Raph and leo relationship advice

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raph and leo relationship advice

I think that's why I like Leo and Raph's relationship so much because I always . I don't have Don really going for advice or help figuring out his. Explore Abbs With Abs's board "Raph x Leo" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ninja turtles, Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Teenage turtles. Raphael or Raph is one of the main protagonists in the Teenage Mutant His relationship with Leonardo was generally tense, Leonardo's more patient However, Raphael does gain some sort of respect for Leo after being the . stubbornness towards Splinter's advice, but Raphael still listens to his sensei and.

Raphael was drastically changed for the cartoon, and his issues with anger and loneliness were replaced with sarcasm, wit, and jokes. In another drastic different, Michelangelo is often the butt of Raph's jokes, which represents a stark departure from the comic books. It should be noted that these changes definitely made Raphael more palatable to children, so while these changes may have bugged purists, they let a new demographic fall in love with the Turtles at the same time.

Raphael butts heads with Leonardo, as well as Master Splinter, even choosing to enact his own plan to get pizza boy and ninja master Keno to join the Foot Clan against his sensei's wishes. However, his capture does lead to the classic lines: And if you don't, see this movie! It's the best of the original three and the Vanilla Ice scene is 90s filmmaking at its absolute best. A brief synopsis of the episode: Donatello who, as you may recall, does machinescreates something called a "Healthometer," which tells you how much life you have left.

Due to a malfunction, it tells Raphael he's pretty close to end.

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As you can imagine, this makes him a little nuts, and he responds to the news by donning a new alter ego, the "Green Defender," who goes out and fights crime on his own. When Raph finds out he's actually got lots of time left, he goes back to All's well that ends well. In the animated series it's so hard to keep track of these when they all have the same name, right? For example, when it seems like Leonard may have met his end at the hands of the Foot Clan, Raphael is the first one to shed tears over the potential loss of his brother.

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When Leonardo does pull through, Raphael has his back more than any of the other turtles, to the point of even helping him forge new katana swords. Don't worry though, he's still Raphael, and constantly questions his brother's leadership and decisions for the foursome's actions. Raphael's like that dog that always barks at you when you walk past it but then licks your face for hours after you give it a doggie treat.

We all know that dog. The answer may surprise you. In fact, both of them detest and are scared of insects. While it's never said outright, it certainly seems like animated series Raphael suffers from entomophobia, which is a big word I just learned that means being afraid of bugs.

raph and leo relationship advice

What's great is how he reacts to seeing insects. Are you having a tough time finding a companion? He is neither too lenient nor too strict with his children. He follows the carrots and sticks policy with his children to bring out the optimum potential in them.

He fulfils all the desires of his children, allows them to take part in myriad extra-curricular activities, but will not allow them to compromise on their studies. His children, therefore, love and respect him.

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Leo

And, he is always around when his children need him. As a Mother As a mother, the Lion will not be very protective about her children, because she knows it can thwart their abilities from blooming. She has a hard outer shell, but is surprisingly soft from inside, though she never lets it on. She is a source of great motivation for her children and encourages them to achieve their full potential in their fields of choice.


She will do her best to give her children all the exposure they need so that they grow up strong to tackle the various challenges of life. As Children The Lion cubs, apart from being rather stubborn, know their own minds and exactly what they want. Out of all the turtles, Leo has the closest relationship with his father, very often going to him for advice. Like his brothers, Leo is very protective of his father as well.

Leo was the first turtle to call Splinter father in a long time. Leo will do anything to protect Raph, as Raph will do anything to protect Leo.

raph and leo relationship advice

They will even risk their lives for each others saftey. As seen in The New Girl In TownRaph thinks that he should be the leader, considering that he's the strongest out of the four turtles. But however, Leo thinks otherwise. Leo doesn't believe that Raph doesn't have what it takes to be the leader.

But as explained, they both care very much for each other. In the first finale episode of season one Leo tells his brothers to run out of TCRI for he was going to blow it up.

As Leo was falling Raph catches him. In the second finale episode Leo holds the Kraang leader back while the other escaped but Raph refused and tried to help but Mikey and Donnie hold him back and as they escape in the pod Raph say "Leonardo!

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This is almost true, however, when Raph sometimes criticizes him and his brothers after Slash's sudden betrayal, but this eventually changed when Casey came and was introduced by April to the entire team and Leo was pretty glad to how much of Raph's criticism softens even with Casey or the redeemed Slash around. Raph's dislike for Karai, however, doesn't change much for Leo and Raph eventually points that just because she is really their half-sister doesn't mean trusting her is an option, even with wanting her to accept the truth about her past.

Leo and Donnie don't really fight often, in fact, they get along pretty well. But in the last episode of season two, they disagree on some things. In The InvasionLeo suggested that they should get out of the city before the Kraang Invasion got even worse. But, Donnie thought that they could take the turtle mech that Donnie had been working on and defeat the Kraang and the Invasion would be over.

They fought on and off about the situation, throughout the episode. But other than that, they get along pretty good. Leo and Mikey don't talk to each other that often, but they still have a really good relationship with each other. Like Raph and Donnie, Leo can get annoyed with Mikey at times. And in the first episode of season three, when Leo finally woke up, Mikey gave him a hug and animated tears of joy came out from his eyes.

Even though they don't often show it, they will always love each other no matter what comes their way. Leo grants his request and decides that he wants to go with him. The two of them work together to save their brothers and human friends from Bebop and Rocksteady.

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In Attack of the Mega Shredder Leo went back Mikey in an attempt to slash it open but fails and nearly got eaten himself, he looked at Mikey's Grappling Hook and gave a sad look believing he was deceased. Leonardo is the first of the Turtles that Karai meets. While she attacks and fights with him often, she never does him any serious harm and just enjoys sparring with a worthy opponent.