Link and saria relationship help

The truth about all of Link's girlfriends

link and saria relationship help

Of all the weird things about Zelda and Link's relationship, the weirdest of all might . It really starts in Ocarina of Time, where Saria and Malon are presented as and seems very reluctant to tell Link the truth even when it would help him on. It means that link can return to when he was a child, back to before all the bad This Site Might Help You. I've heard that the whole tragedy behind Link&# 39;s and Saria's relationship is that they will never get to. Saria. Throughout all of the Zelda games, one thing has become apparent: time for Link's return doesn't help with the melancholy, her unfulfilled pining Has Link ever had a more fully-formed relationship with anyone than.

That kind of dedication is really more than Link deserves, as he spent years in the Kokiri Forest patently ignoring the fact that Saria might have feelings for him.

That's a running theme with our hero, who seems to be unable to process what a relationship is beyond just using people for their skills. Saria even gives Link his first ocarina! Meanwhile, during Link's seven-year nap, she ends up captured within a dungeon.

Who is Saria? - Zelda Dungeon

Link saves her, but let's be honest: Mido was a way better friend, and Saria deserves at least that kind of response to her incredible strength of character. Princess Ruto - Ocarina of Time Princess Ruto is unlucky enough to end up in a relationship that is even worse than Link's usual standards, which are set so low it boggles the mind any woman could be disappointed by his behavior. Ruto is the Princess of the Zoras, a race of water-dwelling folk in Ocarina of Time, and another of the Seven Sages, which is apparently just a short list of people who'd really like to date Link.

link and saria relationship help

Ruto is impressed by a young Link's courage, challenging Link to find her in a dungeon while the warrior slays monsters and bosses with ease. After acknowledging his prowess, Ruto offers Link the Zora's Sapphire, stating that whoever accepts it is pledged to be her husband.

Link, in his infinite wisdom, somehow fails to understand the terms and accepts the stone anyway.

Saria and Link from Ocarina of Time?

Fast forward seven years and Ruto, as the Sage of Waterscolds Link for making her wait so long to be married. In fact, he's waited just long enough that they can't be together, as she has Sage duties to attend to. Apparently, she may have had children at some point, but it seems unlikely Link was the father.

If Link can't understand the basic principles of being engaged, it seems questionable that he'd know some of the more complex nuances of relationships.

link and saria relationship help

Despite being led on by an apathetic Link, Ruto handles the engagement well. She's obviously much more mature — and intelligent — than our protagonist, and Link's lucky he didn't get himself in more trouble than he did. Given how many girlfriends he's had, it's understandable that many would think this isn't such an accomplishment, but once again we have to stress just how oblivious Link is.

link and saria relationship help

Somehow he didn't understand what marriage was, he vandalizes people's pottery routinely without consideration, and although this last one isn't really his fault, his full name is Link Link.

There's a lot to unpack there. Rosa, on the other hand, is a superstar pop singer of the Subrosian people from Oracle of Seasons. You can tell because she's wearing a bow on top of her cloak, which obviously denotes how good someone is at making music. Link first meets her by eavesdropping on her, learning where the Temple of Seasons is. He then follows her to find a hidden portal into the city. Later, after having stalked her, he learns that Rosa has lost her ribbon and, sensing as good an opportunity as any to get his way, Link purchases her a new one so that he can go on a "date" with her while she unlocks various doors in Subrosia that Link otherwise couldn't get through.

She then waits patiently for Link to arrive for another date while the protagonist simply wanders off and continues his journey. Look, if you haven't figured it out by now, Link is kind of a dick. Navi the Fairy - Ocarina of Time Navi's romantic entanglement with Link is perhaps the saddest and most frustrating of any of his interests. Navi is the fairy companion made famous in Ocarina of Time and, while she certainly nags the hero at times, she is an invaluable companion for Link and someone without whom Link would have surely failed his quest.

Navi is always there for Link. No matter what he needs, the fairy accompanies him, helping whenever she can and always providing support or insight into a situation whenever applicable.

She is the most loyal companion Link has likely ever had, and yet she inexplicably leaves Link behind at the Temple of Time after Ganondorf is defeated.

link and saria relationship help

Well, it's possibly because Link never acknowledged the feelings Navi had for him. It isn't obvious in game, but Shigeru Miyamoto stated that Navi was "jealous of Zelda" and developed feelings for Link over the course of Ocarina of Time; furthermore, the manga adaptation of the games, though non-canonical, has Navi cry out "Link … I love you!

Link never really acknowledges Navi as anything more than a friend, though, even taking her for granted at certain points while interacting with other love interests like Zelda or Ruto right in front of her.

Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Zelda & Link's Relationship

She's also the granddaughter of Impa, a recurring character in the series who is typically a bodyguard of Princess Zelda's, but in this iteration is the elder of the village, meaning that Paya has pedigree and a wise teacher to instruct her. Paya falls for Link during her continued interactions with him, and she lays it on way, way thicker than most of his other girlfriends, even the ones who try and force him into marriage.

Despite becoming flustered while speaking to Link, she hints that she has an interesting birthmark "somewhere" on her body, suggesting that someday she'll show him before Impa intervenes to protect her granddaughter's privacy. Link, in classic fashion, is the one who brings the birthmark up in the first place, asking other sensitive information as well like the cultural significance of the talisman tattooed on Paya's forehead.

Throughout, Link behaves more like a lunkhead, insensitively navigating a very charged interaction and doing so poorly that Impa needs to step in to prevent it from getting even more awkward. Luckily, no one ever confused Link for someone who was smooth, but this is egregious even by the subterranean bar the hero has set for himself when dealing with women.

It's an innocuous meeting, and Link is tasked with finding Talon and returning him to the ranch. Upon doing so, Malon becomes instantly iconic within the franchise by enabling Link to tame and bond with the horse Epona. After Link saves Talon again, the man offers his daughter's hand in marriage jokingly, and it's clearly something Link never considers.

link and saria relationship help

However, there are hints that Malon would like it if Link gave it more consideration, something that we know would never happen because Link thinking about something for longer than a few seconds might break him.

I always believed that you would come. Because I know you. I will stay here as the Forest Sage and help you… Now, please take this Medallion. They are painfully aware of their separation, and although they want to rectify it, they know they cannot. What happens next is perhaps even more interesting. I made a promise to Saria. If Link came back, I would be sure to tell him that Saria had been waiting for him.

Legend of Zelda: OoL’s Link and Saria – A Thoughtful Pause

Tell him that, too. What does he think? Once again, he seems a bit clueless about it. The passing of time and the brutal new reality meant that Link would have to give up that age of childhood. Saria symbolizes a past age, an age which could never again be claimed.

Conclusion Link and Saria. They were the best of friends, tied together by an incredible bond. Cremia had to do something obvious for him to open his eyes to what he feels about Malon back home.