Oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

Oprah Winfrey’s relationship with Harvey Weinstein highlighted amid presidential rumours

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

Celebrities speak out on race relations in America today. 15 celebrity quotes about race relations. Image: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai's . Oprah Winfrey race quote . View article. photo of forest whitaker and keisha. Create amazing picture quotes from Oprah Winfrey quotations. Don't settle for a relationship that won't let you be yourself. Oprah Winfrey Forest Whitaker. One of many powerful quotes in Lee Daniel's' film "The Butler. Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, who plays Cecil Gaines wife, Gloria Daniels inserted a bold reflection on the history of race relations, highlighting the fight.

They attempt to cloak the story in a suicidal mission of historical accuracy, making people believe that what they see on the screen was true to how it happened in real life. Who can be offended by history? Nothing seen on the screen is how it happened in real life. All movies based on true events, inspired by real accounts, and from a true story are in essence historical fictions because they reconstruct history. The great American myth is that of Horatio Alger, a country where anyone can become more than the place of their birth, from rags to riches.

Cecil is that myth incarnate. He shows that hard work opens the door, luck takes you through, but humility is what keeps you there. Cecil Gains the butler of the title played by Forest Whitaker is based on Eugene Allen, the real life butler who served eight presidents over a span of 34 years.

When the man emerges, Earl speaks one word to him, and is shot dead for his troubles. There is no question that Cecil knows whose world this is. The Plantation Mother Vanessa Redgrave takes pity on Cecil and moves him into the house and teaches him to serve.

Cecil never goes to school, but he grows up refined and educated. Cecil is a fast learner and works his way from one hotel to the next, eventually landing a gig as a butler at The White House. He first serves under Eisenhower Robin Williams and even though he is virtually invisible to the people he waits on, Cecil is a personality that cannot be ignored.

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Every President he serves engages him at some crucial moment in history. Cecil manages to sway them not with impassioned speeches, or folksy wisdom, but by restrain, reserve, and manners.

You can quote it. There's a great moment early in the film when young Cecil refers to himself with the n-word, and the character played by Clarence Williams III slaps him and says that Cecil should never say that word. Later, you have the character played by Cuba Gooding Jr. What kind of conversation do you want this film to start about the use of the n-word in pop culture? For instance, I know Oprah is against it I think that everybody is entitled to their opinion about the n-word, but there is a lot of validity about what Oprah has said.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

And yet, in private, the word is used amongst African-Americans -- and probably, in private, with white people. We saw that with Paula Deen. But, no, with Paula: My mother loves her.

Even afterwards, we understand that her racism and her usage of that word is so deep and so complicated. In the South, there was a love-hate relationship. White people loved black people in the South. I think there was a true, deep affection -- people will argue with me about that -- but just don't step out of your line. Because then you're at a place that's not so good. You address that in the film with the character played by Vanessa Redgrave.

She has a strong connection with Cecil when he's a young boy, but she's also not above treating him as a lesser being. I think that in the South, it's clear.

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I feel safer in the South, then I do in metropolitan cities, where racism is subversive. Because they will do it behind your back. You know where you stand in the South.

You know your place, because they will let you know your place. I'd rather have someone tell me the truth about me than go behind my back. So I think that's what my mother meant when she said that about Paula Deen. She wasn't hiding anything. Now, I don't trust what Paula Deen is saying now. I think it's all manufactured now, because she's trying to apologize for something I don't think she should be apologizing for.

When it was first reported that you were directing this film, Deadline. I wish they would stop saying that. Denzel is one of my very good friends.

Denzel was helping me with the script. As with all of my materials, I talk with friends to help me. He helped me with the beginning of the film. We had talked about the possibility of him doing it, but he was never attached. I don't know where that came from.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

The first thing I would do on Sundays inwhen the book first came out, is the same thing that I do now. I would get the New York Times and read the book section.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

I was in my pajamas, and I put my coat on, over my pajamas, and went to the book store. I got the book and read it, in one day.

And then, I went back, the next day, and bought every copy they had. I would hand the book out to everybody that I knew. I passed it around to everybody in the office. I became obsessed with the book. Then, I heard they were going to do a movie. But, I started praying to be in the movie. I was going to try to get in that movie. So, Quincy Jones came to Chicago because he was producer of the Thriller album and there was a lawsuit being filed against Michael Jackson.

Somebody said that Billie Jean was their lover, and that he stole it, or whatever. So, Quincy Jones was there to prove that Billie Jean was not their lover. He had taken a red eye and he was getting out of the shower, and he turned on the TV in his hotel room. They called it Moon Song because they were all very secretive.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

I had been praying for The Color Purple. It was a miracle. Two months passed, which was a bad sign. What are you doing calling me?

Do you realize that I have real actresses who auditioned for this role? But, he said that and he hurt my feelings, and I got off the phone and cried. I was crying because I knew I was not going to get the part because Alfre Woodard is a real actress, and I was not.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quotes

I went to a fat farm in Wisconsin, and I was going to try to eliminate some of my weight problem. You need to lose some weight. So, I made this bet with Joan Rivers that I was going to lose 15 pounds, and then come back on the show. It was my first time on The Tonight Show.

I had my last meal for a couple of weeks. I had to get it out of my system. I went to the fat farm to have a talk with myself and God, literally.

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Help me let it go. I was singing and praying and crying to let it go. And it was not just to let it go, but to let it go to the point where, when I go to the movie, I can see Alfre Woodard in that part and not be sick.

I wanted to be able to release it and go on with my life.

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The fact that when I did the audition, the character that I was auditioning with was named Harpo, which I thought was a sign from Jesus. It was my name on the page, spelled backwards. So, I was on the track, praying and crying. I just wanted to pray until it was released and I was going to be all right. I can go to the movie.

I can see Alfre Woodard in that part. I got myself three scoops, just in case I lost a pound, and I went to that audition. So, The Color Purple changed my life. It changed everything about my life because, in that moment of praying and letting go, I really understood the principle of surrender. You just release it to that which is greater than yourself, and whatever is supposed to happen, happens.

And I have used that principle about a million times now. You release it to Grace. So, when you see me in this movie, I had never been happier in my life. It is the reason why I ended up owning my own show. At the time, I only had two weeks vacation. I was doing shows a year, and I only had two weeks for vacation. When we renegotiate this thing, you should own it.

What was that transition like for you? Well, when I did The Color Purple, I was just so excited about being a part of it and having that story told. I literally was at my motel room with acting books. I had the Stanislavski, How to Act book because, instinctively, I was thrown by the word acting.

So, I was trying to read up on it. And Steven had asked me to cry in a scene. I was on the set, every single day, whether I was shooting or not, because I was just so happy to be there and to learn what I could. I want you to cry.