Lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

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lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

During his exile, Sita who had accompanied Rama was kidnapped by years before Tulsidas Ramayan, things were quite different. If Valmiki's Ramayan is to be believed, Rama's marriage is not an ideal marriage. Umm Let's say we assumed Sita's age to be 5, then Urmila would Also I Dont Think that Ram and Sita Lived 12 years in Ayodhya after Ohh God Janu, U Just has Said Everything which is Running Inside my Mind Shocked. Shocking Ramayan fact: Lord Rama had many wives apart from Sita years before Tulsidas Ramayan, things were quite different. Rama.


Even now i find many people in slums or people with very large families not remembering their children's age or date of birth. Then how can they be so sure than their daughter is marrying an elder man only or son is marrying an younger women only? When asked some people why they think a women should be younger than man, the first answer that i get is that 'science insists atleast two years gap be between then man and the women'.

But what's missing here is Another good and sensible reason i get for this is women start looking old soon, as compared to men. So if a man marries an elderly women, then she starts looking much more older after marriage and that might affect their mutual physical interests.

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This does make sense. But then, is this reason of retaining physical interest much more important than the love between both the couples.

lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

I think it's not. Though i do not specifically encourage these kind of marriages as i do not find any special benefits out of thembut i still do not find anything wrong in it as well. I think they can be treated just as any other marriage.

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I don't think there is anything in these kinds of marriages which needs to be treated as a sin or something very strange. We should not be playing a double game by praying sita, drupadi or radha as an ideal women on one side, and on the other side curse the modern women for a similar act.

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Same thing holds good for men also. After all it's wethe socienty, who are the makers of all kinds of rules and we must not accept any rule blindly unless it makes sense, just because some ancestor told it's a sin. There has been huge transformation from the initial couplets which were been written on dry leaves, to the one being hand written on paper followed by printing on mass printing machines and now available on the internet.

lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

During this transformation there are ought to be changes in the original scripts, even though the essence might remain same in most cases. One of the reason for change can be attributed to people who claim to be intelligent enough distorted the facts for their own name, fame etc, or it can be due to mistakes which in modern era are termed as typographic error.

So what we read is certainly not precisely word to word same what might have been written by those great sages. As we all know, at times one blank space here and there can distort the whole meaning what the writer wants to convey. And I believe that these are probably are the principal cause for such confusions prevailing today. Birth of Lord Ram: Computer calculation reveals this date to be February 21, BC.

lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

Hence the birth of Lord Rama took place around years ago. The Legend of Vishwamitra: At the tender age of 16 he followed Sage Vishwamitra to fight with demons who used to create hurdles to hermit during his religious orison and sermons.

lord rama and sita age difference in relationship

This is well documented in Valmiki Ramayan following couplet. There are only a few couplets in Valmiki Ramayan which describes something about the age of Mother Sita. Here, in the first couplet, mother Sita is saving to Ravan, that she had been in Ikshwaku dynasty of King Dashrath for two years and got all the materialistic pleasure available for human kind.