Odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

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odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

Dec 2, relationship demonstrated clearly in Homer's Odyssey and The . distant relationship Penelope's mother gives her advice that she will use in. Oct 9, Tyndareus was at a loss. - Odysseus would offer a solution in exchange for Penelope. - Talked to Icarius. - Tyndareus would make each suitor. his changing relationship with his parents Odysseus and Penelope, and with the off at college, and with them Athena is giving Telemachus needed advice.

Bad life choice for a sailor. Homesick, he keeps pushing his crew to get back to Ithaca. But somehow, he just keeps getting further and further away.

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And he pines, unable to stop thinking of home and of his wife. Eventually she manages to persuade Poseidon to stop picking on the poor man.

A messenger is dispatched, and they get Odysseus off that spit of land and back home to Ithaca.

odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

Then, at the end of those 10 years, the Greek ships start to return from Troy. But Odysseus is not among them. More years pass — still no sign of Odysseus.

odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

Penelope looks everyday to the shores, but he never comes. Eventually, everyone assumes he is dead. But not Penelope and her son.

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Penelope will not give up on her love. Others are not so patient. Not only that, they force the maidservants of the house to sleep with them, steal off the goods of the surrounding villages, and even conspire to kill Odysseus should he ever appear and his son now a young man and due to inherit. Luckily, Penelope is just as smart and cunning as her husband and finds a myriad of ways to stall them.

This scheme holds them off for years, but they eventually catch on and she comes up with a new plan. So I have devised a test to determine who shall be my husband. Fire an arrow through the holes of 12 axes.

Whoever could do this the most easily would marry her.

Penelope's suitors

The men laugh at the contest, each of them thinking themselves more than up to the challenge. But not a single one of them can even string the bow! Meanwhile, Odysseus watches the pitiful contest in his hall. He had finally made it back, and in secret. Other Greek kings returned from the war to be murdered by their wives.

odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

A lot could change in 20 years. So he disguises himself as a decrepit old man in order to assess the situation at his home. The suitors laugh at the old man they see before them, but they quickly choke on their laughter when Odysseus easily strings the bow and fires the shot perfectly.

odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

In a flash, his disguise is lifted and he is transformed before their eyes into his awesome manly glory. To their horror, they recognize their king Odysseus who is now armed and very angry. Strength and status would never have satisfied Odysseus. He was in search of something far more important and powerful.

Odysseus is once again offered a new life when he finds himself shipwrecked on the island of Phaecia. He seeks the aid of the king as soon as he arrives.

When Odysseus meets with King Alcinous, he makes it very clear that he wishes to get home to Ithaca. Even though Alcinous agrees to assemble a crew of men and a ship to carry Odysseus home, he also makes him an offer.

Odysseus would have the hand of Alcinous' beautiful daughter, Nausica. He would be wealthy, have power, and most appealing of all, he would no longer have to struggle to reach Ithaca. Odysseus would be able to stay in Phaecia and live a peaceful life as the King's son-in-law and heir to the throne.

When Odysseus rejects the offer, however, and speaks of returning home, it becomes more clear to the reader why he feels he must return to Ithaca. As he parts with Alcinous Odysseus says "may I find an unswerving wife when I reach home" pgln He speaks not of his kingdom, but of his wife. He has been gone for twenty years, but the royal couples' love is so strong that Odysseus still has hope that she hasn't forgotten him.

It is at this point that Odysseus states that Penelope is his reason to press on. She is his reason to keep reaching for the shores of Ithaca. When Odysseus reaches Ithaca, his journey is truly complete. Some will argue that because his kingdom is in such terrible condition, his first order of business would be to bring everything to order. This is one of his tasks, since he is the King of Ithaca.

But in Odysseus' heart, all the hardships are over because he has found what he has been searching for the past eleven years.

odysseus and penelopes relationship advice

The love between him and his wife is as strong as ever. Though he must ease himself back into her life slowly, he does as soon as possible. With the exception of dealing with the suitors, he leaves all duties aside until he has reacquainted himself with his love: The more she spoke, the more a deep desire for tears welled up inside his breast - he wept as he held the wife he loved, the soul of loyalty, in his arms at last.

He barely even takes the time to question anyone about anything that has happened in Ithaca.