Master chief and arbiter relationship poems

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master chief and arbiter relationship poems

Anyone else find this data pad in the Arbiter's camp? Hilarious. The best source for information on anatomy as it pertains to inter-species relationships. Heh. Rule 34(3): if Halo mentioned it, there is elite porn of it. The Arbiter The Master Chief was the sole Spartan to leave the Reach system aboard the Pillar of Autumn (with the exception of Linda in cryo). these references to certain verses in the Bible draw an even closer correlation. they in the game, the book, the poem, the Cortana letters, the transmissions, or any other. Perhaps the foremost battle at the center of Masters' views on literary all away with one burst of self-reliance: “I was the chief influence in my own career” (ASR, ). with the preposterous statement that he had “no relationship” with earlier poets. A reading of his poems or his own statements about influences shows that .

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Just consider it following after Halo 3 but with a few key differences. Thank's to doctor anthony for the idea for this chapter. Disclaimer I do not own anything relating to theHalo universe. Date "No offence Arbiter, but we generally do that the other way around. I'll be more careful in future. With only a minor grunt of effort, he raised his legs one hundred and thirty-five degrees from the floor. This wouldn't be a particularly impressive feet but for the barbell spread across his ankles.

Miranda Keyes shook her head, grinning. With these, I could kick your ribcage straight out of your chest. In the crowded Gym, numerous marines and one or two Elites made use of their current well of spare time. There was even one Unggoy, showing what chimp-like arms could do on a metal bar.

master chief and arbiter relationship poems

The Arbiter paused and stared at Miranda for a few moments. The Commander was making use of the dumbbells, showing quite clearly that her slim arms held more strength then one would guess at first glance.

Master Chief and Arbiter relationship

He cocked his head on one side. This was the first time he'd seen the woman in casual clothes, for all that she'd berated the Master Chief about it. Just a simple singlet and short ensemble seemed to be sufficient, as it was the trend matched by many others in the room, even the Elites were casually dressed.

Only he and the Unggoy stood out, though in the Grunt's case it was because his methane filter took an afternoon's work to separate from the armor. Several meters away, the giggly girl from maintenance glowered. She was on the treadmill, and did deem that half an hour was ample time to build up a sweat. At times she felt that Miranda was personally having a go at her. Er…" Miranda waved her arms expansively, "you know, your culture, your attitudes, your traditions.

Your race… I suppose. Shortly I will have to return to my duties, but for the moment I am free. A days work maybe? She shook her head and continued brightly, "yes I think something like that would work. If you don't mind, that is. Shall we say… three days time? Miranda laid her palm in his, and the Arbiter's claws closed gently over her fingers.

But don't you even begin to think about makin me wait for ten blasted minutes you hear me? Just don't keep me waiting next time. I shouldn't have to, this is my ship. As if my day was bad enough already! I'm in a highly sophisticated argument on a level you'll never ascertain.

I spent ages programming that AI. You girl, are a disaster waiting to happen. Sorry, correction, a disaster what has happened and is strangely curving back around for another shot at it, possibly with a rain of frogs in tow. A facilitation of production values in a manner of one certain circumvention…" "Whoa, easy there college girl. That she actually gets five hours sleep for once? My wager is this; by the end of the day I bet they'll express one gesture of affection to each other.

Cos you're not getting my laptop. Those are weapons and ammunition magazines. You know my policy on pornography! The Navy's a family place. But only if you understand that that kinda thing doesn't interest me in the least. If you lose, then for the next month you must shut up. Lookin good there Miss July. This was generally the Spartan's equivalent of slobbing out in an easy chair. He runs off but returns to help Arbiter defeat Kylie; claiming that "no bodies will take away my halos arbitur.

He tricks Kylie with a hologram and assassinates her, much to her shock. Her teabags her violently; calling her a "bitch" and meleeing her dead body repeatedly. As he gets up to leave, he looks back at her dead body; maybe regretting fragging someone that actually took an interest in him in Chief's mind ; showing that he actually did have feelings for her. Kylie doesn't feel the same way about Chief and sees him as sexist and mentally deficient. Chief doesn't seem to care about Duncan at all, but thinks that his gamertag is funny.

Emma Edit Chief met Emma during a match of Halo: Reach online, and was immediately infatuated by her, and attempted to send her a friend request. While Emma didn't accept due to having a full friends list and not knowing Chief personally, she though Chief seemed like a nice person and invited him to her clan, but she was oblivious to his affection for her.

master chief and arbiter relationship poems

When Chief started behaving in a crude manner as usual in the clan's server, Emma unwillingly kicked him from the server. In return, Chief also took a liking to Eugene and even referred to him along with Tyler as "awesome" to Greg and immediately accepted his clan invite. They both immediately got along due to their similar personalities.

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Tyler feels that Chief is hilarious due to his "Leetspeak", synthetic voice and mother jokes. Colin Edit Chief liked Colin at first and praised him for his ingenious fragban 2.

Despite this, Chief continued to try and befriend Colin. When Chief discovered Colin was a pedophile, Chief was utterly disgusted. After some slight pressuring from Cortana's "ghost," he told Arbiter and made attempts and was successful to collect evidence and get him incarcerated.

Jon Edit Jon doesn't know that Master Chief is alive. Whenever Jon is out, Chief and Arbiter come out of hiding and play on the Xbox and move around the apartment. Chief constantly steals Jon's credit cards and wallet; such as in ' Cold ', where he doesn't realize that Cold Storage was for free.

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Whenever he is mentioned, Chief makes fun of him, calling him 'fat' and 'lonely'; this can be seen in some of the Hypermail episodes and in 'Severance'. Despite having no respect for Jon, Chief frequently touts his status of being the first of the toys in Jon's possession.

Whenever possible Chief does his best to secretly offend, humiliate, injure, or otherwise inconvenience Jon just for laughs. He's Darth Vader times ten.

Under the Prophet's orders, the Arbiter kidnaps Professor Ellen Anders and takes her to a Forerunner shield world in uncharted space where he uses Anders to activate a massive fleet of Forerunner dreadnoughts with the plan to use the fleet to destroy humanity. The Arbiter engages in combat with protagonist Sergeant John Forge twice: Both times the Arbiter proves to be more than a match for Forge.

The first time, the Arbiter spares Forge's life after Anders agrees to go with him quietly in exchange. The second time, Forge tricks the Arbiter before stabbing him in the neck with his combat knife "Lucy". Forge is then able to kill the Arbiter with his own energy sword.

master chief and arbiter relationship poems

The trailer acts as a prelude to Halo 5: Guardians[27] in which Thel 'Vadam and his forces Swords of Sangheilios are locked in a bloody civil war with rogue Sangheili-led splinter factions that reside on the home planet Sanghelios. During the game, the Arbiter meets with Spartan Jameson Locke who asks the Arbiter about whether the nickname "Demon" was an insult or a compliment.

The Arbiter assures it was an insult, but with a certain standard of respect, which, after a chain of events, eventually lead the Arbiter to call the Master Chief an ally and even his friend.

Before the Spartans leave, the Arbiter asks Locke what the Spartans nicknamed the Master Chief, given that he was neither ally nor foe to them. The scene ends with Locke dodging the question and restating his duty. The Arbiter appears as an ally in the game, fighting the reformed Covenant forces of Jul 'Mdama, even after 'Mdama's death at the hands of Locke.

The Arbiter is ultimately successful in defeating his enemies and is reunited with the Master Chief at the end of the game following Cortana's betrayal.

What happened to Master Chief and Arbiter between Halo 5's ending and Halo Infinite

Other appearances[ edit ] An Arbiter is available as a playable character in Killer Instinct: Season Threevoiced by Ray Chase. He uses several weapons from the Halo series in combat, and fights in the Arena of Judgment, a stage set in the midst of a battle on Sanghelios.