Nami and zoro relationship quiz

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nami and zoro relationship quiz

However, she immediately categorizes him as one because of his relationship with Luffy. That is also why his later actions surprise her so much - despite the fact. (Test de personalidad | Quiz online español | Juegos de preguntas) The couples with most popularity of OP in Japan by LuffyPunisher Zoro And Robin, Nico. This is a quiz that will tell you all about one piece characters and you! Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper and Robin are the characters in.

At the beginning of the series, Nami despised all pirates.

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Ironically, all these legends were proven true to her and she was shocked to see that she was wrong but slowly accepted the unbelievable things in front of her. Nami can be seen ordering the crew to lift the mast or draw the sails.

If she deems an island dangerous she will often try to convince Luffy usually along with Usopp and Chopper to not go there but will nonetheless follow Luffy's orders when he demands so. She seems a coward but she has been referred to by multiple people being a "bold woman. She is aware of the dangers they face every day and has a much better understanding of the world and its more dangerous individuals e. She can be devilish and cunning at times, and if she feels like it will even give her fights to Luffy, Zoro or Sanji.

She is the only one among the crew to be visibly concerned and upset whenever their bounties go up, something the others usually react to with indifference or even joy. She remembers vividly of the abuse she suffered such as one of Arlong's crewmates refusing to feed her as well as the pain and exhaustion on the streets from stealing money in attempt to buy back the village from Arlong.

Her experiences left Nami with many painful memories, that she has since then successfully buried but Nami still retained a fear and distrust of the fish-men race as a whole which was only abated after going to Fish-Man Islandwhere she claimed she solely held a grudge against Arlong. After the two year timeskip, she does not over-react, scold, or hit the crew as often for their rash actions anymore, like when she decides to take part in activities such as demanding money when the crew holds Ryugu Kingdom "hostage".

In fact she now appears quite calm in the most daunting of situations, most notably when Fake Nami held a gun to her head, implying she has become fairly confident in her abilities. It seems this confidence is paradoxical however, as Nami herself states she isn't weak but she is a "scaredy-cat".

True to her word she and Usopp became extremely confident they could take down Baby 5 and Buffalo, once the threat of their retaliation was no longer a factor. Nami is still prone to panic in the face of imminent danger shown during the descent to Fish-Man Island and Sanji's declaration that he would counterattack the Big Mom shipand her love of money causes her to resort to her old antics of hitting the male crew members.

She still has an extremely high tolerance of alcohol during celebrations. As shown in JayaNami appears to be terrified of bugs and spiders. She screamed and panicked when Usopp pointed out a tarantula crawling up her back and remained scared for the rest of the hunt for the South Bird as more insects emerged.

nami and zoro relationship quiz

While the rest of the team fought the creatures, Nami elected to just run away from them, saying she could not stand it. Nami relaxing in a deck chair. From time to time, Nami enjoys casual and leisurely activities, and the most common of these is reclining in a deck chair, often to sunbathe, read, or relax under the shade of a parasol umbrella. During her moments of leisure in her chair, she likes being barefoot, and will often ditch her shoes to lounge more contentedly in her bare feet, to the extent that there have been times where she doesn't even have shoes with her while she relaxes in her chair.

In fact, her first wanted poster picture was taken while she reclined in a deck chair at a pool party in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. Nami however finds his bleeding legs to be a problem and it is clear she doesn't like it in the slightest. This moment shows how much Nami can be worried about him a lot even though Zoro doesn't need it and he doesn't consider that a problem in the slightest.

It is still nice to see Nami would worry about him and care about him even when he deems it as necessary. Knowing the guy being a fighter and if he doesn't want to seriously look for his own wounds, then someone else has to do it right? After Nami has calmed down, she and Zoro have an extremely relaxed conversation going on and both Vivi and their enemies were taken aback by it.

These two somehow already reached the point where they can even talk about these kind of things as they have already gotten used to it now. They are shown to be interacting the most despite being in such a condition, it's hard to explain, but I find it like they understand each other so well they know what awaits them.

As if it wasn't enough, Oda also gave them a small moment of their interaction in the battle Straw Hats vs. Barouque Works on Little Garden even though they themselves weren't that significant at that moment. When Vivi tells the crew about Nami's condition worsen, Zoro and Luffy are the only ones drawn to notice it. There is a big possibility he carried her inside, because later when Nami comes out, Zoro tells her he told her to rest while he take care of the rest.

Nami/Personality and Relationships

In the manga, there was no moment he ever told that to her directly, nor was there a moment someone carrying Nami inside - interestingly too, it seems like Zoro voluntarily chose to navigate because he is doing it and seriously, who in their right minds would put him in this position?

The only time Zoro could have said he is gonna take care of the rest navigating while she should rest is while he carries her. If anyone right minded heard him saying he will take care of the rest aka things Nami does - navigatingthere is no way they would just let him do it. These whole moments show that he cares about her a lot and despite his sense of direction, he is willing to take her position until she gets better.

He also trusts her now when it comes to navigation and he doesn't question her orders on the sea anymore. After they managed to run from the storm, there is a small snippet that could indicate Zoro took Nami inside her room after she collapsed - he is seen to be the only one rushing on the deck where Nami collapsed in Vivi's arms. What even fuels this is simply the fact he chose to sleep in her room with other crewmembers instead of guarding the ship - which Sanji was doing.

The last moment that shows he cares is also when he stayed in Nami's room and told Luffy to go outside. This again I found to be a small moment where he shows he is worried about her too. There are so many moments here, I seriously don't know where to start. I think I will start with these little moments that center around Sanji, Zoro and Nami. There were already times Zoro got in a fight with Sanji because of Nami - the first time in Cocoyashi Village.

However, in Alabasta Zoro very often retorts back whenever Sanji says anything that has to do with Nami - whether he is jealous or not, it's sure he doesn't really like it as it is shown that Nami is the only girl Sanji swoons over Zoro is more concerned about. He can easily detect her money-like thoughts and he is also very well aware whenever she uses her flirtarious side. However, he never falls for it because he knows she doesn't do it because she means it seriously but rather in other to achieve something.

Nami usually says nothing when he practices, but she somehow must have felt his tension after they left Luffy with Crocodile back in Rainbase. She tells him to not waste his strenght on something like that but Zoro probably finds her annoying and he just tells her to shut up.

It was kinda harsh from Zoro, but that still displays he isn't afraid to say something like that to her when he finds her annoying him. Again, she can be worried about him even though he doesn't truly care about it. She didn't even comment on other crewmembers at all. She runs from them and Zoro has no choice but to worry about her and try to find her. Nami on the other hand was questioning where the swordsman go, because she knows Zoro would be able to take care of them if he was there with her.

nami and zoro relationship quiz

He saves her from the certain death and seriously, this isn't the only moment he saved Nami despite being lost - earlier, he took care of some bandits that were ready to attack Nami and Usopp too.

Could this possibly mean that somewhere in his heart, he has a compass to where Nami is? I really like this headcannon, whoever it was. Doublefinger wouldn't come after her and when he tries to warn her, she is already gone. Just a thought that Nami has to really fight when she is mostly scared of it makes him uneasy and worried.

During their fights and after it, I find it very interesting that Nami and Zoro both learnt the things they will use later on from the crew the most - Nami learnt how to use Clima tact, while Zoro learnt how to cut iron; there is also a possibility he also awakened Kenbunshoku Haki here, which would be even more significant.

After Zoro's fight, he is injured but still worried about others He probably shouldn't underestimate her that much, but I can understand him though. By that time, Nami has shown to be brave and all, but Zoro knows she isn't one of the strongest and seriously, she is supposed to face a professional assassin? He didn't know anything about Nami's staff, that's why he couldn't have possibly thought about her being able to fight and she would probably choose to run instead.

An ultimate moment between Zoro and Nami, a moment that every ZoNa shipper should remember. A very small moment but still a moment, where Zoro carries Nami despite his injuries! He knows full well she is lying through her teeth, but he still copes with it.

She was seen running before she even found him. Then why is it that after she saw him, she requested something like that? I think that by ordering him something like that, she can make sure he is absolutely fine, because let's face it - his wound wouldn't seem like nothing at all.

She knew if he colapsed, it was a very serious wound, whereas if he does carry her, Zoro will prove her he is alright. There is also a pssibility of her being spoiled hahah Her leg might have truly hurt her, but it wasn't that bad to incapable her - before she found him and after he carried her, she is seen to stand and running fine too. What is also nice to see is that although their debt was already cleared, Nami can still order Zoro around despite he doesn't really like it.

One Piece - East Blue Quiz

It is also nice to see the original trio again. Most of the time, it shows how Zoro and Nami are both more mature and don't recklessly jump into every single thing but leaving them have to deal with their a lot more reckless captain. I think this is also an appropriate time to show Nami doesn't always just recklessly beat everyone, Zoro including. Like here, Zoro is seen sleeping close to the rest, and yet, Nami later beats only Usopp and Luffy for their lack of common sense haha Zoro doesn't find a need to go, but I find it to be very nice Nami is taking her eye on him.

Because knowing herself, she would want to beat the shit out of them. Zoro tries to tell her the reason why he didn't go, but Nami can't exactly get it.

In a way, I think Zoro was happy for that gesture Nami showed - that it was okay for him to go with Luffy too - but he found it to be a trouble to explain it to her again after she accused him of being an idiot. I've got some business to do with your stomach" This arc is like, some people might say extremely ZoRobin, but I dare to very strongly disagree on that fact.

There are a lot of ZoNa moments too. The first moment is somewhat small, but I like how Zoro took care of a monster that scared both Chopper and Nami. Please note that Nami is someone who knows Zoro is strong, and she is by far the only person who alluded his actions were definitely not swordsman-like. She knows he prides himself a lot as a swordsman and seeing him punch a shark to defeat it sure surprised her. And this is yet another Zoro-Nami-Chopper little moment as Chopper is commenting his strenght too.

What is the best though is that moments after that, Nami throws him a new shirt for him to wear - a shirt we never saw before, and something Nami picked herself. Earlier, Nami told how scary a place she stumbled upon was - and of all people, she was telling these things to Zoro. Nami is really trying her best to probably get him on her side or convince him not to go there, but Zoro doesn't seem to even care at all.

nami and zoro relationship quiz

Eventually, he even tells her to do what she wants. With Hancock being the pirate empress, most beautiful and strong woman, I think they would make a nice couple. Hancock will be the best wife ever.

And she is a pirate herself, so they can have their adventures together. But in this relationship, Luffy will always have the upper hand, as Boa can never say no to any of his requests. Nami Another favorite ship is Nami and Luffy.

nami and zoro relationship quiz

These two come more natural because they have been together for a long time and Nami is the only person who can take Luffy's tantrums as well as shut him up when needed. Luffy has always helped Nami, specially during Arlong arc and when she fell sick, he did everything possible to help her. I know that he will do it all for his other friends, but Nami and Luffy can surely became a canon ship as they already have so much history together.

Sometimes Luffy's actions go way out of control, so he needs some one like Nami to make sure he isn't off causing some huge trouble. I personally love both ships and they look adorable, but I am more of a Hancock shipper. Nami being more of a self centric person, I don't know if she would be good in a relationship.

Luffy and Hancock for the win. Spending half of his life sleeping and training, he hasn't shown any significant interest in women. It's surprising that Zoro has got quite a bunch of ships out there in One Piece community. It took Zoro a while to warm up to Robin, but Robin has been shown to care about him from the very beginning she joined the crew.

Initially mocking her every opportunity Zoro got, it was finally in Enies lobby arc that Zoro completely accepted her as a friend and even unleashed a complete new form to save her. Zoro and Robin most of the time have each other's back in fights, be it Robin trying to save him from Kuma or Zoro appearing outta nowhere to save Robin from sword attacks in Fishman arc.

Zoro and Robin have huge age gap, but with their similarities like not to lose their cool and be the brains of crew, they make a compatible couple.

Tashigi The entire base of this ship lies on the fact that she looks too much like his childhood friend Kuina, whom Zoro holds in highest respect.

Kuina is the reason he is out there to become the best swordsman. Like he promised, he will be such a great swordsman that even in heaven they will talk about him. Zoro can never fight Tashigi with that face and ends up avoiding her every time they meet. They have in common their obsession with swords, though skillwise she is nowhere close to him. I personally don't like this ship very much, but it is definitely a valid possiblity out there.

Perona This ship came into picture when before time skip Zoro was sent to the creepy castle where Perona and Mihawk lived. Zoro has shown no regards for her taking care of him when he landed in an almost dead state. But eventually when he lived here, they can be said to be on a friendly term. She has definitely helped him reach Sabaody at least, that too making him the first one to arrive, something Zoro takes very much pride in.

A very impossible couple in my opinion but there are people who would love to see them together. Nami Zoro will say hell no to this ship to be honest. But nothing wrong with a fan dreaming to see their OTP come true. Nami and Zoro bicker every freaking time they have a conversation. But if you notice Zoro talks the most to her after Luffy I think. They have their drinking habits in common and everytime Nami has a problem she mostly rushes to Zoro for the solution.

Zoro has saved Nami way many times and occasionally he worries for her as well.

nami and zoro relationship quiz