Person of interest reese and carter relationship questions

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person of interest reese and carter relationship questions

John Reese is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama television series Person of Interest. During this period Reese begins a physical relationship with Kara after a successful assassination. Reese has been at several recent crime scenes, but before Carter can learn more, Reese leaves with an expensive attorney. Both of them were willing to put principle above personal interest, and over the course How do you understand the love between John Reese and Jocelyn Carter in Person of Interest? comrades in arms, but I don't think they'd ever have explored a true romantic relationship. Related Questions (More Answers Below). I take it back; maybe they are in a real relationship. Join us for a Person of Interest LiveClack for the Season Finale from pm EST on Thursday, May 17th. Then we can discuss Reese, Carter, Finch, Fusco, and our hopes for .. final episodes are trying to resolve some issues and questions from.

It is unclear how Reese found his way back to the U. Instead he learns she was killed in a car crash two months earlier. From there he travels to her home in New Rochelle, New York, and breaks in. He sits quietly, watching videos of Jessica while waiting for Peter to return home. As he does, he deduces that Jessica and Peter's marriage had been a physically abusive one, and that Peter may have killed her during a violent altercation, and staged the car crash.

person of interest reese and carter relationship questions

When Peter arrives, they argue briefly before Reese approaches the poker-wielding widower. Activities with Harold Finch[ edit ] I offered you a job, Mr. I didn't say it would be easy.

John Reese

One day in the spring ofhe confronts a group of young men harassing passengers on the subway, resulting in their arrest. Carter recognizes his skills as military in origin, but Reese says little in response to her questions, piquing her curiosity. A fingerprint check suggests Reese has been at several recent crime scenes, but before Carter can learn more, Reese leaves with an expensive attorney.

person of interest reese and carter relationship questions

They are met by a car and driver, which takes him to a park under the Queensboro Bridgewhere Reese first meets Harold Finch. At first, Reese is suspicious of Finch and his claims to know "everything" about him. Finch recounts painful facts from Reese's recent history before telling Reese what he needs is a purpose and a job. They return to Manhattan, and walk through the streets as Finch describes the information he has about people in need of help, appealing to what he perceives as Reese's desire to help people.

Finch explains that he has a list of people in need of help, pointing out a woman at a coffee cart who is on the top of the list. Finch offers Reese a chance to help the people on his list, explaining he wants Reese to follow the woman and do what needs to be done to help her, all expenses paid. Reese refuses, describing Finch as a "bored rich guy" who has probably staged the whole situation for his amusement. Reese returns to his room, where he changes into clean clothing, cuts his hair and shaves off his beard in order to change his appearance.

He was fast asleep drinking cheap rye whiskey while the television blares, but awakens in a hotel room cable-tied to the bed. The phone rings; it is Finch insisting his information is never wrong.

Person of Interest – Could Reese and Carter hook up?

Reese hears the sounds of a woman under attack nearby and quickly frees himself. Breaking into the next room, he finds Finch with a recording of a woman murdered three years earlier. Having made his point to an angry Reese, Finch promises he will never lie to him, unlike the government he left, and that he believes all Reese wants to do is protect people. The truth cuts close to the bone, and Reese's anger dissipates.

Certain that Finch is not government, Reese asks who Finch is, and is told he is a "concerned third party" who can offer Reese the chance to help people who otherwise have none. John is distant, mysterious, and slightly menacing in this scene. Seven episodes later we see that she does catch up to Reese, and he is, in fact, bleeding out. The beauty and the tragedy of this moment will come fully into focus two seasons later in The Crossing. Carter thanks the Man in the Suit for saving her life.

He tells her where to find some bad guys. Carter has followed his bloody trail and arrives just in time to put it all together: Finch — who she only knows as Burdett, is partners with Reese.

The moment of decision has arrived, arrest him or let him go. We all know what Carter does, and the partnership is born. Carter finally sees Reese face to face and begins her work with the team. While their conversation at the beginning of the episode is fun: Obviously all the Machine has to do is send a Snapchat to Finch's phone to let her daddy know she's alive, but I'm wondering if that's such a good idea.

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Finch has a chance at a normal life — something that seemed impossible halfway through the series finale — and that's the happiest ending the series provided. I doubt the Machine would want to ruin that, even though Finch and the Machine have a father-daughter relationship. But maybe down the line they could reunite after Finch has gotten a taste of the good life.

Why did Reese have to die? No one wanted John Reese to die except for a small portion of the fanatical pro-Root fandombut his death made the most sense. Reese was only alive because Finch saved him, and when Reese had nothing to look forward to or fall back on, Finch gave him a purpose.

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That was the general theme of the finale: Having accomplished that purpose by helping people, Reese felt his work was done and paid his good friend back with the ultimate sacrifice. He gave his life so that Finch could have his, and continue it with Grace. And did you see that little smile from Reese as Finch made it off the rooftop? That was a man who was pleased with his decision.

Sarah Shahi, Person of InterestPhoto: What will Shaw do? Root's Amy Acker dead and Shaw's job with the Machine is done, so what's left for her? At least she has Bear!