Putin and medvedev relationship

Imagining Russia post-Putin

putin and medvedev relationship

As he prepares to step down from the Russian presidency in early May, Vladimir Putin has been boasting about his accomplishments. Stepping back from the current crisis in US-Russia relations, a Soviet Russian President Putin (on right) and Prime Minister Medvedev attend. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said he is proud that he and President Dmitry Medvedev have managed to build an effective working.

putin and medvedev relationship

After five days of heavy fighting, all Georgian forces were routed from South Ossetia and Abkhazia. On 12 August, Medvedev announced an end to the Russian military operation, entitled "Operation to force Georgia into peace". Later on the same day, a peace deal brokered by the French and EU President, Nicolas Sarkozywas signed between the warring parties.

putin and medvedev relationship

On 26 August, after being unanimously passed by the State DumaMedvedev signed a decree recognising South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. The five-day conflict cost the lives of 48 Russian soldiers, including 10 peacekeepers, while the casualties for Georgia was soldiers and 14 policemen.

Gorbachev: ‘I am ashamed by Putin and Medvedev’

Shortly in the aftermath of the conflict, Medvedev formulated a 5-point strategy of the Russian foreign policy, which has become known as the Medvedev Doctrine.

On 30 Septemberthe European Union —sponsored Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia stated that, while preceded by months of mutual provocations, "open hostilities began with a large-scale Georgian military operation against the town of Tskhinvali and the surrounding areas, launched in the night of 7 to 8 August Before this, Russian officials, such as the Finance Minister, Alexei Kudrinhad said they believed Russia would be safe, due to its stable macroeconomic situation and substantial reserves accumulated during the years of growth.

The economic situation stabilised inbut substantial growth did not resume until Instead of launching the reforms, the government and the Presidency had to focus their efforts on anti-crisis measures and handling the foreign policy implications of the war. Medvedev made space technology and telecommunications one of the priority areas of his modernisation programme In the economic sphere, Medvedev has launched a modernisation programme which aims at modernising Russia's economy and society, decreasing the country's dependency on oil and gas revenues and creating a diversified economy based on high technology and innovation.

Gorbachev: ‘I am ashamed by Putin and Medvedev’ – jingle-bells.info

Medvedev said the money from privatisation should be used to help modernise the economy and the regions should be rewarded for finding their own sources of cash. In MayMedvedev established the Presidential Commission on Innovation, which he will personally chair every month. The commission comprises almost the entire Russian government and some of the best minds from academia and business.

Russian police reform Medvedev made reforming Russia's law enforcement one of his top agendas, the reason for which was a shooting started by a police officer in April in one of Moscow's supermarkets.

Putin highlights personal relationship with Medvedev, Berlusconi

Medvedev initiated the reform at the end ofwith a presidential decree issued on 24 December ordering the government to start planning the reform. In early August a draft law was posted on the Internet at the address http: The website was popular, with more than 2, comments posted within 24 hours of its opening. These were the men who brought Putin into power, and without whose cooperation nothing in Russia gets done. Certain rules of the game have emerged. The oligarchs stay out of politics, and in return are mostly protected from the seizure of their assets by the state.

Putin highlights personal relationship with Medvedev, Berlusconi — RT Russia News

Over the years, Putin has also skillfully won more autonomy for himself, but he is still aware of the limits of his power. But in order to secure his place in Russian history — something that clearly concerns him — Putin faces the challenge of installing a reliable successor.

putin and medvedev relationship

Putin will probably try out the person as prime minister before nominating him as president. Indeed, this was the path Putin himself took back in In the 17 years that Putin has been in power, China has smoothly cycled through three leaders. But Putin has no son, only daughters, traditionally not seen as successors to power. Presidents Karimov in Uzbekistan and Niyazov in Turkmenistan, who ruled for decades, also did not have sons to whom they could hand over power.

Nevertheless, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have both experienced fairly smooth leadership transitions in recent years.

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In Turkmenistan inSaparmurad Niyazov was succeeded upon his death by his former dentist, then serving as deputy prime minister. Admittedly, those countries are smaller and more homogeneous than Russia, and their leaders wielded far more personal power than Putin. But it is evidence for the argument that the authoritarian regimes that emerged from collapse of the Soviet Union may be more stable than they appear to outsiders, even though they have not developed the institutions of a liberal democracy.

Next president of Russia? Russian President Putin on right and Prime Minister Medvedev attend a wreath-laying ceremony marking the anniversary of the Nazi German invasion in Moscow on June 22, He is not a popular figure, and was the target of a recent documentary by opposition leader Aleksei Navalny which detailed his personal wealth, including owning a vineyard in Tuscany.

There are three men who stand out as more plausible successors to Putin, trusted by the elite and with the potential to be sold to the public as an effective leader.