Love and hate relationship

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love and hate relationship

A Love/Hate relationship is usually between two people who deep down love each other. Insted of actually expressing their feelings, they bicker. Sometimes. I'm sure you have heard of the “love-hate relationship.” Girl meets guy, they quickly fall for each other, someone does something to hurt the other, then they are. A love–hate relationship is an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate—something particularly common when.

You both have to be in it in order for the relationship to change for the better. What do you like about your boyfriend and the relationship as a whole?

What do you not like about it?

Love–hate relationship

Compare the two sides and see which one outweighs the other. More than likely both of you are doing something that is contributing to the love-hate relationship that yours has become. Instead, both of you should accept some part of the blame and then you should really just move on from it. Try talking to a friend, a family member that you both trust, or even a counselor.

love and hate relationship

Getting an outside opinion and learning of ways that may help solve the love-hate problem can really take a relationship pretty far. Go out on dates. Maybe they see something you can't see. Maybe there's a trick to this relationship thing that you're missing. Maybe they know how you can jump off this crazy emotional treadmill. You and your partner can't communicate openly about the problem. It's impossible for you to open up to him or her and talk through the issues you have without it devolving into all-out warfare.

Your only option is to release your anxieties by talking to others, even though you know it might hurt or anger your partner.

Love-Hate Relationship (10 Signs You're In One)

You keep your options open. Once you find someone who doesn't have those disagreeable qualities you hate in your partner, you plan to jump ship. If you see your partner as being easily replaceable, you're not in the relationship for the right reasons. The thrill of reuniting after intense arguments is beginning to wane, and now you are left with the messy truth. In fact, you may begin to focus more and more on the qualities you hate in your partner in order to compel yourself to leave — or to push your partner out the door.

You feel a sense of relief when it's over. Maybe you've been in a love-hate relationship in the past, and once it ended, you felt enormous relief.

love and hate relationship

At one point in the relationship, the thought of it being over would have devastated you — even when you had those extreme ups and downs. The highs were so fierce that you were almost addicted to them. But as time wore on, the highs diminished. The reunions were tinged with bitterness and regret.

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The lack of a real, intimate connection left you both feeling depleted and empty. In the end, it all just fizzled out. A love-hate relationship may seem wildly exciting and intensely real at first.

But it's not the kind of relationship that's sustainable. In the end, it will cause you heartache and grief, especially if you find yourself repeatedly attracted to this type of relationship.

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Once you know the signs of a love-hate relationship, try to get out early on if you see them occurring. Don't wait around, hoping for change or thinking the wild ride is worth the pain. Learn the qualities of happy, healthy relationships that stand the test of time and life challenges, and only invite potential partners into your life who meet those standards. There's no guarantee that any relationship will last, but staying away from these love-hate connections will put the odds more in your favor.

Love-hate relationships usually hold value. More than anything else, it is the emotional attachment and worth that keeps these two together, and the very same emotional repugnance keeps them annoyed. The bottom line is that there is nothing productive and fruitful in the relationship.

How to Fix a Love-hate Relationship Love-hate relationships can be fixed by the willingness to make it work. Most of the people involved in such relationships are aware of each other's psyche quite well.

love and hate relationship

If they really want to make it work, they can. The following points will help you with the necessary advice. Keep Calm and Communicate Communication is the first and foremost first-aid to fix any relationship, including this one. Understand the fact that all is not either black or white, and it is normal for people to have gray shades in their personalities too.

If the two of you really want it to work, then you two must be willing to "calmly" communicate the issues with each other. Communication will help, but it wouldn't have a magical transformational effect on the person. It would take acceptance, forgiveness, adjustments, and patience to work on it and move ahead on the smooth road, thereby skipping the potholes. Seek the Guidance of a Reputed Counselor It is always good to seek an opinion or counseling from someone who knows how to actually help, and who would have an unbiased point of view regarding this relationship.

The Love – Hate Relationship: A Guide to Developing a Foundation for Love

This is because it is natural for the two of you to fail to see the other's point, no matter how hard you try to. A professional counseling will definitely help take this union towards a love-love relationship. In conclusion, we would add this advice: Keep a polite code to warn each other when things seem to be going off-track. If you always end up going back to this person with whom you share a love-hate relationship with, it is always better to work it out with an hopeful attitude, to have a smooth sail during the rest of the journey.