Magneto and polaris relationship


magneto and polaris relationship

(In fact, he might not even be Magneto's offspring at all.) The parentage of Lorna Dane (AKA the superhero Polaris) is a strange and complicated thing. entire storylines and comic book series built around the relationship. The first known ancestor of the mutant Magneto was Lucy Keough also .. to be aware or even fazed by the revelation of her relation to Polaris. Magneto is the father of Polaris [Lorna Dane], Zaladane is the self-proclaimed half-sister of Polaris but with no relationship to any of Magneto's.

It may simply be a ceremonial marker of her passing. Another couple had arrived at Wundagore within days of Magda giving birth: When Madelyne and her baby died in childbirth, Bova tried to assuage Robert's pain by presenting Wanda and Pietro as his own children. Frank couldn't handle his wife's death, and ran off into the night leaving the twins he believed to be his own in Bova's care. The Maximoffs raised Wanda and Pietro as their own, but when raiders attacked their camp and set fire to the caravan, the young twins ran off into the night, believing their parents had died in the fire.

This trauma created a block in their memories, so that years later the pair would not remember much of anything from before the fire.

magneto and polaris relationship

Upon hearing the Whizzer's tale of his wife's death in Giant-Size Avengers 1, the Scarlet Witch concluded that he must be her father, and she and her brother began calling themselves Wanda and Pietro Frank. The twins learned most of the truth much later at Wundagore, when they met Bova who told them the tale of Magda and her unnamed but dangerous husband.

At some point, he slept with a woman who would bear his child, a girl who grew up calling herself Lorna Dane. Adopted by an ordinary couple, Lorna grew of age unaware of her family history until Mesmero and his Demi-Men captured her in the name of Magneto, activated her magnetic powers, and claimed she was the Master of Magnetism's daughter.

Iceman did some research, however, and found newspaper files and documentation proving that Lorna's true parents were killed in a plane crash, and she was then adopted by her supposed father's sister and her husband Since the Magneto working with Mesmero turned out to be a robotic doppelganger anyway, Lorna accepted that Magneto was not her father.

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She also uncovered evidence that the plane crash that supposedly killed her birth parents had been highly magnetized. Magneto returned, possibly because he didn't know about the child, and caused their plane to crash.

Lorna was then adopted by her first adopted father's sister and her family. Another person claiming relationship to Lorna was the Savage Land priestess of the sun, Zaladane. She kidnapped Lorna and managed to steal her magnetic powers from her, supposedly because they were sisters.

Lorna Dane (Earth-616)

Genetically, Zaladane would believe she was Lorna's cousin, since she should think that her uncle who died in the plane crash is Lorna's biological father. Trials and Tribulations Unlike Lorna, Wanda and Pietro both got married and had families of their own.

magneto and polaris relationship

After being injured in a battle with the Sentinels, Quicksilver was found by the Inhuman girl Crystal and brought to the Great Refuge where she nursed him back to health.

This affection turned to love, and they got married. Years later, they would have a daughter, who would be named Luna after the Inhumans' home on the moon.

As Inhuman law is very strict on the preservation of marriage, the couple were still considered married and for a while they even tried to reconcile. She came to love the synthetic man called the Vision during their time together in the Avengers, and they were ultimately married by Immortus in Giant-Size Avengers 4. Vision was a synthezoid, originally created in the 's by Phineas Thomas Horton as the original Human Torch, and then remodeled into his current appearance in the modern era by Ultron, using the brain wave patterns of the then-dead Avenger Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, as a basis for his personality.

She gave birth to twin sons, named Thomas and William after her husband's creator and the last name of the man his mind was created from.

Everything started to go wrong for Wanda once Immortus began implementing his lifelong plans for her. No client was ever revealed for the Magneto robot. This leaves three possibilities.

An undisclosed individual or Machinesmith was somehow aware of Polaris true identity when they created the robot.


Magneto himself commissioned Machinesmith to create the robot. While the latter doesn't appear that likely, it is possible. Despite his feelings for humans, he hasn't been above hiring them when it has suited his purposes.

There have been some notable examples of this behaviour during the Magneto ongoing series by Cullen Bunn were Magneto has in his employ a human woman named Briar Raleigh. He said, paraphrasing, "The Magneto who claimed to be Lorna's father was a robot.

He also doesn't deny any involvement in the robot's creation, but merely says he never met Mesmero.

magneto and polaris relationship

It may very well be that the robot was part of a scheme of Magneto's, programmed with the information of Lorna's paternity, and designed to instruct her as his heir if he was killed. And once Magneto turned up alive and found out the robot had been activated, he backpeddled on the revelations until a better opportunity presented itself. Frankly, at this point, what the robot knew and why it knew it has become a secondary concern since Magneto openly admitted he was Lorna's father and outside evidence has come forward about her paternity.

The most damning evidence against Magneto fathering Polaris actually relates to the DNA test done in the divergent reality the Age of Apocalypse. This information came from Dark Beast and Mr. Sinister, neither of whom could hardly be considered reliable sources. Sinister, would lie, one can easily find motives. For instance, hiding the daughter of Magneto in plain sight and branding her as a lunatic would be a smart move for either one of them. Mr Sinister was plotting the downfall of Apocalypse and Dark Beast was aware of this.

In this reality, Magneto had buried two daughters already, the guilt of which weighed upon him dearly. Holding his only surviving daughter above him would allow Sinister or Dark Beast to blackmail Magneto to ensure either man's survival. Also, a pedigreed second generation mutant like Polaris would be a valuable test subject even in her weakened state. Age of ApocalypseNew X-Men 2nd series 41] Considering the above motives, the evidence against Magneto being Polaris father is easily explained as the strongest evidence against originates from an alternate reality.

In universe, Magneto says he is the father. Polaris says he is the father. They are quite literally connected via their powers. However, to accurately retcon at this stage that Polaris is not Magneto's child, a writer would need to be able to: Disprove the DNA test that Polaris had done. Croix and Charles Xavier skill level.

magneto & polaris - let you down

Polaris' relationship with Magneto has not been the only lingering familial mystery. Evidence for Zaladane being related to Polaris: According to Moira their genetic structures needed to be similar.

In talking about Susanna, his late lover and mother of Polaris, Magneto said she had more potential outside of being the mother of his children, possibly implying that either he wanted her to give him more children or that she already had.

Additionally, Magneto remarked that looking at Zaladane was like looking into a mirror image. Lorna and Zala apparently share the same last name. Zaladane knew about Lorna and claimed she had searched the world for her. Unless it was personal and a biological connection was necessary for the power theft, surely there were other formidable superhumans whose powers she could have stolen?

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