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She is close friends with Lucretia, however, their lively relationship is more than meets the eye. In Vengeance, Ilithyia becomes pregnant and her pregnancy. Spartacus Vengeance's Steven DeKnight On Lucretia, Ilithyia, And Some Season Especially since he does have a relationship with Crassus. The next day, Lucretia is in the market when she spots Gannicus, who is Ilithyia and Lucretia's relationship is also going in some interesting.

Spartacus hadn't left her thoughts since the fight in the market and Gaius had been cold. He paid her no mind, ignoring her in every way, claiming busy thoughts. Yet, he still wouldn't allow her to return to Rome. She knew if she could rid herself of thoughts of Spartacus and position herself next to Varinius, with her father's blessing, her and her child would be on their way to Rome at the close of the games. Ilithyia's dreams of Spartacus had increased in frequency since the incident in the market.

She couldn't close her eyes without seeing him, or look around without colliding with his memory. Ilithyia saw him in the ludus training, sweat clinging to his skin and flying off in arcs as his sword crashed loudly against shield. She saw him in the arena fighting, sandals soaked in blood, skin and hair matted with sand. She saw him standing in front of her while she took a knife to his chest, dragging the sharp metal against his skin. Ilithyia had been so pleased to see the bright red line appear in its wake.

She wanted to fault him, show he was not immortal and he bled like every slave. As she'd driven the sword through the belly of that Gaul she imagined it was Spartacus.

She imagined killing him; the man that ruined her, the man who wouldn't stay a second from her thoughts, the man who gave life to the child that was growing inside of her. Ilithyia imagined that it was Spartacus' body that had been dragged away as her guests cheered. Killing that slave had presented no problem and the thought of leaving her husband did nothing to affect her demeanor. He'd been rough and cross with her since he'd found out about Licinia.

Even his happiness about the child was tempered by her stained hands. Ilithyia wasn't the girl who so long ago had loved him deeply. He did not know it yet, but she wished for nothing more than freedom from his dominion. Ilithyia had steeled herself against overly sentimental thoughts and she would not be swayed from this path. Grin upon face, Ilithyia kept her eyes on all in attendance. She'd devised a plan to get back to Rome that didn't involve Gaius defeating Spartacus.

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A feat that was proving more difficult than anyone had imagined. Spartacus had been underestimated by Gaius on too many occasions and now he underestimated her. Grave mistakes she would see him pay dearly for. Ilithyia planned on showing Gaius exactly how the game was supposed to be played.

She grabbed a drink from a nearby table and let her eyes linger around the room. The party was a smashing success, the capture of the prisoners had everyone in light spirits even if Spartacus wasn't among them. Ilithyia knew she just had to wait for the right moment to get Varinius alone and she would be able to sway him to her cause. Lucretia parting her legs and bedding her father had not been a part of the plan but she couldn't argue with the results.

Varinius had been swayed by simple access to Ilithyia's body and her father by access to Lucretia's.

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She was to be married to Varinius and all ties to her husband dissolved. Ties including the life of her child. Through some means Gaius had found out about her plan to terminate her pregnancy. Instinctively, she'd been scared to find him with the vile but she knew she couldn't turn back.

The life of her child, bastard of Spartacus, was a sacrifice she was willing to make. She'd felt immediately liberated and empowered when she revealed her true intentions to dissolve their marriage.

Even more so knowing that she already had her father and Varinius' support. The vile Gaius shattered would be easily replaced and disposal of the child would follow.

When they arrived at the arena later that day she was in high spirits. This charade would be concluded at the end of the games and she'd be returning to Rome. She took her seat and surveyed the boisterous crowd. So many people packed into such a small space gave the illusion or one writhing mass.

As Varinius announced the first match she had to admit to herself, even now after all she'd been through, the games still sent shivers of excitement through her. Screaming, blood soaking the sand, unlikely winners and crushing defeats; the best drama always took place in the arena. Games of blood for sport were always the most entertaining and the highlight would be the executions at games' end. Bit by bit Spartacus was being cleansed from her life.

The Gauls would die, no one would shed a tear for the former champion Crixus as his name was expunged from history. The old traitorous Doctore, the only survivor of Theocles until Spartacus and Crixus, would also fall to the sword this day. Soon enough Spartacus and all that knew him would be wiped from the face of the Earth and she told herself that it felt a great relief.

Yet, it gave her pause how easily Lucretia had talked her out of doing her part to get back to Rome; leaving no further trace of the rebel slave Spartacus within her. Was she being sentimental or was it the physical reasoning behind Lucretia's argument? She kept telling herself that she was happy it would all be over soon. Telling herself that the nausea she was feeling as the games came to a close wasn't sentimentality. It was just nerves caused by Gaius and Varinius' taunting one another. Many deaths committed by Batiatus and his slaves were mischievously whispered by his poisonous mouth, doing anything to get what they want.

Such acts include the killing of a child with a man plotting to kill her husband, despite her express displeasure with this act. Still, she did not let that hinder your emotions to her husband and finally accepted his actions as a necessary evil. Like most romans, she believed her slaves as non-entities, but objects, and therefore had no qualms about having them raped or murdered by her own pleasure. She and her husband often attended raping them together, and she was particularly aroused by the sight of him violating them, as in Gods of the Arena used his slaves Melitta and Diona to quench the sexual perversions of visitors to the ludus.

She originally sees Crixus as a sex object, rarely even talking to him or kissing him, although she really believed that he loved her. Despite these views, she feels a deep sense of betrayal when any of her slaves disobey her, even if she believes that the betrayal was justified and expressed their anger through tortures. Lucretia became emotionally traumatized, after she lost her husband and was repeatedly raped by Ashurher former slave, the latter who forces her to become his unwilling lover and belittle her for having little influence.

Until then there was no other who she is sexually interested beyond Batiatus. Later Gaia entices Lucretia taking opium while high, the two friends share a romantic sexual encounter, this remains without knowledge of Batiatus, though he and the two finally begin to engage in threesome. Gaia and Lucretia, friends and lovers Gaia is close to Lucretia, emotionally and physically, acting as best friend and mentor of the villain, being a key to understanding the attitudes of Lucretia's character during the series.

She has the option of having sexual relations with someone other than your husband, maybe even a slave. Gaia will delight and manipulates the men around her to have a second marriage, better than the first, and sees men as fun, but still she is honest and caring towards Lucretia and want to help and protect her, but she did not rule out the option of promoting your own objectives. Along the route of the prologue of the series, though many friends and other contacts, Gaia is concerned only with Lucretia, and she puts herself at risk because of it.

Gaia Jaime Murray in Spartacus series Everything changes with the arrival of Quintus Batiatus's father, Titus, who when faced with three naked, show their displeasure with the direction of the life of his only son and a strong dislike for Gaia later. First help her friend and her husband to gain the prestige that aims for your business, when she attracts the noble Varus to the ludus and convinces them to satisfy the sexual desires of that.

Soon news of the pleasures that the house of Batiatus offers are counted among the highest social circles. And most men approach Lucretia, wanting to see it with your own eyes. Unfortunately for both, Tullius, veiled enemy of Batiatus, also decides to attend orgies. Lucretia is disturbed by your presence, so Gaia decides to seduce him to try to find something and once alone he tells her to pass a message to Batiatus. Later, Tullius leaves the ludus and says he left a message.

Lucretia then finds her friend dead in the room with the head violently crushed. To hide the crime and not generate a scandal, Titus decides that the body of Gaia should be thrown off the cliff, as if he had left the house while drunk and fell into the abyss. This attitude generates enormous despair since she desires to avenge the death of her friend, but the father-in-law decides that the son should divorce Lucretia, considering it "a snake", if not both will to live on the streets.

His inability to produce an heir is the main danger to their marriage thereafter.

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To remedy this, Lucretia forces herself to have sex with one of her slaves Crixus, who came from a big family before he was enslaved a child. Titus's death by Lucretia Responding to maltreatment of her husband and inertia on the death of Gaia, the treatment given to her corpse, she murders Titus poisoning the wine given to him in full awareness of Batiatus feels love for his father, and he suspected that his enemy Tullius committed murder and undoubtedly would retaliate.

During the slow death of her father-in-law, she confesses that she did not intend to kill him, why put poison in small doses, but the death of his friend asked a final solution. Afterwards, Lucretia begins a regular affair with Crixus in order to have a child so her husband will have an heir worthy of his legacy.

Blood and Sand In Blood and Sand Lucretia has her real character portrayed as the public came to know her: With the sale of the prominent gladiaor Spartacus to her husband, Lucretia makes friends with the woman's praetor, Legatus Glaber, Ilithyia.

Lucretia meets the Priestess of Juno, convened by Ilithyia to put an end to fertility problems the new friend. It consumes a potion, and how have sexual relations in the hours to get the effect, but Batiatus was on business, she calls Crixus to possess it. However, their plans are insufficient when he asks him to "give up one night of pleasure" in order to remain prepared for his upcoming fight with Theokoles; unknown to Lucretia, he declines due to his growing feelings for Naevia, a slave protected since the accidental death of Melitta.

Licinia is attracted to Spartacus, and want to have sex with him. Ilithyia immediately deduces the intentions of Licinia, and want to Crixus in bed too. Feeling humiliated Lucretia prepares a devilish exchange with masks as soon Spartacus and Ilithyia have sex, without realizing the identity of each other. She then goes over them with intentionally, Licinia to be beside her, she exposes the truth much to the horror and shame of Ilithyia.

Meanwhile, Licinia is delighted at the irony of the case and laughs at her wildly. Anguished, Ilithyia kills Licinia hitting her head on the hard floor repeatedly.

At the end of the season, Lucretia discovers love Crixus and Naevia in response, Lucretia unleashes her jealous fury upon Naevia, violently beating and cursing her for her betrayal. She crudely cuts off Naevia's hair with a blunt knife and sends her away to an unknown location, much to Crixus's dismay and desperation.