Mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

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mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Clary F., Jace W. . Idris College winning with Isabelle scoring both goals. The first There were a couple other guys too, Meliorn, Raphael, the typical players from last year. As soon as I finished watching the movie, The Mortal Instruments: The Jace has no trouble telling Clary that he wants a relationship with her. 40 quotes have been tagged as jace-and-clary: Cassandra Clare: 'And next time you're tags: clary, clary-and-jace, humor, jace, jace-and-clary, love .. bedroom , or 'here' as in the great, spiritual question of our purpose here on this planet? . Knowledge Quotes k; Relationships Quotes k; Motivational Quotes 9k.

Clary tries to save an innocent woman who turns out to be a demon. She freaks out and runs away from Jace. Later a demon attacks and Jace arrives just in time to save her.

Starting a bit of a trend there Jace brings her back to the Institute and tells her about Shadowhunters. The sparks are flying! Jace saves Simon and lets him come into the Institute.

Clearly Jace understands that Clary and Simon are a package deal!

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Jace gets Hodge to tell Clary about her mom. Clary and Jace go to the Silent City to get her memories back. Jace is so supportive! Jace lets the Silent Brothers stab Clary in the face with a sword.

mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

Hey, it's all for a good cause! They find out that Valentine is Clary's father. Even though her dad is an evil mastermind, Jace still wants to hang out with Clary! TrueLove Jace takes Clary to a romantic cemetery and teaches her how to use a Seraph blade.

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Jace teaches Clary how to flirt with vampires, then gets jealous. They go for a romantic ride on a stolen Vampire motorbike. Together they save Simon from the Vampires. And Jace watches jealously as Clary hugs her best friend.

mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

Not used to competition, right? Clary sees Jace shirtless for the first time. Simon wants to leave the Institute but Clary decides to stay with Jace. Izzy lends Clary a new dress and Jace is very impressed.

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He also gives her a new blade. What a generous guy! They find Magnus, lose him and then find him again. Jace will stop at nothing to help Clary get her memories back. Magnus performs a spell and a demon tries to kill Jace! Clary sacrifices her memories to save him! Soulmates Jace is super grateful.

Although not grateful enough to take his shirt off Clary gets captured by werewolves and Jace saves her! Ok, it's possible that Luke did a lot of the actual fighting Jace brings back the cure for Luke and supports Clary in her time of need.

The lovebirds break into the police station together. Also Clary gets to slap Jace as part of the "mission".

Jace & Clary - Where's she? [+3x10]

We're not sure which event is more important! Simon dies and Jace holds Clary as she cries over his grave.

mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

Simon becomes a vampire and runs away. Clace kiss away the pain Clary forms an alliance between the Vampires, Werewolves and Shadowhunters. NewmanYHC Clary was having the time of her life, living it up with her friends at the college of her dreams. But what happens when a certain transfer student decides to make his way into her life?

Art, class, and uncertainty collides with confident, arrogant, and drop-dead gorgeous in a explosion that could form a relationship from either Heaven or Hell. Now, this story is another one of those that popped into my head and I have no idea where it's actually going to go.

Sooo, with that said, don't try to figure out what to expect because I don't even know what's going to happen at this point. Isabelle's feistiness when she got that yellow card or the fact that Maia just jumped three feet in the air in the sexiest dive I've ever seen in my life. Talk about an amazing save. This is how it always was, and she'd begun to accept that by her second year in college. When she first met him she wasn't sure how to handle it, but now it was just amusing to watch his nerdy-self act all high and mighty and then break down when the two girls actually talked to him.

Relationship Goals: Clary and Jace

He'd try so hard, have it going for a few minutes, and then lose his cool. It was amusing to watch. This by far had been the best start to the year though. As a nineteen year old sophomore at Idris College, things had been going nothing but great. Isabelle, her roommate, was the captain of the soccer team at the school. Maia, her suitemate, was also on the team and as chill and relaxed as Clary could ask for.

She didn't ask many questions and normally just went with the flow, which worked well when you had someone like Isabelle living in the same quarters. And Clary's other suitemate, Aline, was… well, that's a different story. It was a beautiful late summer day in the mountains of North Georgia and a perfect day for soccer.

Even though Clary wasn't all that athletic, she found a strange joy in watching people actually play. That had to be her artistic side, her fingers itched to the athletes in their zone as they played.

Their reactions, their movements, their attitudes, it was different on the field than in normal aspects of their lives. She wished she really understood, but despite the fact that Clary didn't get it, she was still intrigued. The team was surrounding Isabelle in hugs and cheers as they smiled and ran back to their side. That was the moment that Clary wanted to capture.

She didn't care if it was a drawing, a painting, a camera picture. Just the way Isabelle lit up, the way she jumped and smiled needed to be captured and remembered forever. He leaned back on his hands in the grass. They were loners, as always, down by the corner flag. If anything, Simon was completely and totally head over heels for Clary's roommate, while he had a strong interest in Maia.

That's how that worked, whether Simon wanted to admit it or not. The game passed like it always did, Idris College winning with Isabelle scoring both goals.

The first game and first win of the season, and there were sure to be celebrations that Saturday night! Clary and Simon waited by the fence behind the northern goal like they always did. It was a tradition starting last year.

mortal instruments jace and clary relationship goals

Well, more of a habit than a tradition. Simon leaned on the fence casually, and Clary had to hide her smile with more effort than normal. He really did try so hard. I have to say you both looked amazing out there. Jordan, the goalkeeper for the boy's team, was jogging over casually. He was massive, that's for sure. His body was tanned, strong, his dark hair falling into his eyes while a goofy smile was plastered to his face. Her body lifted off the floor as he twirled her, making her laugh and giggle.

They all might have been good friends, but jealously was still there.