Link and midna relationship memes

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link and midna relationship memes

Smooching Meme themselves (especially a kiss or a romantic relationship or whatever other Midna rests her elbow on top of Link's head. Midna's relationship with Link is constant, symbiotic and at times a little touching, she's also genuinely interesting, chattering away at Link and. Pocky GameLegend Of Zelda MemesThe Legend Of ZeldaZelda SwordSkyward SwordLink And MidnaLink ZeldaPlay BuddyLink Twilight Princess.

You will notice that a certain somebody who is also a princess and also just had her kingdom saved didn't exactly jump to the front of the kissing-the-hero-responsible line TL;DR read on for smooching Goofy Kiss Twilight Princess, end-of-game fic, actually pre-Zelink4lyfe, I mean this is only the third time they have met and the first two times Link was a wolf, they are not even friends yet, but I still count it anyway Midna rests her elbow on top of Link's head.

She'd drape her arm around his shoulders, as she usually does, but apparently being stuck in an undignified imp form has messed with her perception and sense of height. Apparently, Link is actually really damn tiny. And Midna doesn't feel like hunching over awkwardly to reach Link's shoulders, not when he's practically perfect armrest height. To be fair, Princess Zelda's also a bit less impressive in person. But she looks better outside of that tower, in the sunlight, in spite of her windblown hair and with her clothes and face scuffed up from her battle with Link.

Ugh, these stupid light-dwellers have grown on Midna. It's second-nature to pretend not to see Midna's leer or hear it in her voice and cover with a smile instead. She glances over her shoulder, across the hills of Hyrule Field, and towards the castle.

Isn't it tradition for you people? A handsome hero saves the kingdom from evil and rescues the princess, and after his victory they share a kiss. Sorry I couldn't find anyone better-looking for you, Princess. But the handsome part's probably not the most important, right? Don't you care about upholding tradition? Or are you too shy for a kiss, hm? In Skyward Swordthey are collectively referred to as the "old gods", in contrast to the goddess Hylia.

He first appears in Ocarina of Timewhere he is charged with watching over the Kokiria childlike race of forest spirits that live in the Kokiri Forest.

He is an ancient, exceptionally large tree, with a humanoid face and big mustache. Knowing Link 's destiny, the Deku Tree sends Navi the fairy to retrieve the boy, who is living among the Kokiri as one of them. He asks Link to destroy the cause of the curse, the game's first boss, called Queen Gohma, within him. After adult Link completes the Forest Temple and returns to the site of the Deku Tree, he discovers a little sprout, which grows into the Deku Sprout.

The sprout tells Link the truth about his past and reveals that Link is a Hylian entrusted to the Deku Tree by his mother, who died soon after. He confesses to Link that his energy is waning and that he has become feeble with age. It is assumed that this is the same Deku Tree that was a sprout in Ocarina of Time, as he speaks Hylian and remembers old times when he sees Link's green tunic.

He often acts in a hostile manner towards Link and is shown to be a constant source of exasperation for Zelda. However, following Link to Hyrule, Groose finds himself over his head upon learning he is not the hero, and is forced to accept his subordinate status. Becoming more caring, Groose begins acting more noble.

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He builds a catapult called "The Groosenator" to aid Link in halting The Imprisoned from escaping the pit of the Sealed Grounds and reaching the Sealed Temple, and looks after the elderly overseer of the Sealed Grounds, whom he calls "Grannie". He is playable during the last two battles with the imprisoned. In these circumstances, the player can move the Groosenator around the edge of the Sealed Grounds and fire giant bombs at it.

He is almost always happy, with few exceptions. He first appears in Ocarina of Time. Here, Link can borrow masks to sell to people around Hyrule. If Link returns without enough Rupees to repay the Happy Mask Salesman, he will become enraged and kick Link out of the shop.

Once Link sells all the masks, he may borrow any of them, as well as a few extras, which are used purely for humorous purposes. In Majora's Maskhe plays an integral role. On his travels to find rare masks, he is ambushed by the Skull Kid and his two fairies, Tatl and Tael; they steal Majora's Maska powerful, but malevolent, mask. Once Link finally destroys Majora, the entity inhabiting the mask, the Happy Mask Salesman regains the now-powerless mask, and leaves Link with some advice before walking away, then simply vanishing.

It is unknown if he is the same character that appears in Ocarina of Time, as most inhabitants of Termina are counterparts corresponding to inhabitants of Hyrule. Here, he is suffering from hunger. To help him, Link can give him the Tasty Meat.

There are many incarnations of the character named Impa throughout the Zelda series, some being of the ninja-like Sheikahjust as there are multiple incarnations of Link and Zelda.

As with Link and Zelda, all incarnations of Impa share certain personality traits.

link and midna relationship memes

The original Impa appearing in The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link instruction manuals, but not in the actual games is portrayed as an old woman who calls for Link to save Zelda from Ganon and his henchmen.

The Impa from The Legend of Zelda also inspired a separate incarnation of her who appears in the Philips spin-off Zelda: In the game, she assists Zelda on her quest by giving her tips provided by the Triforce of Wisdom. The Eve Karpfvoices Impa in Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. It is later revealed that she is in fact the Sage of Shadow, one of the Seven Sages.

In the latter she is briefly possessed by Veran. In Twilight Princessa character named Impaz dwells in a village which Hylian text suggests is called "Old Kakariko Village", and claims that she is serving both the Royal Family and that she was named after the founder of the village.

In Skyward SwordImpa is a member of the Sheikah under Hylia assigned to protect Zelda during her time on the surface. Impa appears as both a young time traveler who eventually returns to her time and as the elderly overseer of the Sealed Grounds who eventually passes away once her purpose is fulfilled.

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This incarnation of Impa is seemingly harsher towards others as shown during the first portion of the story. Even though she knows Link is Hylia's chosen warrior, Impa initially believes him to be incompetent and chastises his inability to protect Zelda. She does become less harsh in her old age. In The Legend of Zelda: She is eventually captured by Yuga and is used alongside the other Sages and Princess Zelda to release Ganon.


Once Link frees her from the Turtle Rock dungeon, she is sent to the Spirit World to assist him when all Sages are brought together and presents him with the Triforce of Courage. She guides Link on his journey and relates some events of the Great Calamity. She is the first incarnation of Impa shown to have family relatives.

She has an elder sister Purah, who appears six years old due to a mishap involving a rune when she attempted to make herself younger. She has a granddaughter, Paya, who harbors a secret crush on Link. She is voiced by Andi Gibson. Impa returns as a playable character in Hyrule Warriorsher design and role being a hybrid of her Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword incarnations.

This version of Impa functions as a general in the Hyrulean army, capable of wielding a giant sword or a naginata. Unlike the Ocarina of Time version, Impa is initially oblivious of Sheik's identity which causes her to be distrustful of her.

Hyrule Historia claims that his sage is Rauru, the Sage of Light. Despite guiding Link throughout his childhood in Ocarina of Time, he is not encountered while an adult except near the end. He is seen flying over Lon Lon Ranch when Link learns Epona's Song and in shadows when Link learns the Requiem of Spirit but makes no other appearance until Link completes the child half of the Spirit Temple; after that, he is seen flying away during the credits.

He is notorious for asking Link if he would like to hear what he said again at the end of each conversation; the default choice is always "Yes". He also has a Terminan counterpart though they may be one and the same in Majora's Maskwho first appears in the Southern Swamp to teach Link the Song of Soaring, and in Goron Village to help Link cross a large abyss to get the Lens of Truth.

There are statues of his likeness spread across Termina which are used as warp points that can be teleported to with the Song of Soaring after Link discovers them. They can be used to save the game temporarily and quit. In Link's Awakeninga similar owl guides Link, and arrives at certain points to provide hints and backstory. He believes in a prophecy that says Link will wake the Wind Fish.

link and midna relationship memes

In the game's ending, it is revealed that the Owl is a part of the Wind Fish's spirit. Kaepora Gaebora does not appear in Skyward Swordbut Zelda's father in the game, Gaepora; bears a strong resemblance to him. He is the head of the Hyrule Royal Family and the father of Princess Zelda in most of his incarnations.

The first mention of a King of Hyrule is in the backstory for The Adventure of Link, where it is explained that he once possessed all three pieces of the Triforce. This great King, whose tomb is a landmark in the game, concealed the Triforce of Courage in the Great Palace and established the challenges that the future hero would need to complete to reclaim the lost Triforce. In A Link to the Past, the king only appears during the intro and ending credits, as prior to the game he was murdered by Agahnim and restored at the end thanks to Link's wish.

In Ocarina of Time, it is stated that Princess Zelda's father is the king and Ganondorf is seen approaching and kneeling before him when Link and Princess Zelda first meet, The king himself is never shown and his fate is never revealed.

link and midna relationship memes

He remained in Hyrule when the gods flooded the kingdom long before the game, and his spirit animates Link's sailboat. In The Minish Cap, the current ruler, King Daltus, is a major character during the game, and his ancestor King Gustaf appears to help Link enter the fifth dungeon.

In Breath of the Wild, the deceased spirit of King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule poses as an elderly wanderer to aid Link in his quest to save his daughter. He was killed one-hundred years before the game's events by Calamity Ganon. Flashbacks reveal that the King was harsh towards Zelda in completing her training to combat Calamity Ganon and scolded her for spending time researching the Guardians.

He planned to apologize to her for his behavior but was killed before he got the chance. He is voiced by Bill Rogers. It is eventually revealed that the boat is magically animated by the spirit of King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the last King of Hyrule before the gods flooded the kingdom. As the King of Red Lions, he is a red sailboat with an expressive dragon-like figureheadand carries Link across the Great Sea.

He rescues Link when he is cast out to sea by Ganon, and then guides him to various islands to acquire the power needed to defeat the enemy.

Ultimately he reveals his true identity to Link and Tetra before taking Link to find the Triforce of Courage. At the end of the game, he thwarts Ganon by surreptitiously using the united Triforce's wish to ask that old Hyrule is finally washed away and that Link and Tetra have hope for their own future. King Daphnes appears as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legendswith the ability to transform into the King of Red Lions in battle. Linebeck[ edit ] Linebeck first appears in Phantom Hourglass as one of the main characters who helps Link save the World of the Ocean King from Bellum.

He provides transport for Link in his ship, the S. Linebeck, and is greedy and self-centered. For the first half of the game, his goal is to obtain the Ghost Ship's treasure. After the Ghost Ship's treasure is revealed to be merely a rumor devised by Bellum to attract people it, Oshus, revealed as the Ocean King, promises Linebeck one wish if he continues to sail Link across the oceans.

This is to be granted after Bellum is defeated. In the endgame, showing a rare burst of courage, Linebeck saves Link and Tetra from Bellum by stabbing him. Bellum, enraged, then possesses Linebeck.

After Bellum is defeated by Link once again, he finally dies, and Linebeck is freed. Linebeck has been considerably humbled at this point, however, when the now-restored Ocean King asks him what his wish will be, Linebeck first questions whether he even has to make a wish, then decides that he merely wants to have his ship back it was destroyed by Bellum just before he possessed Linebeckrather than asking for some great treasure.

After Link and Tetra are returned to their world, Link looks off into the distance, where Linebeck's ship can be seen sailing away.

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Linebeck III hires a bridgemaker to build a bridge for Link, in exchange for a precious ring he retrieves from the resting place of the original Linebeck. Lana[ edit ] Lana is a supporting character in Hyrule Warriors. The light counterpart of the dark sorceress Cia, Lana manifested when Ganondorf twisted Cia's feelings for Link into an obsession for conquest. Fleeing into the Faron Woods, Lana created a resistance to fight Cia's growing power.

After meeting with Link, Lana pledges to aid and protect him in any way, in part due to her own feelings for him. Lana fights with a book of magic that controls lightning and has other weapons such as a Deku Spear infused with water magic and a special Summoning Gate that summons various monsters to fight. Even in battle, she maintains a happy and cheery personality and is very energetic. A young farmgirl who raises Cuccos in a local village, Linkle believes she is the reincarnated hero, encouraged by her grandmother's stories and the compass she inherited from her.

When Cia's forces invade Hyrule, Linkle takes it as a sign that her destiny has come and sets out for Hyrule Castle. Due to her poor sense of direction, Linkle repeatedly loses her way and is drawn into multiple battles where she fights alongside various characters.