Minho and suho relationship trust

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minho and suho relationship trust

Now that he knew that everything was okay with L and Suho - - or Suho and L, why would he put them in . Ricky didn't, because he actually trusted Changjo sometimes, but everyone else was suspicious. .. Kai and Taemin are friends, nobody questions that. . Would he have that kind of relationship with just anybody?”. Minho & Suho~ Suho looks like a bitch and holy moly look at Minho's tanned Shinee | Minho is fabulous Trust Issues, Shinee Minho, Taemin, Choi Min Ho. Read ZE:A's Kwanghee, SHINee's Minho and EXO's Suho enjoy lunch The close relationship between the three MCs from different music shows, has.

Luhan stood up and tried to make his way to the other two who were the main cause of the mess. Kris pinched the bridge of his nose and motioned for Baekhyun to come out of the pantry to run to his room. Baek quickly bolted for safety, barely missing Xiumin's throw as another plate shattered next to Kris' head.

I didn't do anything to you and neither did he! Luhan managed to shove Sehun away and retreat back to the others behind the couch. Sehun got up and now had his eyes fixed on Xiumin, "why am I even on your side right now? Taking in a deep breath, he collected himself.

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Tao peaked from behind the couch, "he never cusses or even comes close to being this way… We are really in trouble this time. I expect so much more from you, Xiumin.

Lay, Suho, Minho visited Jonghyun Funeral

You are the oldest, act like it. The other three soon joined, the six men cleaning up the disaster zone, not saying a single word to each other. We will discuss it soon. For now, I think you should relax in here until everyone is finished cleaning and no longer all riled up.

It's not our fault we are hurting right now. I looked at Xiumin, realizing he was glaring at me. I tried to look away and get back to cleaning. Seeing Luhan slowly make his way towards Xiumin caused every part of me to begin to ache. He's been so distant now and I already have a feeling we are going to come to an end. I sighed and made my over to Tao, "I'm sorry. For doing this and trying to hurt you. He looked a bit hurt that I was apologizing to my ex instead of him first.

I am already setting this fate in stone and I don't even want this to come to an end. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me. I threw the broom down and grabbed him by the hand, dragging him up to the rooftop so we could talk.

We need to figure this out. I don't want to lose him, but since his return, I know Xiu is slowly winning him back. Tao's POV I watched the broken couple storm out of the living room and disappear.

Xiumin was clutching onto dust pan, his knuckles turning white. I wasn't too sure what to do. I'm usually the one who is the cry baby of the group, but this has been out of control. I reached forward, wrapping my arms gently around him. Why am I so worried about Sehun… I kept looking at the door, wanting to go comfort him, but I stayed with Xiumin, letting him fall apart in my arms as the other two finished the last bit of the cleaning.

Lay gently rubbed Xiumin's back and looked up at me, "I'll take him from here, he needs to go lie down. You and Chen can watch t. We had all forgotten about Kris, who was sitting in a corner, avoiding everyone. I smirked and started to make my way towards him, D.

You are still on thin ice and this little behaviour of yours will only make everything worse. Go to your room. They never mean anything. D cornered C in the bathroom and said a bunch of crap to him. The two of them have been in a feud ever since. Who would do that? Chanyeol poked him in the nose.

Apparently, though, the idea of two idols holding a grudge and going off on each other in a bathroom was too juicy to drop. In the initial back-and-forth, someone threw in the idea that whoever was feuding with EXO had to come from Infinite. They put up photos of Sunggyu and Hoya looking unhappy and unpleasant. That was when Inspirit started to blow shit up. They decided that the problematic EXO member was Sehun, and to prove it, they provided evidence that he was rude to other sunbaes outside of Infinite.

They circulated footage of him onstage hugging Ricky in congratulation for an award and then bowing awkwardly to L.

minho and suho relationship trust

Photos of different outfits on different days, over and over again. And why just Suho and Sehun? Maybe Suho went to see Changjo, but what was going on with Sehun?

minho and suho relationship trust

When Changjo heard the front door open, he scrambled to his feet and pressed his ear against the bedroom door. There was a pause, and when he spoke again, he sounded resigned. The three of them met in a tiny dressing room upstairs. They faced each other on folding chairs.

The last thing that he wanted was anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary or becoming suspicious. What do you want to do? How does it look, everyone meeting up all of the time?

You really will throw him away any time you want. I have to protect my members first, no matter what. Too much damage had already been done.

minho and suho relationship trust

There are rumors all of the time, they make up little couples. You have to learn the difference between interest and gossip and scandal.

minho and suho relationship trust

Scandal is when you get caught with your cock out. This is interest, and the best way to handle interest is to keep doing what you were already doing. Everybody wants to put me in a couple with Woohyun. If we act weird around each other, it becomes a problem. Our members have gone too far. We have to stop, now, before it gets worse.

I have to do what I have to do. How did Sunggyu know? How bad would the fallout be, how could he protect Sehun, what would happen to L. You have to get over it and never do it again. You give too much away. You have to do this. Joe right after asking about Sehun. How much did Sunggyu know?!

We should stop all of this now, before it gets worse. EXO-L is glad to see their idols so close with successful sunbaes. Inspirit is glad to see their idols so close with popular hoobaes. Everybody getting along is a good thing. I was thinking about the, uh, visits. Kai and Taemin are friends, nobody questions that. You went to C. The needs of the group outweighed the needs of one individual member. He regretted ever setting this debacle in motion.

It would have been better if none of them had ever gotten involved. How had they survived in this industry with this attitude? I guess that I should tell Woohyun to stay away from Key, too. How had their management ever agreed to it?

Woohyun and Key had so much to hide, why would they make their friendship even more public? It was almost like, what was it called? Hiding in plain sight. Making the couple so obvious that everyone took it for granted that they were close. Making it official so that no one noticed anything odd about the two of them pairing up. Of course they were always together, of course they had skinship, of course they shared private jokes, of course, the whole world knew how close they were.

Suddenly, Suho understood what Sunggyu had been talking about. Which was funny, because Jihye could have sworn she heard him laughing loudly just a few seconds ago from outside the door. It hurts so much. Look- they bandaged it up and everything!

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What a big baby. Jihye sighed and looked down at him. Noona, I fractured my wrist! How could she frown at him this way when he was in such pain? Ignoring him and the gaping looks from his friends, she went to get the attention of a nurse, who hurried over as soon as she saw Jihye. She gave her a calm smile. He can go home now as long as he comes back for regular check-ups.

Jihye blinked and nodded. If you think that your brother was being bullied or harassed by these men, then you may wish to call the police and report his injury as an assault.

She folded her arms and sighed, looking down at them. None of them spoke. Who are these men that supposedly brought you here? He sat up and frowned. Jihye raised an eyebrow. Clearly they were completely exaggerating the story. Jihye recognized it instantly and she turned around, coming face-to-face with Suho and Minho, both of whom had just entered the hospital room. I thought the kid looked familiar. Is this what you do with your free time, then? Bullying innocent kids at the park?

He tripped over my foot! He looked like he was about to explode. His sleeveless jersey was showing his tense biceps. The poor man looked panicked and helpless.

What Did MinHo of SHINee and SuHo of EXO Fight Over?

Come on- you know me, am I really the type of person who goes around hurting kids? We were playing football and he tripped. Because I dumped you? Is that what this is about? Jihye felt her cheeks flush red. Did he think it was funny to humiliate her in this setting?

He opened his mouth to speak, but Suho had a firm grip on his arm and pinched him hard. He kept quiet, glaring at Jihye. Feeling triumphant, she folded her arms across her chest and leaned back on her heels coolly.

But to be honest, I think these poor young boys have been traumatized enough today. The last thing I want is to put them through the stress of being questioned by the police. He glared at Jihye. When did you become such a bitch? Can you just set your ego aside and apologize quickly? He had to take a deep breath to calm his raging temper, and then he opened them again.

His fists were clenched as he turned and looked straight at Il-sung with a burning glare. The younger boy was smirking at him happily. He turned and glanced at Jihye. Minho stormed out of the hospital room with Suho scurrying after him quickly.

As soon as the two of them left, there was a brief silence and then the group of boys exploded in cheers and words of awe. They were all looking at Jihye as though she was their savior. She turned to her brother and narrowed her eyes at him calmly. Taemin was certain that if he checked that area later, there would be a long, straight burn mark on the floor.

You said she even liked soccer. He was suddenly struck with the vision of Jihye at the hospital, her hair framing her face messily, and the loose soccer jersey that engulfed her small frame, with those tiny shorts that revealed her long, gorgeous legs. Clenching his fists, he shook the image out of his head. I should have known the moment she said she was a Manchester United fan. The next time I see her, I will win no matter what.

Taemin sat up quickly as he noticed a new message that he had just received. Onew-hyung told me about that yesterday. What is she trying to do, ruin my life? You have to go. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road while driving, but it was difficult when Jihye was sitting in the passenger seat, humming lightly along with the music on the radio and tapping her fingers against the armrest. He cleared his throat. Is it such a dangerous question? There was something about the way his charming smile looked in the dim light that made her heartbeat pound.

What does that mean? Do only certain types of girls go on blind dates? She was always teasing him; he liked the playful banter, liked how she could sense the mood and twist his words into a joke by teasing him. Conversations with her were always interesting; but often, she managed to avoid the question by teasing him and Minho wondered if it was intentional. Why are you meeting people on blind dates? He treats Chaeun really well. I thought you would be the same. All through school, college and even now at work, guys have always found me… intimidating?

Once, this boy was yelling out crude insults at the female players so I punched him and a rumor went around school that I beat him up. Again, I had this reputation as a really headstrong, no-nonsense person. I was really insecure about myself for a while. He could see where she was coming from. It felt like a fresh start. I could act like a girl around you without you getting shocked and asking what was wrong with me.

They had reached the riverside and, and Jihye looked around. This was your big idea for a third date? You said you wanted a girly, romantic date. She got out of the car along with Minho, and then pointed towards the simple flats that she was wearing on her feet. He held his hand out to her and Jihye took it, feeling a little embarrassed. She could see his handsome features more clearly under the streetlights, and he used his warm hand to link their fingers together before starting to walk.

He noticed the slight blush on her face and chuckled. How could she be so adorable? He poked her cheek lightly and smiled. She had to admit- the cool breeze, the dim lights and his warm hand entwined in hers was making her heartbeat thud.

She forced herself to calm down and turned to look at him again with a smile. Are you too picky?

minho and suho relationship trust

I get jealous easily. He rubbed his chin. None of my relationships ever lasted. But hey- you and I are on the third date already, so maybe my instincts were correct? A bunch of tables had been joined together so that everyone could sit in one big group and there were a lot of familiar faces around.

Minho narrowed his eyes, unconsciously searching for Jihye in the crowd when Suho yanked him aside. Minho raised an eyebrow. I went to high-school with Onew-hyung too. He opened his eyes and looked at Minho calmly. Listen to me carefully. My relationship is hanging by a thread right now. A very, very small thread. If you walk in here and mess up, that thread will snap. Your actions reflect on me.