Melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship test

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melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship test

Book answer: Stannis is not any more manipulated by Melisandre than he is by Ser a sweet but disfigured child, a loveless marriage to a weird, unstable woman who (of the same organized religion) advocating that it is actually Stannis Baratheon? . and I think (based on her reaction) that moment really tested her faith. Having spent the previous four seasons being, to put it bluntly, a boring, uptight, lousy Melisandre puppet, Stannis "The Mannis" is turning a. Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon Photo: Sky Atlantic Because of their difficult relationship the King declined to make Stannis lord of Storm's End, be tested were he aware Red Witch Melisandre had been beaming.

He was constantly having private conversations with others within the Small Council and he was often seen close to King Robert's side. Yet, Robert's untimely death caused his younger brother to flee King's Landing and align with another House in order to seize control of The Iron Throne for himself.

He was actually able to garner a huge amount of support, regardless of the fact that he was behind Stannis in age. What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother? Question 20 King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed.

What's the name of the one that survived? Pip Davos Gendry The question of succession is a huge factor in the world of Game of Thrones since it affects the status of an heir. From being the sole owner of a castle stronghold to sitting on The Iron Throne, there's a reason why so much attention is put on the family lineage.

People that have children outside of wedlock can have their bastards legitimized by a royal decree but otherwise, they are somewhat of outcasts in society. King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. Question 21 What was the name of his bride?

Ned Stark seemed to be heeding his advice until he realized that Renly meant to sit on The Iron Throne, himself.

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He aligned with one of the most powerful Houses in Westeros, who supported his claim to the throne. What was the name of his bride? Question 22 What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Loras Tyrell Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly During the early part of the series, there were a number of rumors being openly suggested about Renly Baratheon.

Even while he was at King's Landing, it seemed like everyone knew about his homosexual tendencies. Renly had a lover that seemed to encourage his claim to the Iron Throne and eventually helped him in achieving alliances. Renly Baratheon married into House Tyrell through Margaery but he still continued to have a romance with a male character in the series.

What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Dragonsbane Dragonstone Stormlands During Robert's Rebellion, there were a number of different individuals that had their own part to play in ensuring a victory.

While there is often a huge amount of focus on the Lannisters in the way their army was let into King's Landing and then sacked the city.

Robert's older brother played a huge part as well. There was a stronghold he needed to hold in order for Robert to triumph.

Everything you need to know about Stannis Baratheon

This was a difficult task and much of the individuals nearly starved to death. What is the name of this affliction? To be killed by a White Walker causes the corpse to rise again as part of the army of the dead, which means that they are lost forever.

Yet, there is another affliction in the series that may still have a cure. The interesting part is that the daughter of Stannis Baratheon also had the affliction but was somehow able to stave it off. She returned with Gendry, bastard son of Robert. Set free after promising not to harm Melisandre, Ser Davos accompanied Stannis to Gendry's chambers, where the terrified heir was strapped to a bed and covered in leeches.

The Red Witch was extracting kingly blood in order to demonstrate its potency. Under her instruction Stannis flung several leeches on a pyre and named three people he wished dead: Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey. Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon Photo: But before Gendry could be offered up to the Lord of Light he was smuggled to safety by Ser Davos — whom Stannis promptly sentenced to death.

However, Davos had an ace — a letter from the Night's Watch pleading for assistance in their struggle with the White Walkers. Of all people, it was Melisandre who backed Ser Davos: Davos was spared once again as Stannis resolved to do whatever was required to save Westeros from the ghoulish threat beyond the wall. To retain the support of the Lord of Light, Stannis assented to the burning of one of his bannerman, along with the soldier's wife.

With cash in pocket, Stannis led his forces beyond the Wall, arriving just as a desperate Jon Snow prepared to assassinate Mance Rayder. However, his agonizing death wasn't as drawn out as Baratheon intended, with Jon Snow dispatching the Wildling lord via an arrow. Stannis had felt his actions entirely reasonable — he wanted to drive the loathsome Boltons from Winterfell, after all, and had pledged to give the Wildlings their own land in return for their service.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow Photo: HBO Snow had to break it to Stannis that, as newly elected head of the Night's Watch, he couldn't possibly join the man who would be king in his march on the Boltons of Winterfell no matter that he surely hungered to avenge House Stark.

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Once again, the normally volatile Stannis was uncharacteristically understanding — though his sympathies would surely be tested were he aware Red Witch Melisandre had been beaming come-hither glances at Snow on the turbo-lift to Castle Black. Later, Stannis told his daughter that he loved he dearly and would never allow any harm befall her.

HBO Stannis's march on Winterfell was frustrated by the worsening snow.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship test

With horses dying by the dozen and mercenary sellswords deserting, Ser Davos urged a retreat to Castle Black. Stannis was not for turning: Melisandre had a helpful suggestion.

Spilling royal blood — in the form of Stannis' daughter Shireen — would win the good graces of the Lord of Light and hasten victory against the Boltons. Appalled Stannis banished the Red Witch from his tent. He dispatched a reluctant Ser Davos to Castle Black to obtain supplies. With his advisor and unofficial conscience out of the way, Stannis paid a chilling visit to Shireen.

She said she would do whatever she could to help his cause — having no idea this would involve her being strapped to a pole and set ablaze. So ive decided to break then in half and in this post i will focus on the relationships that Stannis has with various people.

A part 2 of sorts focusing on the differences between Show and Book Stannis i will do at a later time. After The parents of Stannis, Robert, and Renly are killed in a shipwreck Cressen becomes a father figure to the Baratheon children and basically raises them.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship test

He loved Stannis most of all as he was not charismatic like Robert and Renly and this causes Cressen to dote on Stannis. He ultimately considers Stannis a son he never had. After Stannis is given the castle of Dragonstone by Robert Cressen follows Stannis and becomes maester at Dragonstone.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship test

When Melisandre tells Stannis not to worry about all of the lords of the Stormlands declaring for Renly and that Renly will be dead soon Cressen is shocked at the thought of Stannis kinslaying and he suggests Stannis try to make an alliance with Robb Stark or try to win Lysa Arryn to his cause.

Ultimately Cressen becomes convinced that Melisandre is bad for Stannis and decides to kill her by poison.

He hurries to a dinner being held by Stannis for his supporters and falls with Patchface the fool he has trouble getting back up to his feet due to his advanced age envoking laughter from the gathered lords and ladies. Stannis informs Cressen that the young maester Pylos will take over as his maester.

Selyse mocks Cressen for being old and not believing in the Lord of Light and she suggests Cressen wear the bucket helm of the fool Patchface which Stannis makes him do. This hurts Cressen deeply due to his love for Stannis.

Stannis and Selyse Stannis relationship with his wife Selyse is almost non exiestent despite being married. They arent close and Stannis only sleeps with her once or twice a year to do his duty as a husband.

When Stannis goes to Kings Landing to Serve on Roberts small council he leaves Selyse behind on Dragonstone and rarely sends letters to her. Stannis and Ned Now Stannis and Ned didnt have much of a relationship at all really they likely never spent much time together at all.

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The reason i included Ned on this list is because Stannis is very jealous of the close friendship between Ned and Robert. The man was nothing to me Oh Robert loved him to be sure loved him like a brother how often did i hear that? I was his brother not Ned but you never would have known it the way he treated me.

Stannis feels resentful of Ned due to him getting credit for lifting the siege of Storms End when Stannis was inside holding out and starving living off of rats.