently set in between the first and second games reveals that almost no one even knows he's the overlord, and his own father's vassals are conspiring against him for being an Inadequate Inheritor. He gains their respect, but it requires saving the entire Netherworld. He never says it, but he obviously does. For a kid who likes to brag that he doesn't brush his teeth, his toothy grin As pictured above is quite clean.

I Was Just Passing Through: Laharl regularly insists that his less-than-evil actions are mostly for his own convenience. In the anime, the only time he's ever presented being in any danger of losing is due to his Weaksauce Weakness to Fanservice and optimistic talk, which is in a scene played humorously.

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Every other fight, he's unstoppable. It's All My Fault: Upon hearing that Sicily was born in Celestia as a Demon Angel because of their mother's sacrifice and that her status made her an outcast, Laharl recognized that it was his fault for everything Sicily went through and even tells Sicily that she should be angry at him. He does this to also deflect any resentment Sicily might have against their mother for her sacrifice.

Luckily, Sicily doesn't resent her mother at all and is happy that her brother lives. Good luck trying to replicate that one in real life. Even though he is mentally and physically 13 in demon years, he rules the Netherworld, but he manages quite nicely, all things considered. His father thought he was this at the time of his death, so he had asked Etna to make sure Laharl became a great Overlord.

Everyone seems to think Laharl is incompetent because he is such a Royal Bratbut the good news is that Laharl is better than he initially lets on. This becomes a big plot point in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness where a group of former vassals plans to have him removed and constantly compare him to Krichevskoy.

Never willingly alone, but absolutely miserable when he is. Different in that he does think highly of himself, but is desperately afraid of others thinking less of him. With Flonne and Etna. Despite usually having an incredibly selective attention and tending towards naivety, he does have his moments of depth and contemplation where he displays his intelligence.

Laharl really is as powerful as he lets on, and when placed in a difficult situation, he will beat his way out of it. Laharl has gynophobia tailored specifically to well-endowed women, so what should he become when he goes through his Gender Bender?

It's All About Me: In his base game, all of Laharl's weapon proficiencies are A-rank, save for a B-rank with Staves and C-rank with Guns. Sequels nudge him into being a sword-using physical attacker. Partly, many of his negative qualities originate from his wish to be a good demon, but the others are just a part of who he is.

Etna uses this trope to call him out on his emotional immaturity, while Gordon and Jennifer are in disbelief that the overlord appears to be a thirteen-year-old boy.

Just the First Citizen: While he's the Overlord ruler of the Netherworld, he's usually called "Prince" by many of his vassals, who are still used to thinking of him this way. He doesn't seem to mind. Normally not seen, but when he becomes the Overlord, he immediately begins shouting excitedly "Overlord! A physically and mentally year-old Noble Demon protagonist.

Just as Laharl is able to hijack a meteor for his final attack, Meteor Impact, Mid Boss aka King Krichevskoy is able to drive a crescent moon into his enemies.

A Promise Unforgotten also shows that Laharl inherited the Blazing Knuckles attack from his father, though his father's attack uses ice instead. Especially in the dub. Rita Repulsa must've a son with her voice.