Master chief and cortana relationship quiz

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master chief and cortana relationship quiz

The Master Chief is the last surviving Spartan-II super soldier, and just the Covenant, and has had no time to build any significant relationships. the Master Chief's only consistent comrade is his Artificial Intelligence, Cortana. TAKE QUIZ. I've recently seen a thread in which the original poster questioned the reason behind John's sadness over Cortana's death. The OP claimed. Beneath Master Chief's helmet is a man that has quite a few secrets that not The relationship gets a tad weirder when you factor in Cortana.

She has felt what he's felt.

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She probably knew him better than he knew himself. From John's perspective, the closeness of this relationship would obviously have a profound effect on him. One of the burdens of command. With Cortana, this military equipmet that acts very much like a civilian, John is allowed more "emotional freedom", as evidenced by his multitude of wry jokes and sarcastic comments geared toward her.

master chief and cortana relationship quiz

After the fall of Reach, when John thought all of his fellow Spartans dead, he still had the ever-so-friendly Cortana in his head. Given all this time, given all the hardships they've been through, John would grow accustomed to and like that voice in his head, his friend. It was his job to protect her, it was her job to protect him. John didn't let the Gravemind keep her, he didn't let Del Rio take her, he refused to accept that she couldn't be saved from rampancy.

Cortana has saved John's life more times than I'd like to list. On to her death. After all of what I just mentioned, of course it would affect him like it did. It's not that John considered her more important than the others. Her death was, simply put, the breaking point. With all that said, you can't say that Cortana is simply a computer. She was much more than that to John. And as far as I'm concerned, she IS human. This has vast repercussions.

If Master Chief is the culmination of the Librarian's planning, what exactly is she advancing him towards? Is she looking to create copies of the Forerunners?

Cortana answering tricky questions [halo references]

We can only wait and see. The endearing or annoying facet of Master Chief's anonymity, depending on your own opinion, is brought about because we never catch a glimpse of his face.

This has changed, albeit gradually, as the years have passed. John's face as a young recruit for the Spartan Program has appeared in cartoons and graphic novels, and Halo 4's legendary ending even teased us with a peek at Master Chief's eyes.

Combat Evolved came out for PC with a Custom Edition, intrigued players figured out a way to pan the camera toward Master Chief's head as he removed his helmet in the ending cut scene. What they saw either entertained or infuriated them. As Master Chief took his helmet off, players were treated with the sight of another helmet underneath his helmet.

Is it just us, or is that almost more preferable than actually seeing a face? He still manages to book it when he needs to, but how fast can he run in that armor? Turns out, Master Chief can run at 60 miles per hour when wearing the suit. When you're playing the games, especially the earlier ones without a sprint toggle, it can feel as if Master Chief is slowly ambling his way across the battlefield.

But this year-old man can run. This doesn't even take into account how fast a singular motion can become. With Cortana plugged into his neural interface, one of her functions is to speed up connections between his motor cortex and his actual muscles.

Adding that to the fact the Mjolnir is meant to move at the speed of thought makes Master Chief one lean, mean, speeding machine.

Last we had seen of him, he had been in a room steadily filling with Flood. How did he not get overrun and infected? Due to special circumstances, Sergeant Avery Johnson became immune to Flood infection. When the Chief and Halsey found out about this, she presented the Chief with a difficult choice.

He could either inform the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI about everything, which would mean Johnson would die from dissection following the necessary pursuit of a cure for the Flood infection, or he could give ONI a shortened report that omitted Johnson's involvement. We always think that Master Chief will choose the greater good at the expense of all else because that's what his whole life has been about.

However, his loyalty to Johnson exceeds his desire to preserve the human race. Flash clones, as their name implies, develop rapidly, but with numerous issues arising from their rushed growth. Their metabolism degenerate and they die within a couple of months. All the children of the Spartan II Program, while unaware of the flash clones, knew that they had been taken from their parents. This can't have been easy to process.

And if they processed it well, is that a testament to the child's resilience or resignation? Forgoing the fact that you can stay in cryosleep more or less indefinitely, in the Halo universe, you are supposed to enter the cryo-pods with no clothes on because if you do, intra-cellular ice crystals form between tissues causing a "freezer burn.

Every time he emerges from a cryo-pod in full armor, he is in excruciating pain from the blisters that have formed during his time in there.

Halo: Disturbing Facts About Master Chief You Don't Want To Know

Due to training and that tough demeanor we love, Master Chief can ignore that burning sensation and do his job like a professional.

However, especially considering his most recent stint in a cryo-pod lasted four years, he has got to be covered in the remains of blisters old and new.

master chief and cortana relationship quiz

This brings us to our next item on the list. That doesn't take into account the numerous scars he may have received while training or fighting the Covenant forces. These scars would stand out in stark contrast to the pale skin Master Chief is sure to have. After spending years in his Mjolnir armor, his skin received no direct contact with the sun.

His skin should be the color of pasty white glue. Bet the fanfictions don't mention that Master Chief is an albino when he's getting it on.

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More Like Chance via: Halsey and Jacob Keyes visited John's home to inspect him, this was when Dr. Halsey performed one last test to see if John truly qualified to be a part of her Spartan Program.

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