Ncis la kensi and deeks relationship poems

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Explore Steve McGarrett Fan's board "NCIS LOS ANGELES QUOTES//" on Pinterest. NCIS: LA Ncis Series, Tv Series, Kensi Blye, Eric Christian Olsen, .. (NCIS LA) omg I love deeks he's amazing and his relationship with Kensi is hilarious!. This breakfast kiss is the most perfectly domestic Densi kiss ever. Kensi takes a page out of Deeks' book, and alleviates the tension with a bit. PLEASE REVIEW! they make me smile: I DO NOT OWN NCIS LA, although i wish i did A story that follows the relationship/parnership of Kensi and Deeks as it.

K - English - Chapters: Deeks Truth by gf7 reviews Post 2X12 - Kensi and Deeks go out for drinks after the case wraps up, and end up having to deal with the unique nature of their partnership. Deeks - Complete Closer by annaliesegrace reviews A series of events that bring Kensi and Deeks closer. Rated for themes, nothing explicit. Chapter 8 is rated M. T - English - Chapters: Missing scene for 2x The space beside me was empty. Deeks - Complete Sleep by gf7 reviews Post 2x11 Disorder: In the aftermath of Kensi's head injury, Deeks doesn't want her to be alone.

Deeks - Complete Bonds by ds9jullian reviews My take on what could possibly happen post 02x T - English - Drama - Chapters: I Trust You by fanatic reviews Deeks goes to see Kensi the night of the explosion. How have things changed?

Fairly fluffy, but please review!

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Deeks - Complete Pieces by gf7 reviews They're both just a little bit broken and yet they make a great team. Set after 2X Deliverance. K - English - Angst - Chapters: Deeks - Complete Partners by CherieAddict reviews We're partners, Kensi; we don't walk away from each other, no matter how much the other one manages to screw up everything.

Spoilers for 2x10 with a little extra. Part 13 of the Quince series.

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Rated T for language. All we know is that there had to be one, and we frustratingly don't know what she said. Here's my own version. Season 8 - Episode 18 one shot spoilers Neric Rated: Deeks - Complete Ghost by Bluenet13 reviews NCIS is known to be a family, but when the past comes back for Deeks, and he decides to fight alone, will his team be able to save him, or will his old demons overtake him completely? Okay, maybe not quite, but close enough. She's been best friends with Kensi Blye since they were ten years old.

No one understands her connection with Hetty except maybe Kensi. Will her distinct aversion to G push him away for good or will Callen find that she is a mystery worth solving after all? T - English - Chapters: Callen, OC] [Kensi B. Our newlyweds moving forward with the Team of OSP.

ncis la kensi and deeks relationship poems

Starting with Season 4 forward. These will be random. Requests for favorite episodes from S4 - S8 encouraged.

Neighborhood Watch

Just PM or leave request in review. So much would have been different. Originally Inspired by a storyline from Australian soap "Home and Away".

Nallen, contains brief Neric. Brief appearance of Gibbs in Chapter 17 Rated: Custody of the Heart by Bren Gail reviews She had never attempted to fix him, to change him.

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She took whatever he gave her and she cherished it. She took him as whatever he decided to be that day, whether it a grumpy bear or playful kid. She simply loved him and all that it entailed; he in return did in kind. However, she could no longer take any more of the secrecy surrounding their relationship. But things might not quite go according to plan.

ncis la kensi and deeks relationship poems

Will they make it out alive? Or will what happens in Vegas keep them in Vegas What happened and why is Deeks blaming himself? Will they become stronger as partners or has this op torn down the door back to the past and some sense of normality.

Rating may change to M.

ncis la kensi and deeks relationship poems