Nepeta and equius relationship tips

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nepeta and equius relationship tips

Read Sweet Nepeta!!! from the story Omegle!!! by kyrareadrose1 with reads. You're now You equius?. Much like Vriska Serket and Sollux Captor, Equius has pale gray skin 1 Appearance; 2 Personality; 3 History; 4 Relationships; 5 Abilities/Skills; 6 Quotes doesn't stop Equius from finding a close friend in Nepeta Leijon. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Notably, the two seemed to have a much more peaceful relationship than Vriska and her monstrous lusus. While Aurthour was called by Equius a very strong, reliable guardian, he nonetheless seemed to be easily hurt by Equius from just being patted on the head; even when the former was holding back. This is more likely than not because Equius is freakishly strong. During the event that seemingly caused Alternia 's end of days and what is confirmed to have led to the death of Vriska Serket 's lusus, an asteroid tore right through Equius's house and caused Aurthour to fall to his demise.

His body disappeared along with Equius's hive and part of the mesa it rested upon. Needless to say, Equius was emotionally destroyed by this, and it is unknown how well or even if he managed to recover. Equius's good friend, close to him as a sibling and with the sentiment reciprocated fully, Nepeta Leijon shares a unique bond with him in that she has an incredibly calming effect on Equius's great rage, and Equius looks after her closely to make sure that she doesn't get into trouble.

nepeta and equius relationship tips

The nature of their bond is very akin to how Zev Raregroove and Prudence Franklin were initially presented. Neighbours on Alternia prior to its destruction, Equius and Vriska Serket were and still are friends to a certain degree.

How to roleplay Nepeta Leijon.

It is unknown how close they are, but Equius did all he could to reassure Vriska during her grievous wounding and carefully fashioned a mechanical arm for her without payment of any kind. He also seems to try and convince Vriska to remain true to her status as a "b bd"; in his mind, for her own good. He also has great abilities in the construction of machines, as he personally build Vriska's mechanical arm and most likely built the robot which he soon smashed for a mistake. On that note, Equius's sheer brute strength is incredible.

nepeta and equius relationship tips

There is no denying that Equius is so strong as to be a veritable freak of nature. His power is so great that, even with great care, he slightly bent an adamantium scalpel while working with it.

Quotes[ edit ] " She's used multiple exclamation points and question marks in canon. If she ever needs to use ellipses For example, this is incorrect: Equius's hive is so far away though. XOO This, however, is correct: One of the more famous aspects of her quirk is her catpuns!

She uses them, but not excessively. For example, she says "for" and not "fur" sometimes in canon! The typical mouth of an emoticon is doubled, which resembles her double-mouthed lusus, Pounce de Leon.

Some emoticons used in canon includes: DD When typing a heart, she uses 2 3's. She doesn't change it every time she's sad. She loves it so much, she likes roleplaying in online conversation!

She tends to do this often, but it became rarer later on.

professional grumpypants, On Nepeta Leijon.

Nepeta always refers to herself as "ac". She refers to others as their abbreviations as well. Her character is her lusus, Pounce de Leon! She refers to her as a mighty huntress, and roleplays as her most of the time. She also roleplays as her moirail, Equius, with Equius!

In other words, they roleplay as each other. She uses more "fancy" words when she roleplays, such as "purrplexment, saunters, and crestfallen". Her roleplaying isn't as violent as some of the others, and if she roleplays with someone who is, she tends to make more mistakes or talk ooc.

She also talks ooc if she's shocked, like when Karkat asked her to be on the Red Team: Nepeta was one of the few players who knew Aradia had died shortly after she became a ghost. The two have a positive bond with each other. Nepeta is friends with Tavros, this seems to be one of her underrated relationships. Although Tavros is allergic to cats, he gladly attemps to roleplay with her.

The two seem to have a good friendship with each other. Since then she spends most of her time with Equius, until the events of Seek the highbd.

After witnessing the death of her moirail, she promptly executes a pounceavenge on Gamzee who catches her hand mid-attack.

quiet nepeta and equius

He uses her claws to inflict three long scratches across his face before dropping her on the ground and proceeding to walk towards her, honks in the background. Later Nepeta's severed head is seen lying on the jury table next to Gamzee, accompanied by Feferi's, Eridan's, and Equius's heads.

Nepeta's body as smelled by Terezi. Her body, along with the corpses of the other trolls, is preserved by Gamzee, and she is later revived as half of Fefetaspritealong with Feferi. After the sprite's fefetasplosionshe returns to the afterlife with Feferi, staying on Vriska Serket 's pirate ship until she departs from the crew with with Feferi and Sollux.

When Vriska tries to protest, Meenah and Aranea remind her that she gave Nepeta a higher authority in the ranking on the ship, and has no power over Nepeta or Feferi. Vriska is distraught and not used to everyone defying her, and tries to oppose them, to no avail, as Nepeta continues to abscond.

Jasprose briefly takes her on a date before Davesprite shows up. She lives in a cave and hunts and eats animals, then occasionally wears their fur and paints with their blood. In fact, she uses this blood along with soot and ash to create wall art, such as storyboards for a comic and her Shipping wall. Nepeta seems to have a lot of similarities with Kanayawhich may or may not be significant.

Equius Zahhak

Both of them are - despite Andrew's noted lack of perfect analogues - the most similar to Jade of the trolls. Both of them are also green-blooded middle-caste trolls with friends on either side of the blood spectrum whose relationships are observed and moderated to some degree Kanaya is the meddler, and Nepeta keeps a shipping wall while being generally agreeable to everyone.

Nepeta was the one to see Aradia and Equius's kiss, and Kanaya was the one to see Vriska kiss a helpless Tavros. Although Kanaya reacted with shock due to her mating fondness for VriskaNepeta just updated her shipping wall.