Nala and simba meet again for first time

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nala and simba meet again for first time

Set in the first movie: Baby Simba meets baby Nala for the first time. Just a cute story I decided to do. I do not own the Lion King or any of its. Nala is first seen asleep, cradled in Sarafina's paws as Simba runs through the den, . Nala is reunited with her childhood friend, Simba, whom she thought was dead Nala tries again, softly this time, to get Simba to tell her what he has been . They meet again as adults and go from recognizing each other, When Simba becomes king, Nala is there right beside him as his queen and the .. This was the first time in a Disney movie that the protagonist was shown.

Question 10 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Rafiki is about to toss Simba to the hyenas Simba is being presented Rafiki is sending Simba up into the sky to connect with the stars Simba is being shaken out for bugs and insects Bet you know this one!

nala and simba meet again for first time

This is one of the most epic and incredible scenes from Lion King. How could you forget this one? The lyrics of the song are, "It's the circle of life and it moves us all.

Through despair and hope, through faith and love. Question 11 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Mufasa draws a picture of Simba Nala draws a picture of Simba Sarabi draws a picture of Simba Rafiki draws a picture of Simba In this scene, one of the characters from Lion King is drawing a picture of baby Simba with the natural elements of the earth.

This drawing seems to be a way of blessing the baby cub, honoring the baby cub, and showing respect to the baby cub. As this Lion King character draws this adorable little image on the cave wall, he or she says the name "Simba", giving the viewer an idea of who is being drawn.

Do you know who? Question 12 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Scar is singing "Be Prepared" Scar is comforting his hyenas Scar is training his hyenas Scar is singing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" During this scene, Scar is leaping around inside a dark cave with green lighting with his hyena companions. He sings the lyrics, "I never thought hyenas essential. They're crude and unspeakably plain. But maybe they've a glimmer of potential, if allied to my vision and brain.

I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside but thick as you are, pay attention-- My words are a matter of pride.

Question 13 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Scar is falling off the mountain Scar is running from the fire Scar is lunging towards Mufasa Scar is lunging towards Simba Scar's face looks extremely scary and intense in this screenshot! That is because the scene that this screenshot comes from is super scary and intense!

The fire and flames surrounding him make the shot even scarier to look at it. His extended claws also provide an uneasy feeling! Scar is one of the most dangerous and scariest Disney villains of all time, and for good reason! As a Lion King fan, you should know what is happening in this Lion King scene! Question 14 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Mufasa watches the sunset with Simba Mufasa explains the kingdom to Simba Simba and Mufasa overcome an argument Simba and Mufasa wait on Sarabi to wake up This Lion King scene comes earlier on the movie.

It is filled with a lot of beautiful descriptions of nature and beautiful views of wild animals in their natural habitat.

It starts out with Simba's unending curiosity and ends with words from Mufasa that sound powerful and wise. Mufasa's words are also loving and encouraging since he knows that Simba's future with hold a lot of majestic moments as Simba grows older. Question 15 What is happening in this Lion King scene?

Scar comforts Simba after Simba gets yelled at by Mufasa Scar convinces Simba to run away from home Scar tempts Simba to go to the forbidden area of the kingdom Scar gives Simba love advice about Nala This scene from the Lion King movie showcases a very interesting moment between Scar and Simba. We know that Scar is the villain of the movie but when you watch the movie for the first time and see this scene, you might not know or realize how evil and conniving Scar is quite yet.

Scar appears to be an uncle figure to Simba but he hasn't revealed his mean side this early on in the movie. What is happening in this interesting Lion King scene? Question 16 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Mufasa has passed on and Simba tries to wake him Simba tries to wake his sleeping father Simba and Mufasa are playing a game Simba and Mufasa get lost in the desert This is one of the saddest scenes from Lion King.

nala and simba meet again for first time

It comes after a fight between Scar and Mufasa ensued. The fight between Scar and Mufasa ends in clear tragedy.

Simba's involvement in the butterfly effect of Mufasa state in the presented picture leaves Simba feeling extremely guilt ridden and hurt. The stampede that took place in this scene leaves a cloud of dust in the air and you can see some of that in this screenshot. What is happening in this sad Lion King scene? Question 17 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Simba gets jealous of Nala Simba and Nala get baths from their mothers Simba and Nala are about to get into an argument Nala is ignoring Simba In this adorable Lion King scene, Simba and Nala are reacting to something they both receive in two very different ways.

Nala has a great reaction because she feels so comfortable and soothed by what she is receiving.


Simba, on the other hand, is annoyed and irritated by what he is receiving. The two little cubs are good friends but that does not mean they have to like all of the same things.

Question 18 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Timon and Pumbaa carry Simba to bed after he's fallen asleep Timon and Pumbaa return Simba to his mother Timon and Pumbaa throw Simba into the water to be funny Timon and Pumbaa save an unconscious Simba After finding little Simba passed out on a hot and dry desert ground, Timon and Pumbaa are not sure what to do!

Since Simba is a lion, they know that they are supposed to be wary-- lions are capable of eating their species after all. They reconsider the idea of having a lion on their team and it makes them think about it a little bit differently. Timon and Pumbaa are known for bringing comedic relief to the the Lion King movie. Question 19 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Nala reunites with Simba Nala tells Simba her lifelong secret Nala and Simba dance in the forest Nala challenges Simba to a race This scene is great for those of us who are romantics at heart deep down!

We knew that Nala and Simba were meant to be together and eventually find their way back to each other because of the childhood connection they shared. Nala grew up to be an elegant tigress while Simba grew up in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa, learning to do things in his life in different ways than Nala ever learned.

Question 20 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Simba sings "I Just Can't Wait to be King" Simba and Nala get lost in the jungle Simba and Nala introduce themselves to the zebras Nala tells Simba she has a crush on him This scene includes one of the most popular musical montages in the entire movie. It is all about Simba and his dreams for what life will be like when he gets older and gains the position he is destined for.

Things obviously do not go as planned because Scar takes over the kingdom while Simba ends up growing up elsewhere. This scene includes lots of fun and lots of animals-- including zebras! Question 21 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Simba saves a caterpillar from getting squished Simba eats caterpillars for the first time Simba learns that butterflies comes from caterpillars Simba befriends a caterpillar This scene is super hilarious!

Timon and Pumbaa have befriended Simba at this point and are starting to teach him the ways of their lifestyle in the jungle. Simba becomes friends with Timon and Pumbaa after they rescued him while he was passed out in a hot and dry desert. Their kindness obviously showed through to Simba because he chooses to stick around with them in the jungle, rather than returning home.

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Question 22 What is happening in this Lion King scene? Zazu is hiding from the hyenas Zazu is getting ready to go to bed Scar is keeping Zazu locked up Zazu is angry that there is no sunlight This Lion King scene is a moment that comes after Mufasa dies and after Simba goes missing from the area.

Scar has taken over as the king of the jungle to everyone's dismay.

nala and simba meet again for first time

He is power hungry, an unfair ruler, and just downright mean and evil! This scene includes Zazu in super close capacity to Scar in a dark and dirty cave. Hyenas are also nearby during this particular Lion King scene. I don't own the cover image either. His sunset red mane shook a bit as he nodded in response.

It took only a moment before her teal eyes widened in recognition and her face broke out into a wide grin. Instantly both were talking with one another, butting heads and reconnecting with one another after years of separation.

nala and simba meet again for first time

The two laughed as they circled each other and took in the sight of one another after all the years, the last time them seeing each other as cubs. Though as they were talking and questioning each other, neither realized that a tan meerkat with a red hair tuft on his head had come between them by their paws.

Not until he yelled, "Hey! What goin' on here?!

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She's my best friend! He grunted in surprise before turning around and coming over to the three of them. Pumbaa, Nala," Simba explained. The warthog smiled pleasantly at the young lioness. She smiled, a bit glad that he held no grudge against her apparently.

Whoa," the meerkat said as he came between the two. Let me get this straight. But she wants to eat him. And, everybody's okay with this? And your mother…," her eyes then widened for a moment as she realized something, "Your mother! She came with me! What will she think when she find out you've been alive and here all this time? His eyes seemed to go blurry and his head was dipped down slightly, but in her excited state, Nala didn't notice. Your mother is here.

She came along with me. You have to go see her Simba. She'll be more then surprised to see you here. She slowly came up to him and stared into his eyes. She's been believing that you are dead all these years, after Scar told us you and Mufasa had been lost in the stampede. His whole chest felt like it was collapsing on itself. She and his mother were here. His heart throbbed with past pains coming up to haunt him again.

How would he tell his mother? How could he even look at his mother? How could he even go to meet his mother again after all these years? What would she think of him now? I'll come with you to see my mother," he replied after a moment. Her head jerked up and she held a gaze for a second before her face broke out into a wide grin. Come on, I'll take you to her," she enthusiastically said.

He nodded and walked a soft pace after her energetic bounding form. Timon got onto Pumbaa and the two followed after them, eager to see how this would turn out. Timon huddled close to Pumbaa as they walked alongside Simba, afraid that there would be a repeat of last time with their Simba's maternal parent.

The corners of her mouth quirked up into a smile as her eyes landed on Nala, but then widened as they came onto the lion standing beside her. Simba's mouth opened slightly as he gasped at his mother. She was older then when she had last seen her. She had a few wrinkles and she looked rather frail but she was still as beautiful as he remembered her. She came up to them, never taking her eyes off of him.

He nearly flinched at the mention of his father's name, but shook his head and offered a small smile. Mom, it's me," he said softly. Sarabi stared straight at him, eyes widened in amazement and shock. Then without saying anything, she walked over to him, extended her forelegs and wrapped them tightly around his neck, pulling him close. Her head came to rest of his maned shoulder as she embraced her son for the first time in years.

How can this be," she asked, letting hot tears of joy drop onto his mane. His own forelegs wrapped around her shoulders as he held her close, allowing himself to absorb her after years of being apart.

I'm here, mom," he replied quietly, "I'm here. Just seeing Simba with his mother chokes me up," Pumbaa said as he and the meerkat watched the two from behind a bush a few feet away.

Pumbaa's eyes looked over at Timon before softening as he realized it was true.

nala and simba meet again for first time

Pumbaa and Timon looked at her, then to each other before nodding. We understand," Pumbaa replied first. Nala nodded and the three began to walk away from the two. Scar told us about it in the gorge and how it had taken the life of you and your father, or so what we thought at the time," Sarabi asked the second the separated. Simba looked shocked at the question, but tried to keep a calm expression.