Mary and jesus relationship

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mary and jesus relationship

Jay Parini says the relationship between Mary and Jesus grew complicated after its serene beginnings, portrayed here as part of a Winterhall. Thank you for posting what is a very controversial question! But as a Bible teacher and a strong defender of its teachings I cannot walk away from this one. Mary. QUESTION: What was the role of Mary the mother of Jesus in His ministry? The role of Mary, the mother of Jesus in His ministry was that she was part of those who Jesus came to "seek and to save" (Luke ). "And Mary said: 'My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God.

The image of Jesus in arms of his mother, Mary, is central to Christmas story Like many mother-child relationships, Jesus' with his mother grew complicated, he says He says records are scant, but gospels show sometimes testy, sassy exchanges Parini: Jesus, good son, would ultimately ask apostle to care for 'mother of god' when he died No image is more central to the story of Christmas than that of baby Jesus in the arms of his mother, Mary.

It was painted and sculpted over and over again, by such artists as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

Mary the Mother of Jesus

It's a picture of tender mercy and boundless love between a mother and her son. But these first gentle moments even experienced in the humble environs of a manger are perhaps the easiest of any parent-child relationship. The story that would develop for Jesus and his mother, as presented in the gospels, was complicated, and not very unlike what happens in many families: The first scene in the Gospels after the Nativity occurs when Jesus is 12, on the cusp of adolescence.

The boy accompanies his family to Jerusalem for Passover week.

mary and jesus relationship

After the celebrations, his family leaves -- failing to notice that Jesus has been left behind. Searching for three frantic days, at last they find him in Herod's great Temple, among a group of elders, who are amazed by his knowledge of the scriptures.

Jesus and Mary: It's complicated

When Mary questions him about his behavior, Jesus replies somewhat testily: Didn't you know I must be about my Father's business? He was smart, perhaps a bit sassy. In any case, the Gospel of Philip is a gnostic document of the late second century with no historical content at all.

It has no connection with the apostles or anyone who knew Jesus or Mary Magdalene, so we would do well to ignore this and other gnostic sources on Mary of Magdala. We should give zero credence to these scandalous attempts to besmirch the character of one of the closest friends of Jesus.

Like I already said, we do not know a lot about this woman. We know that she was a respected woman with relatively high social standing—almost certainly higher social standing than Jesus.

We know that she honored Jesus and that she, obviously, lived a relatively righteous life once she came into contact with him. She certainly was not a former prostitute and it is absurd to propose a love interest or a physical relationship with Jesus.

Let us keep this biblical.

Jesus and Mother Mary

Here are all the passages in the gospels which mention this Mary by name: Of these, perhaps the key one is Luke 8: We have no idea of the nature of her possession, but we can see why Mary was later so devoted to Jesus. We also find her in the group of women who attended to Jesus while he was being crucified and who witnessed his being put in the tomb. She was also one of the women who were the first to see the risen savior.

In John she is the one who declared the resurrection of Jesus to the apostles.

mary and jesus relationship