Lee min jung and kyung ho relationship tips

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lee min jung and kyung ho relationship tips

Just kidding:) Jung Kyung Ho made a call to Lee Min Jung on K-variety I guess he said that was to avoid rumors about their relationship. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho The actor and the idol-turned- actress first went public with their relationship in January What sort of advice did you get from Gong Yoo, who already fulfilled his military service? Lee Min Jung, you're next. it with him and other friends and their relationship is the kind of “love to making fun with each other” .. Bye bye jung kyung ho see you in 2 years nowadays 2 years is not that long. 0.

The kiss Jung Kyung Ho: The kissing scene is slightly bashful that had got a little too seize, but this is just part of the job we has to do. Kyung Ho, after we are done with this drama, please paid attention to him. Jung Kyung Ho, Fighting!

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Now it has extended to another 16 episode. My gratitude thanks to those who love us. I will do my utmost best, so have audience continues to enjoy watching us. Please audience support this drama to the end Grade school practice wrestling, high school played soccer then when Mid School frequently end with fights Jung Kyung Ho: Then the least that when it was snatch, I could recover the bag. I had a lot of difficulties Caption: When he learn wrestling, he compete in the 90kg category Jung Kyung Ho: Our school wrestling team was one of the best From 7: It explains about his training to become 90kg wrestler Jung Kyung Ho: When I went to High school I was in a boarding school.

We only come back once a week. Giving some thoughts Jung Kyung Ho: We will stop here, but will rewind back to 5 mins ago…. Mid school there were fights…what is that all about Jung Kyung Ho: Give me a glass of water Jung Kyung Ho drinks his glass of water Caption: What is the transgress truth all about Jung Kyung Ho: It is from Posses melancholy eyes, smiles with love, the criterion of Jung Kyung Ho.

In the drama love is for survival. What is his true philosophy of what love is? Do you have girlfriend?

lee min jung and kyung ho relationship tips

If I have now, I will feel really regrettable for her. There is no time to meet each other during the time that I worked….

Excuse is an excuse. If we need to meet, we will meet. If there is time, I would like to meet someone nice Caption: Jung Kyung Ho is waiting for fate Question: If there is, which type do you prefer? I am persistence, the basis will be to present her a hand phone…those like you touch the hood of the car to find out what time…what time will you be back….

I am really a spendthrift Caption: There must be good practicing habit when it comes to love ones, Jung Kyung Ho: It is being a practical style of buying gifts, it is not the example of buying a house or a car MC: Is it a branded handbag?

I have something of a type in mind. Rewind - Jung Kyung Ho: I like a little pedantic in a woman…like older sister, younger sister…or of the same gap those type Caption: Soo Ae type…cm in height…. Yes or No that he is a rich brat….

No, but to mentioned hardship, where is such a person who has never endure hardship.

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Once I start working that I seem to feel apologetic to the people who are working around me. That is correct Caption: I am not bad looking in my complexion, why should I apply makeup but however, it is impossible without applying make up Caption: That person that has some resemblance with me MC: The audience are curious that you are not brothers?

SelCa with Lee Chun Hee oppa. Brushing my teeth in comfortable sporty outfit. I don't see eye-to-eye with Song Ok Sook sunbaenim in the drama. Look at me glancing at her with rivalry etched all over my face. But once filming stops, Song Ok Sook sunbaenim gives me plenty of good advice.

lee min jung and kyung ho relationship tips

I have a love-hate relationship with Jung Kyung Ho in the drama. Although we squabble often, we both have affections for each other inside our hearts.

lee min jung and kyung ho relationship tips

Resting my head gently on Kyung Ho's shoulder like what lovers do. But Kyung Ho seems to be feeling the burden. The strawberry milk is mine after the filming ends. Drinking during filming, drinking after filming.

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I think I drank a lot of strawberry milk on that day. But luckily, it's my favourite.

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Filming usually lasts till dawn. It's tiring staying up, and then you get attacked by chilly winds in the early morning. A cup of coffee becomes my energy source. Turning into a beautiful bride in a wedding gown.

I am seen here looking at my cellphone.