Maura and jane relationship tips

"Rizzoli & Isles" aren't gay, they just act that way - AfterEllen

maura and jane relationship tips

Jane's relationship with Casey has finally made her realize This story is Jane/ Maura, but it starts with both the of them in relationships with other of me as I slowly turned my beer bottle around with the tips of my fingers. Maura says he came to visit from Africa and “it's complicated.” I don't care what Facebook says, that is not a legitimate relationship status. Jane. Will Season 6B show their relationship turn from friendship to romance? Should "Rizzoli & Isles" turn Jane and Maura's relationship from that.

I saw the question on Casey's face in response to my laugh, and I shrugged and told the truth. It was true though. I'd been providing all of the emotional intimacy for Maura for years, without really realizing it, but now that I had, I felt a little resentful of the fact that I didn't get to share the physical intimacy as well. Never mind the fact that, had she asked, I probably would have had a gay panic attack and started hyperventilating.

Or done something stupid and completely ruined the best relationship I've ever had. Casey, though, seemed to completely miss the bitterness, focusing instead on how close I had just revealed I am to Maura.

I shouldn't have said that. I saw him shrug out of the corner of my eye, and when I glanced up, I could tell he was trying to pass it off, but the expression on his face looked like I'd just slapped him. Sometimes the truth is the meanest thing you can tell someone. The the very idea made me shudder, and I felt for a moment like I was going to throw up. Unsure how to explain my feelings any other way, I settle for blunt honesty.

You were never afraid to tell someone how you felt. There was real hurt in his voice. I really wanted to just get up and walk away.

I wanted to be out of the conversation. But I couldn't bring myself to leave it like that. I liked Casey a lot, and despite some rough patches, he'd been pretty good to me. He deserved better than that. I dropped my eyes down to the now label-less beer bottle in my hands, and like the idiot I am, I said the first thing that came to mind.

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The dreaded 'it's not you, it's me' speech. I'd been trying to do this without hurting him, but if he was going to lash out like that, I'd go with the cold, hard truth.

maura and jane relationship tips

You're the wrong person. You're not the person I want to be sitting in that seat. God, I don't fucking know. I wanted it to stop. I wanted to be curled up with Maura on my couch, both of us wearing footie pajamas as we ate chocolate frosting on graham crackers and got drunk on boxed wine. No, better yet, two buck chuck. At that moment, I think I would have traded my badge to see Maura in footie pajamas, making a face at the idea of drinking a two dollar bottle of wine.

“Rizzoli & Isles” aren’t gay, they just act that way

I could see the hurt in his eyes, and I felt sorry for him. He deserved better than the way I'm treating him.

maura and jane relationship tips

I would have liked to offer him a comfortable lie, but I was too exhausted to think of one, so I gave him the only thing I could. Got told two separate times they weren't interested. I think that's why I God, I fucked up, you know. I didn't even realize I was interested until after you and I were together. He missed the clue right in front of him, and ended up focused on entirely the wrong thing. I shook her head. We'd talked about it a couple of times, a long time ago.

maura and jane relationship tips

Once before I got shot, once not too long after, before you and I started Skyping. At the time, it was kind of a relief. Didn't want them to be interested in me, you know.

maura and jane relationship tips

It would complicate things. It's just, the longer you and I were together, the more I realized every time we did something, my first thought was to wish they were there. And when you started talking about going to those classes on how to I just realized I couldn't.

I'd never really been comfortable discussing sex, and those conversations with Casey had been hard for me. They'd only gotten harder when I realized that I just didn't want to be with Casey that way. He shook his head, and for once, asked the right question. If he's not interested, than why? We'd end up like my Ma and Pop.

You'd leave me for some chippy that used to bang our youngest son, and I'd end up running the snack counter at headquarters. Except, when you asked me for an annulment, I'd shoot you in the balls and get Maura to help me hide the body.

maura and jane relationship tips

After a moment, he looked down at his own uneaten food. More anger than he'd directed towards me at any other point in the conversation. I shook my head, trying to clear it, then forced myself to look at him, and once again, I found myself with nothing to give him but the truth.

Stuff I'm not sure I like, but stuff I can't ignore anymore. Stuff that means I'm gonna have to change everything I ever planned for the future.

It's hard, it's scary, and it's confusing, and I'm sorry you got caught up in the fucking disaster that is my life. I never wanted to hurt you. Jane subconsciously rolled her eyes as a pack of fraternity brothers in what appeared to be clothing for sailing, not bar hopping, pranced into the bar. Jane turned back to her beer, leaning over it protectively.

Of all nights, why tonight? The bartender gave her an apologetic look as he prepped shot glasses for the awaiting throng of irresponsible, barely legals. Jane emptied the bottle and without thinking asked for another. She wanted to take the request back immediately after she raised her finger to signal one more. She wanted the freedom to leave, but her mind dragged with thoughts of her most recently failed relationship with Alana and the faces on the parents that had lost their son today.

Her family didn't know she experimented with women and she didn't want them to. They were never serious Much like her relationships with men. Apparently, she didn't discriminate bad relationships based on gender.

She just wasn't the relationship type for anyone. Maybe you do need this drink, Rizzoli. She comforted herself with the cold amber liquid as it rolled across her tongue; the orange slice that Sal the bartender had dropped into the bottle had created a new crisp flavor that Jane was suddenly glad she stayed for.

The warmth of the beer was beginning to reach her toes; her head blurred with the feeling. The music pounding in her ear didn't help. The door of the bar opened again, Jane wouldn't have turned to look if the boys hadn't begun to chant chauvinist obscenities.

Jane peered over her shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of the focus of so much attention. It only took one look. Jane twisted her entire upper body so she could see the slim, taut body of the new blonde. The newcomer looked out of place in her skintight black dress and perfectly curled blonde hair. The curve of her waist, the swell of her breasts, the dark lines of eyeliner traced under her lids created an air of attraction that Jane couldn't shake. Even though Jane could tell her eyes were lighter than hers, they were shadowed with danger.

The woman dared anyone to cross her tonight. Jane's mouth hung open as she stared. The woman approached the bar, purpose driven. As the blonde moved closer, within enough range for Jane not to have to torque her body to see, the detective could see the barest traces of that black eyeliner running at the edges. Her cheeks had been expertly wiped with practiced hands.

But the subtle, barely noticeable streaks were unmistakable. The woman had been crying. She wanted to help. But she didn't even know the woman. Still, the urge to console her didn't quit. While Jane tirelessly sipped at her third beer, the woman to her right ordered a white wine. Though out of place in the dark bar in Boston, it suited the blonde.

Somehow, it fit her. It was then that something had piqued the black-clad woman's interest. She flicked her blonde hair away from her face and used the momentum to turn a glance toward Jane. The blonde's eyes weren't red or even touched with tears. There was something else, something dark, seething, and daring beneath the gaze.

Jane swallowed, her mouth dry. She lifted her beer to the woman. Hang in there, sweetie. The other woman's lips curved upward at an edge. She looked away before a full smile overtook her. Jane took the bashful smile to be gratitude, but more than anything she liked to make this woman smile.