Love match for leo and pisces in a relationship

Pisces and Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Match

love match for leo and pisces in a relationship

When Fire meets Water, how the two can join together for a beautiful, romantic, and ideal love. The lion and the mermaid make for a wondrous. For Leo and Pisces, compatibility can initially be a highly romantic affair, off his or her feet, and Pisces responds with sensitivity and surrounds Leo with love. Conversely, I've also seen how Pisces doesn't vibe well with certain zodiacs. More: Leo men in love, relationships and in bed. On that note, Leo is one of the.

The Lion, on the other hand, will be drawn to the compassion and kindness with which Pisces operates. However, deciding to be in a long-term relationship with each other can be a frustrating endeavor for Pisces and Leo signs.


A number of their values and opinions clash at a basic level, and that will lead to their equation suffering with fractures like clockwork. The biggest plus of Leo and Pisces relationship compatibility is that both these signs believe in the magic of love.

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They are hopelessly romantic individuals and will gladly go above and beyond to please their partners at all times. Cons of the Leo Pisces relationship: Though the two signs hit it off immediately, severe problems can arise as the relationship moves forward. The fish is a water sign that prefers to go about things at a mundane pace, which in turn, frustrates the energetic and impatient Leo.

Sometimes, the protective nature of Pisces can tend to make the overly-independent Lion feel caged. Pisces gives trust absolutely to his or her partner, and Leo does take that responsibility seriously, and is unlikely to wound Pisces deliberately. Meanwhile, regal Leo has much to learn from the gentle Dreamer, not least in terms of spirituality; if Leo recognises this, it will add to respect he or she feels for Pisces and will improve the chances for Leo and Pisces compatibility.

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When it works best, this relationship can be highly creative, mystical and almost other-wordly in its nature, and both partners can benefit enormously from the each other. The problem lies in getting this partnership through the initial romance and past the troublesome stage, so that both people involved have a chance to find out how they tick. For Pisces and Leo, compatibility is a there one minute, gone the next, but now back again kind of affair — tricky to pin down, but beautiful when it exists.

love match for leo and pisces in a relationship

If this couple do manage to find out what works best for them, one thing to guard against always is too much escapism. Leo is grounded in realitybut can be guilty of deliberately turning a blind eye to difficulties in order to avoid potentially upsetting conflict.

If neither partner is willing or able to face up to facts, Pisces and Leo compatibility could be in big trouble before either steps in to do anything about it.

Since Leo always shines a light on our virtues and shortcomings, they will not miss a chance to show their Pisces partner how unrealistic they are. This could help Pisces build a more realistic approach, but it could also affect their confidence and hurt them through a difficult perception of the world.

love match for leo and pisces in a relationship

The Fire element Leo belongs to, makes them passionate and gives them the need to fight for their loved one and their emotions. Pisces is a Water sign, and much more passive, showing their passion through the flow of emotion. The middle point for these partners is in their realization that not everything needs to be won, as much as not everything should be uninfluenced.

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Although true emotions are supposed to develop without difficulty, sometimes life is testing us to see if we really care. Pisces partner understands the necessity of lies, but still lives for clarity of the mind and the realization of their true inner Self. As much as they will both value their individual set of beliefs, they will be able to find middle ground in the grandiose character of Leo and the idealizing nature of Pisces. Although Leo is a Fire sign, always ready to start something new, they will like to stick to their routine and show themselves in all the usual places every day.

Pisces want to be invisible and they will change the scenery often in order for people not to recognize them.